An All New Romance

**I spent ages writing out an explanation in the first chapter, so you don't need to know anything X-Men to read! Rated Y for sexual innuendo, mild sexual scenes, mild violence and language. I wouldn't class it R, but I see that some people might.** With Scott Summers about to leave the rest of the time displaced, original X-Men to go travelling with his father, will Warren confess his feelings for the boy with the red sunglasses?


8. Party Planner

"A party?" Scott was shocked at the suggestion. "Are you crazy?"

"I know it's not what we'd usually do, but I've got all these beautiful apartments now so why not?" Warren smiled at his boyfriend, who sat across the room.

"I love the idea!" Bobby spoke up. Of course he would. He's Bobby.

"Warren has a point, Scott - why not?" Jean sounded unusually happy.

"But what if-"

"Scott." Warren warned. Scott knew his boyfriend was not fond of his 'what ifs'.

"I agree with Warren." Hank entered the room casually. "This could be the perfect thing for us."

"Fine!" Scott huffed. This was the first disagreement they had had as a couple, and they couldn't even kiss and make up. It sucked.

Honestly, that's where most of Scott's frustration stemmed from - the fact he was missing his boyfriend. Every day it got more difficult. It was back to what it was before, but worse. This time they knew how each other felt.

"Who would even come though?" Bobby asked and wrinkled his nose. "It's not really a party with just the five of us!"

"We'll invite everyone!" Warren announced happily. "Get everyone around our age from the New Xavier School and the Jean Grey School!"

"Sure, a large group of drunk, teenage mutants, that's only going to go well." Scott rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Scotty! Live a little!" Warren winked at his boyfriend subtly. