An All New Romance

**I spent ages writing out an explanation in the first chapter, so you don't need to know anything X-Men to read! Rated Y for sexual innuendo, mild sexual scenes, mild violence and language. I wouldn't class it R, but I see that some people might.** With Scott Summers about to leave the rest of the time displaced, original X-Men to go travelling with his father, will Warren confess his feelings for the boy with the red sunglasses?


26. Throwback

Scott took a deep breath, trying to hide his emotions from himself, but the wavering within it simply shook him more. He lay on his back in Laura's bed, her warm body curled up close beside him, sleeping peacefully.

He'd barely slept all night. Instead, his mind took to punishing him for all of the stupid mistakes he had made recently. All of which involved one foolish, arrogant, narcissistic, irritating, gorgeous, lovable and simply perfect boy.

Scott Summers had never felt guiltier in his entire life. This was a boy who had to come to the future after his older self murdered their father figure. But he could run away from that. All of the crazy 'mutant genocide' bullshit that was floating around the Cyclops of the present day was something young Scott could ignore. Because it wasn't him that had done any of it - not yet anyway.

But the way he treated the boy he loved was all his own fault, and there was no running from that. Ever. Especially as he had to see that boy every goddamn day and act like nothing ever happened between them.

The thought crossed his mind that maybe he wouldn't see Warren today, and he relaxed slightly. However, he soon remembered why Warren might not return in time for training and felt seriously ill - Scott remembered where Warren was, and, more significantly, who he was with.

Scott squeezed his eyes closed, shutting out the ruby-tinted world. It was all his own fault. The thought haunted him. Scott had pushed Warren away, and practically dared him to seek comfort in some other guy. Unfortunately for Scott, 'some other guy' was more than just that. Julian Keller and Warren Worthington III were perfect for each other. They didn't clash like Warren and Scott did. While both Julian and Warren grew up in private education, being showered with their parents' wealth, Scott grew up in an orphanage, or being tossed from foster family to foster family. When Julian and Warren enjoyed bending the rules and breaking free of authority, Scott ensured he stuck firmly to the rules set by authority figures that he deemed fit to take charge. Where Julian and Warren had million-dollar smiles and perfectly sculpted bodies, Scott had ugly, red sunglasses and a tall, skinny form he hadn't quite grown into yet. While Julian and Warren nearly always got what they wanted, Scott was always set on ignoring his own needs for the benefit of those around him. And if he was bluntly honest with himself - it sucked!

A tear attempted to sneak from Scott's eye, but he blinked it away quickly. This was his mess; he had to pay the price for his own mistakes. Warren might never want him again after the lack of trust he'd displayed yesterday, and Scott could be helpless to change that.

But the thing was, Scott did trust Warren, more than anyone in the world. The truth was, Scott was a coward when it came to love. Especially when that love was directed towards another guy.

Locking his eyes tighter, Scott allowed his mind to drift back to the day he first met the boy with the white wings.

Scott, Hank and Bobby were called into Professor Charles Xavier's office early one spring morning. Bobby, of course, was moaning about wanting a lie-in after all that training and how nothing could seriously be more important than his 'beauty sleep'. Hank promptly made a crack at how Bobby really needed it, earning him a gentle punch on the arm from the cryokinetic teen. Scott remained silent. He still wasn't comfortable with other people just yet, which was the main reason he was so confused when the professor had requested that he lead the X-Men.

"Students," The professor spoke up, his voice low and commanding, but allowing a slight hint of compassion into the tone. "I would like you to meet your new team member, Warren Worthington III." Scott noticed how the boy stood beside the professor cringed slightly at the sound of his full name, bringing a smile to the red-eyed mutant's lips for the first time in days. "Warren, this is Henry McCoy, Scott Summers and Robert Drake."

"It's Bobby!" Bobby corrected quickly.

Warren stepped into the light slightly and Scott was immediately struck by how beautiful he was. His hair was a warm, pale yellow and spilled over his forehead slightly too far, so that it brushed his eyebrows. His skin had a gentle golden complexion, that blended with his hair perfectly. He wore a full suit (Scott noted this as severely overdressed), which seemed expensive. The jacket was fitted and modern, showing of the spectacular inverted triangle shape of his upper body. There was a confident - and possibly slightly arrogant - smile on his soft pink lips, but Scott caught a glimpse of nerves behind the boy's facade.

