its amazing what a small game can do to destroy someone's life...

Harry Styles- jerk, bad-boy, rebel...pretty much the guy who hates just about everyone.

Ryan Falls- good girl, straight a college student, teacher's pet...the girl that pretty much everyone likes.

They're complete opposites. They believe that absolutely nothing could ever bring them together. But will a certain game - a game that almost everybody knows and loves - known as Truth or Dare bring them together? Or will it tear them apart even further?


1. prologue

"Would you like to play a game?"

His words send a chill down my spine like ice. I ponder his words for a moment.

"What kind of game?"

He looks at me. His emerald eyes penetrate my soul like lasers.

"I think you already know."

I look away, turning my attention to the wall.

"Why would I want to play that?

"Because," he says slowly, "it's what brought us together."

"It's also what tore us apart," I point out.

He opens his mouth to reply, but quickly closes it, looking away, just as I had before. Somehow, he works up the nerve to ask me anyways.

"Truth or dare, Ryan?"

I sigh. "Truth."

He looks at me and smirks. "Scared, huh?"

I shoot him a glare. "No. Why would I be scared?"

"Because you don't want it to ruin our friendship, am I correct?"

I look down at my shoes.

"So I am right?"

"N-No..." My eyes were slowly glazing over with tears. "N-Not at a-a-all."

He snorted. "There's nothing to ruin, anyways. Our friendship's already gone."

I continue looking down. He's pushing my buttons. He knows that. He's just trying to aggravate me. He'll keep doing it until I snap. It entertains him.

"We have nothing. We fight all the time. We just like aggravating each other."

I bite my lip to keep from retorting. My eyes are clouding up faster than ever.

"You're a good girl. I'm an asshole. It just makes sense that we have no spark. We were never meant to. Good girls and assholes aren't supposed to go together. You know that more than anyone, Ryan."

I finally snap. I just can't hold it in anymore. "You know, don't you ever consider anybody's feelings but yours? Maybe if you did, it would open more doors for you! Maybe you'd actually have some friends!" Tears are streaming down my face. "I thougt we had something there for a while. I thought that, you know, maybe you actually had a good side, a nice side. I guess that's not true."

He laughs. Man, that boy has nerve. "Well guess what?! You're a fucking idiot! I can't believe you would actually think that!"

"You ruin everything, Harry!" My eyes are pouring waterfalls of tears. "Everything!"

He is taken aback by my harsh comment. We're both silent for a moment.

"I told you it tears us apart..."

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