Worldwide [Larry] AU

Louis and Harry have always been great friends, but eventually their friendship sparked into something more. The day Louis has to move to America, leaving Harry behind, is the hardest day of their lives. Months go by, and in the end the unexpected happens.


7. Chapter 7

Liam ended the call with a grin.

"You're in luck Niall. My twin brother, Leerory, is switching to our school today! He should be finished with his tour of the place right now. He's in our classes too," Liam wiggled his eyebrows.

Niall half smiled.

"Twin brother? Does he look exactly like you, Liam?" Zayn asked.

"He's older than me, with blonde hair to his neck, and his eyes are a darker brown than mine. Plus he has slight facial hair that's dark. Other than that, yeah, he looks like me!" Liam smiled.

"He sounds pretty hot..." Niall mused.

"Yeah, he does," Harry agreed, ruffling Niall's hair.

Louis shifted uncomfortably, and Harry kissed his cheek.

"Don't worry Lou, it's only you and I..." Harry whispered to him assuringly, putting an arm around Louis.

Louis leaned in closer to his touch.

"Liam!!" A voice shouted from the other side of the cafeteria.

He turned around at the sound of his name, and saw Leeroy rushing over.

"What's wrong, little brother?' Leeroy asked, but then he met eyes with Niall.

Leeroy turned his attention away from Liam, and looked to only Niall.

"Hello, I'm Leeroy, and who are you, you're such a beauty," Leeroy spoke, making Niall blush at his words.

"Leeroy, that's Niall, Harry, Louis, and my boyfriend Zayn," Liam said, introducing Leeroy to everyone.

"Nice to meet you all, especially you, Niall," Leeroy smiled, taking a seat in front of him.


The lunch period went on, and the whole time Niall couldn't keep his eyes off Leeroy, and Leeroy couldn't keep his off Niall. Liam had a feeling Leeroy would find Niall attractive. The six of them are now walking outside for their free period, and Niall and Leeroy were talking up a storm.

"So, what school did you come from, Leeroy?" Niall asked, as all of them walked out onto the crowded coutyard, taking a seat at one of the tables.

"I came from Riverside Highschool," Leeroy answered.

Niall froze.

"No more students are switching, right?" Niall asked, as the others stopped their conversations.

"I'm not sure... Why?" Leeroy asked, concern filling his face as he looked at Niall.

"Because... That's the school that Grier goes to..." Niall answered, barely audible.

All of a sudden screaming started to appear from a large group of girls, and the courtyard got silent. The boys looked around to see what all the fuss was about, and Niall's eyes widened.

"He's so damn hot!!" A girl screamed.

Grier was making his way through the courtyard, and girls all around him were screaming and shouting. He spotted a wide eyed Niall, and he started to walk to their table.

"Uhm, I have to go," Niall rushed, getting up from the table, and running.

"Niall!!" Leeroy yelled.

"Go after him!" Liam shouted.

Leeroy ran after Niall, and Grier just got to their table.

"Are you Grier?" Louis asked, a frown appearing on his face.

"Yeah, I am. I just saw Niall and Leeroy... I wanted to talk to them, but now I'd much rather talk to you," Grier stated, looking straight at Harry.

Harry's eyes widened, and that's when Louis lost it.

"Listen here, motherfucker, you better stay the hell away from us! I swear to all fucking humanity, if you ever talk to Harry, look at him, touch him, or do anything, I will slice a damn knife through your neck! Got it, peasant?!" Louis shouted, jumping up from the table, glaring furiously at Grier.

Grier's eyes widened in slight fear for a moment, but he immediately smirked.

"Huh, you're quite fiesty... Maybe I like you better..." He mumbled out, reacing across the table and grabbing Louis' shirt and pulling him.

That's when it happened.

Harry jerked himself from his sitting position, and sent a punch flying into Grier's face. He flew back, landing hard on the ground. Liam and Zayn gasped, wide eyed, getting up from the table. Louis stood, frozen in his spot.

"Touch my Louis again, and see what happens, dammit!!" Harry shouted, kincking Grier harshly in the stomach.

Grier grabbed his stomach in pain, as he instantly got up off the ground. He swung a punch in Harry's direction, but it hit someone else.

It hit Niall.

Thankfully, the punch didn't hit Niall in the face, just in the stomach.

"Ah!" Niall shouted out, falling backwards into Leeroy.

"Grier!! What are you even doing here?!" Leeroy shouted, holding Niall close.

