Hi, I really don't know how to start this but uhh I am ,Diana, yeah like that One Direction song. I really don't know that much about them but I can tell you one thing about them. If you want to know keep reading if you don't then we'll you won't know everything about them.


2. Harry's rock

   Harry's pov

I was sitting on the swing on our front porch waiting for Gemma to tell me it was okay to come back inside. My mummy and daddy have been fighting a lot. I don't really know about what since I am only three but I do know one thing and that is that they should stop fighting so we can be happy again. My thoughts are interrupted as my daddy stomps out of the house for the fourth time this week. At first I think he is going to this place that makes him feel better (a pub) but I see a suit case in his hand. I run up to him just before he gets in the car and ask

"Daddy where are you going and will you be back soon?"

But he doesn't answer as he drives away. I feel the tears starting and I begin to sob until someone pats me on the back. I think it is Gemma or mummy even though I hope it is daddy but it is not any of them because the hand is very small. I look up and see a girl my age holding a box of tissues. She looks down at me and holds out a tissue I take it and say 

"Thanks." She looks at me for a moment as she continues to pat my back. I blow my nose into the tissue she gave me. After I stop crying she asks curiously

"What's your name and why are you crying?"

I tell her "My name is Harry and I wasn't crying!" I might have only been three but I was a man of the house and I had a reputation to hold up at preschool. I didn't want some girl to say I was a pussy that cries for his daddy. 

"I am Diana and you were crying!" She yells.

"No I wasn't!" I yell back.

"Okay, even if you were crying which you were..." she starts.

"Wasn't!" I repeat.

"What is the problem with crying?" She asks furiously.

"I don't know but daddy told me I am a man and I shouldn't cry!" I fight back.

"Well a true man shouldn't be afraid to show emotion and affection." she sassed me.

"Okay, I guess you are right but I don't want anyone to know I cried! Can it be are secret?" I ask.

"Sure, but I don't see what the big deal is about being upset!" she replies.

"That is fine as long as you don't tell anyone," I say, "Hey what is that on your arm?" I ask.

"It's nothing I just tripped yesterday I am pretty clumsy." she replied not very convincingly.

"Oh well do you wanta be friends Diana?" I asked.

Yes I have never has a friend! she replied excitedly.

"But you are so nice! How could you not have friends?"  I asked shocked.

"I am home schooled." she replied embarrassed.

"Well you and me are going to be the best of friends!" I shouted a bit to loud but seeing the smile on her face when those words came out of my mouth was worth not getting any desert. 

Diana's pov

"Harry!" I yelled as he got off the bus, as soon as he was off I ran up to him and pulled him into one of my famous hugs! 

"Hey Diana," he said weakly.

"How was school? Did you see your crush? Did you do a lot of running? How many friends do you have?" 

"Whoa, calm down home schooled child! I can't even understand a word of what you are saying. Why are you so fascinated by public school anyway? You get tons of homework and there are a lot of mean and scary kids!" Harry exclaimed. 

"The same reason you want to be home schooled. I want to be free of my parents for a few hours." I knew I needed to be careful of what I say since Harry's parents had just made their divorce official and it is a touchy subject for Harry. I know though that I already went to far when I saw Harry's head hung down.

"Hey Harry I am sorry I shouldn't have said that, you do know it is not your fault right? It isn't anyone's fault. It is just your parents don't love each other like they used to." I say trying to cheer him up.

"Yeah, I know." Harry said sadly.

"I got you twix," I said pulling it out from behind my back.

"Your forgiven!" Harry replied quickly. 

"Good now let's go to the tree house!" I say.



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