An All New Romance

**I spent ages writing out an explanation in the first chapter, so you don't need to know anything X-Men to read! Rated Y for sexual innuendo, mild sexual scenes, mild violence and language. I wouldn't class it R, but I see that some people might.** With Scott Summers about to leave the rest of the time displaced, original X-Men to go travelling with his father, will Warren confess his feelings for the boy with the red sunglasses?


34. The Ritual

**This chapter is a little violent. Just a heads up!**

Warren's chest was slammed hard against a solid wall. He attempted to shout out in pain, but the tie in his mouth reduced it to nothing more than a pathetic mumble. There were four men surrounding him now. One had been forcing Warren roughly down the dark corridors of where he was being kept. The second had grabbed his hair and yanked his head backwards before his body hit the wall (which Warren originally thought was to spare his face hitting the stone, until a chain was attached around his neck like a dog's leash). Mr Brooke and a slightly skinnier, brunette man observed from behind.

"Alexander." Warren could hear the authority in Mr Brooke's voice, yet there was something hidden beneath it. Warren couldn't help wondering if this 'Alexander' was the guy Rosie had said her father was attracted to.

"Yes, sir." Alexander's voice was fresh and youthful. Warren noticed him nod at the first man, out of the corner of his eye. The first man now bent down and tied the same rough rope around Warren's ankles. Although he fought, Warren was weak, and was soon overpowered by the men restraining him.

Meanwhile, the man who still held the end of the chain that was secured around Warren's neck grabbed his cuffed hands and lifted them up above his head. The way it stretched Warren's already aching biceps made his eyes water.

"Be calm, gentle angel." Alexander demanded from behind him, placing a chaste kiss on his wing. "This is just a part of the ritual."

He came up to stand beside Warren and flipped out a pocket knife, the blade glinting in the limited light. Warren screwed his eyes shut, moaning. He didn't want to die. He knew that it wouldn't necessarily matter to anyone if he did, but he didn't want to. He wanted to see Scott, to curl up with him and watch a cheesy movie - to hear him say 'I love you'. He wanted to kiss Julian goodbye. He wanted to see his dad. Or Professor Xavier. Anyone he loved.

He felt Alexander reach up beside him and heard fabric tear as he began to cut open Warren's uniform, all the way down his right arm. It was now Warren allowed a few tears to escape, as he took a deep breath around the tie between his lips. This uniform signified who he was.

The blade continued down his body. Around his wings. Down his back. Both legs. His left arm. Warren dropped his head forewords against the wall in defeat, but the chain around his neck was tugged hard and his head quickly snapped up again. All four men began tearing away the fabric. Warren stood helplessly as more of his body was exposed. Bits of his uniform remained caught under his restraints, but he was soon stood in nothing more than his underwear. He was humiliated and scared now.

"You are perfection, angel." Mr Brooke ran his finger down Warren's back, between his wings.

"Sir?" Alexander spoke up. "Is it time now?"

"Yes, Alex, it is." Warren moaned against his restraints at the sound of Mr Brooke's voice. "Come!"

The rope around Warren's ankles was cut and somebody pulled hard on the chain around his neck. He followed the direction he was being pulled reluctantly. He didn't want to. But he couldn't fight it, he was too weak and the aching in his head had increased.

"Let me explain how this will work." Mr Brooke spoke up from beside him. "God has sent you to Earth as a punishment for some sin you have performed. Yet, he expects one of his followers - like me - to return you to him when you are discovered. We discovered you, and now we must send you home. However, we must do this in a very specific way. Firstly, we must take a small knife, and remove your wings."

Warren moaned loudly in protest, thrashing his body around helplessly. No. He couldn't do this. He couldn't lose his wings. The men around him quickly restrained him.

"Hush," Mr Brooke ran the back of his hand down Warren's face - which was now wet with tears - as they walked. "And once we have successful done that, we must cut two deep lines into your back, before leaving you until your sins are purged and enough blood is lost from your body to return you home."

Warren had never expected to be told how he would die. He had hoped it would be something peaceful, like in his sleep after a long life, or maybe dying in place of a teammate when fighting as part of the X-Men. That would be honourable, at least.

He was lead out into a grand room, decorated with candles and old paintings. He assumed it must be some sort of church.

"You will be at peace soon, my angel." Alexander whispered, before Warren was thrown face-down onto a large, stone table in the centre of the room. The handcuffs that joined his hands were secured to the centre of the top edge of the table and the two men from before forced his legs down and cuffed his ankles to each bottom corner.

Mr Brooke stroked Warren's wing lovingly. "You are so beautiful, angel, especially without that voice of yours spoiling it."

Warren moaned in reply. His vision was beginning to tunnel now and he knew the damage to his head was excessive.

"Unfortunately, though, we must remove unnecessary restraints for the ritual." Mr Brooke tugged a little too hard on the tie at the back of Warren's head to release it.

"Please! I'm not- I'm not who you think I am!" Warren begged immediately, his voice was weak and sore. Mr Brooke knelt at the front of the table.

"You must be quiet now, angel." He stroked Warren's hair like he was patting a dog. The combination of abuse and compassion confused Warren even more.

"Please..." He whispered.

"Silence." Mr Brooke commanded, flicking open the pen knife and holding it up for Warren to see clearly.

"Don't- Don't take my wings. Please. My wings are-"

"Silence!" He repeated, more forcefully now, as someone tugged strongly on the chain around Warren's neck.

Warren felt a cold hand trail over his back when Mr Brooke disappeared from sight.

"I'm n-not an angel!" Warren shouted out. "I'm a mutant. My wings are due to my DNA!"

"I won't tell you again, boy!" Mr Brooke leant over Warren's back and pushed the blade against his throat. "Silence!" He hissed, before pulling back.

He trailed the blade down Warren's skin, not applying enough pressure to draw blood, but still enough to make Warren writhe with the unpleasant sensation.

"You are so perfect." Alexander knelt before him now. "We will end your suffering."

Warren felt the blade push into his skin and screwed his eyes shut. But he did not feel any pain, only a release of tension as the rope that restrained his wings fell away. He knew this was it - this was his last chance. He flicked his right wing out, hitting Mr Brooke hard and knocking him away.

Now, Alexander had also brought out a knife and was forcing it against Warren's neck, causing a small amount of blood to pool around the contact.

"We did not want to hurt you, foolish angel." He hissed. The chain around Warren's neck was tugged on and he could feel the throbbing in his head trying to steal away his consciousness.

"I... I hope... You rot in... In hell!" Warren forced the words out.

"Sir! Now! We do not have time." Alexander yelled to Mr Brooke, we had regained his position. Warren wanted to fight him off again but he could barely keep his eyes open, let alone control his wings.

Warren let out a loud scream, as the knife was pushed deep into the base of his right wing.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and everyone around Warren turned their attention to the door at the end of the room.

"Hey!" A familiar voice echoed in Warren's ears as his vision faded to black. "Get your hands off my boyfriend, you bastard!"

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