Grier looked at all the boys surrounding him, and he stared at Niall squinting his eyes.

"...One word. Revenge..." Grier mumbled out, holding onto himself, and glaring at the six of them as he walked off.

Niall's eyes widened and he whimpered, leaning into Leeroy.

"Don't worry Niall, I'll watch out for you," Leeroy assured, gently stroking Niall's hair.


The rest of the day consisted of not much talking betwen the six boys. All there was were glances between  the two couples, and slight touches between Niall and Leerory. Luckily there was no sign of Grier the rest of the day either.

All of the boys, including Leeroy, walked to their lockers, grabbed their stuff, and headed down the hall to the bus area. The hallway was quite vacant except for a few students still around.

"Hey, we should probably hurry up if we're gonna catch our buses. We're quite far from the bus loop..." Niall said, slightly walking faster.

"Ni, slow down, please," Harry said.

The rest of the boys matched their walking pace with Niall, and minutes later they made it to the double doors that led to the buses. Niall pushed on them eagerly, but it was locked.

"Ha, looks like the six of you won't be getting home," Grier said from behind them.

They turned around in a flash, and Niall was the first to speak up.

"What do you want from us, Grier...?" Niall asked shakily, noticing the pocket knife Grier had.

"I want you, Niall," Grier answered, smirking while bringing up his knife.

"If I don't get what I want-"

Grier was then cut short from finishing his words, as a teacher yelled from down the hall.

"Hey, Grier! What do you think you're doing? Causing trouble?" The teacher asked, walking up to all of them.

Her eyes widened once she saw what Grier was holding.


Once that teacher spotted all of us still in the hall, she took Grier away somewhere, and contacted our parents due to us missing the bus. Harry went home with Louis, and Niall went to Liam and Leeroy's house, as did Zayn.

"Louis..." Harry groaned, plopping himself beside Louis who was doing homework.

"Can't you do this later...?" Harry whined, putting his face in Louis' neck.

Louis stiffened a little, and continued to do his homework. Harry pulled back and sighed. Louis put his pencil down, closed his book, and looked right at Harry.

"I changed my mind, I'll just do it later..." Louis smiled, slowly leaning his lips toward Harry's.

Harry leaned in hesitantly, and in seconds their lips were touching.

Finally the two's first kiss.

Louis moved his lips more, and Harry matched the rhythm, pulling a little on Louis' hair.

"Mm..." Louis moaned, kissing Harry harder.

Before more kissing could happen, Lottie burst into Louis' room. Harry and Louis instantly pulled away, but she had already saw.

"Oh... my... Mum, I was right!! I told you they'd end up dating each other!!" Lottie yelled, running out of Louis' room.

Louis and Harry smiled at each other, and went back to snogging passionately.

Time Lapse to: Sophomore Year

Harry reached over to his nightstand for his phone, and called Niall. It rang, and immediately Niall answered.

"We're Sophomores now!!" Niall yelled excitedly into the phone.

"Yeah! I hope we have classes with eachother again," Harry said in a worried tone.

"Don't worry, we do," Niall said.

"How do you know?"

"Just trust me, I can feel it!"

"Niall, you're a matchmaker, not a fortune teller," Harry laughed.

"Maybe I am a fortuneteller..." Niall whispered, trying to hold his laugh.

"Yeah, sure you are. Anyway, meet me and Louis at the front of the school, okay?" Harry asked.

"Okay," Niall said, and hung up.

Harry then called Zayn, Liam, and Leeroy, telling them where to meet as well. As Harry began to get out of his bed, his bedroom door opened, and Louis was there with his backpack, ready to go.

"Looks like I'm the one on time now," He smirked, walking over to Harry's bed.

"You won't be for long..." Harry said, as he yanked Louis down onto the bed with him.

Harry pressed his lips to Louis, kissing him as he ran his fingers through his hair. Gemma then came into the room.

"Harry! Louis! I know you two love snogging, but go do it at school!!" Gemma yelled, a smile on her face as she walked out of the room.

"Yeah, Haz," Louis breathed out, smiling as he got off of the bed.

Harry got out too, and was in nothing but his boxers.

"Lou, help me pick out something to wear?" Harry asked, walking to his drawers.

Louis stared at Harry for a moment, and then walked over.

"Fine, but only because I don't wanna be late," Louis said.

"Aw, not because you love me?" Harry asked, turning to Louis with a pout.

"That too," Louis smiled, pecking Harry's lips.

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