An All New Romance

**I spent ages writing out an explanation in the first chapter, so you don't need to know anything X-Men to read! Rated Y for sexual innuendo, mild sexual scenes, mild violence and language. I wouldn't class it R, but I see that some people might.** With Scott Summers about to leave the rest of the time displaced, original X-Men to go travelling with his father, will Warren confess his feelings for the boy with the red sunglasses?


16. Warren's New Décor

"What the hell did you do?!" Scott snapped, following Warren into his bedroom and locking the door behind them.

"I stayed the night in a hotel." Warren shrugged, yawning.

"Do you have any idea how bad that was for me? I've had to lie for you all day."

Warren lay on his bed, his face pushed into the pillow, and closed his eyes. "I'm drained. I'm going to bed."

"The hell you are!" Scott yelled. There was a loud crash, causing Warren to jump up from the bed. He noticed rubble fall from the wall just above the height of where his wings would've been.

"Did you just blast a hole in my wall?" Warren stared at Scott in disbelief. "Are you insane?"

"Where were you, Warren?" Scott hissed.

"I was visiting a friend."

"Did that friend happen to have a green telekinetic aura?" Scott's hands formed into fists at his sides.

"Yes. He did actually." Warren smiled at Scott's jealousy.

"I can't believe you!" Scott lifted his glasses again, blasting another dent into the wall beside the first.

"What? I like him." Warren walked slowly in a circle around Scott. "And he booked us a really nice hotel room."

"I know you're just doing this to make me jealous." All of Scott's muscles were tense with anger.

"Not everything is about you, Summers. Julian understands me."

"I understand you!" Scott sounded hurt. "Better than anyone!"

"They why dump me?" Warren whispered, his lips close the Scott's ear.

"I didn't!" Scott argued. "I just said now isn't the best time for this."

"Oh, what's the difference?!" Warren's heart ached when Scott repeated the words.

"I still love you!" Scott's words sounded like a beg.

"Whatever." Warren sat back down on the bed. "But, if I was only using Julian to make you jealous, did it work?"

"Yes! Of course it did. I'm crazy about you!" Scott grabbed Warren's shirt and pulled him back up to stand in front of him.

"You know," Warren began casually. "It felt kind of nice waking up with him in my arms."

"No!" Scott punched the closet to his right a little too hard.

"Yes." Warren corrected. "He was so-"

Scott kissed him mid-sentence. There was more passion in their kiss than ever. Scott shoved Warren back onto the bed.

"Don't you ever go anywhere near that slut again!" He growled.

"But he's so gorgeous!" Warren moaned, pushing Scott more.

"Shut up!" Scott yelled.

"He has the most beautiful blue eyes." Warren knew it was a low blow, considering how conscious Scott was that they could never look each other directing in the eye, but Scott deserved it.

"Shut up!" Scott repeated. "Did you go all the way with him?"

"Why do you want to know?" Warren looked up at Scott and rolled his eyes.

"Yes or no?"

"No!" Warren snapped. "No, we just made out, okay?"

"No, that's not okay!"

"I like him. He's fun and exciting!"

"No!" Scott seemed to be angrier than Warren had ever seen.

"Just kiss me, you asshole!" Warren ordered. Scott didn't need to be told twice and was soon straddling Warren, their lips connected.

Warren dug his fingers into Scott's slim waist, moaning into his mouth.

"I was thinking about you." He growled. "Every damn time he kissed me, I was wishing it was you!"

"If he ever touches you again I'm gunna blast a hole through his chest."

"Did you know that his telekinesis is so advanced, he can take my clothes off by manipulating the matter on a molecular level?" Warren couldn't help it. Teasing and pushing Scott felt so good.

"Well, you can tell him that if he ever tries that, I'll- I'll-"

"You'll..?" Warren smirked.

"Just promise me you won't go back there!" Scott ordered, pushing his hand up under Warren's shirt.

"Sure." Warren shrugged. "I mean, that hotel was way too pricey for a one night stand. I don't know why I didn't just go to his school."

"Stop it!" Scott growled, his anger returning.

"No. You deserve this." Warren snapped.

"I don't deserve this!"

"You broke my heart, Scott Summers."

"I still love you!" Scott's heart was beating loudly in his chest.

"Well, maybe I'll learn to love Julian!" Suddenly, Warren felt a large, painful force impact his jaw.

"Did you just punch me?!" He yelled, clutching his throbbing cheek.

"I can't cope with the idea of you loving anyone else, Warren." Scott kissed Warren's face tenderly.

"I can't believe you!" Warren pushed Scott from his lap onto the bed and stood up.


"No! Don't even try!" Warren felt the lump in his throat return. "I love you, with every aspect of my being, but you just dumped me because it was the easy way out. You can't expect to just have me whenever you want me. I'm not some toy you can play with when you're bored, Summers. You wanna know why I like Julian so much? Because it's simple. Just two guys fooling around, no one needs to find out and there's no bullshit feelings involved. He's gorgeous, fun and not a completely possessive asshole."

"Don't go! Please! I love you." Scott looked up at Warren, wishing that the boy could see his pleading eyes.

"You really need to stop saying that when you don't know what it means." Warren turned and headed for the door before the tears escaped his eyes. He couldn't let Scott see him cry. Ever.

"I know what love is, Warren Kenneth Worthington III." Scott called, his voice unintentionally dropping as he said the finally words. "It's you."

"Goodbye, Scott. Don't talk to me, or even touch me, ever again."

"I want you back!" Scott begged.

"It's not that easy for you anymore." Warren wanted to run into Scott's arms dramatically, like they did in the movies. But after what had just happened, he knew he had to stand his ground. "I need to call Julian."

He left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Scott wanted to chase him, but what was the point? Yes, they still loved each other. But that was no way near enough anymore.

He lay on Warren's bed in the dark. He'd battled Magneto and it never hurt as bad as this. He buried his face in the pillow, Warren's scent calming him slightly. And finally, he allowed himself to cry.

How could he have been so stupid? Warren was right; he just took the easy way out. And because of that, he'd lost the boy he loved. But he needed to find a way to get him back. He couldn't handle knowing that Warren was out there with Hellion. Not when he could change it.

And he definitely intended to change it.

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