Despite Warren being the embodiment of perfect all over, there was one element of his body that Scott found even more captivating than the rest - his eyes. They shone a perfect sapphire blue and stood out against the neutral colour palette of the rest of him dramatically. Scott was thankful for the ruby quartz that concealed his gaze, ensuring no one knew that his couldn't tear his eyes from the boy in front of him.

"So, what can you do?" Bobby asked excitably, encouraging the smile on Warren's lips to grow.

"Well," Warren stepped back slightly into a clearer space. "I have these."

He spread his wings proudly from where they hid behind him. Hank applauded in appreciation and nodded thoughtfully, obviously making mental notes for his research. Bobby made some sort of exclamation of surprise and excitement, his lips pulling into a large grin. Scott's mouth fell open and he knew from that moment, he was in trouble. This was a guy. And he couldn't help feeling... Well... Attracted to him. He blushed, attempting to push back the thoughts, but they immediately fought back to the forefront of his mind. Forcing himself to close his gaping mouth, he swallowed hard. He licked his lips sub-consciously and immediately cursed himself for it.

Slowly, he closed his eyes and repeated a mantra to himself in his mind. Something about him just being tired, and how none of these feelings were real.

"Umm... Hi?" Scott opened his eyes to see Warren stood slightly too close before him. Hank and Bobby both gave Scott quizzical looks. Warren had already tried to talk to him once, but Scott was far too busy convincing himself that he wasn't thinking about kissing the angel in front of him to actually notice. "You're Scott, right?"

"Yeah." Scott suppressed a schoolgirl giggle at the way Warren spoke his name. What was happening to him?

"So, what did your parents think about you being shipped off to mutant school?" Warren smirked confidently. Scott opened his mouth to speak, but could not find any words, mostly because he had been far more fixated on the way Warren's lips moved than the words that came out of them.

"Scott's parents passed away when he was young, Warren." The professor spoke up informatively.

"Oh. I'm... Errr... I'm sorry." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and looked up at Scott through his eyelashes. Scott was still speechless - oblivious to everything around him. "Okay." Warren said awkwardly, drawing out the vowels.

"Boys, why don't you show Warren to his room?" The professor suggested. Hank and Bobby agreed immediately and, once again, Scott remained silent. The four boys moved towards the stairs quickly.

"So, you, like, own Worthington Industries?" Bobby quizzed, obviously continuing a previous conversation that Scott had missed whilst being stuck in his daze.

"Well technically, my dad does, but yeah." Warren smiled at them, a perfect, white-toothed smile. Scott's breath caught slightly, and he turned away quickly.

After a quick tour of the institute, Hank, Bobby and a still silent Scott left Warren alone in his room. But Warren caught Scott's arm before he could escape.

"Hey!" Warren said softly.

"Hi." Scott tried to suppress the red hue that took his cheeks.

"Are you okay?" Warren asked, more confused than actually caring.

"Just tired." Scott lied, holding up a fake smile.

"Sure." Warren smiled again and Scott felt the forbidden attraction return. This was so wrong!

"Just ask if you need anything." Scott said politely before attempting a swift exit from the room.

"Thanks, Scott Summers." Warren said Scott's name as if he was trying it on for size and it sent shivers down Scott's spine.

It's been a long day, Scott thought, attempting to desperately convince himself away from the notion that he may actually have an attraction to another guy. You're just confused. He charged back down the hallway towards his room, when suddenly, something caught his eye. A single, white feather lay on the carpet. Bending down to retrieve it, he rolled his eyes, mentally complaining about how the new kid was just going to make a mess. However, when his fingers contacted it, his heart seemed to skip a beat, and images of the boy he had just left flickered through his mind. The hair, the body, the eyes, the wings, the voice, the smile - Scott Summers was entranced. And it was so, so wrong.

And that's why he was still so terrified now - what they had was wrong. Scott loved Warren unconditionally and he had no queries about Warren reciprocating those feelings, but lately Scott had been searching for a way - any way - to hide from what he was feeling. Suddenly, he was the boy with the white feather in the hallway again - scared and confused over all of these new emotions. He knew he should've given Warren the chance to explain what happened with Julian yesterday, but he saw an opportunity to run, and took it.

And now, due to his cowardice, he lay, guilt-ridden, in bed with a girl who he didn't have any deep feelings for - despite her attractiveness - while the boy he was too scared to love was over two thousand miles away with somebody else.

He had found the opportunity to push Warren away and had taken it gratefully. But now, he wanted him back. And he didn't know what to do.

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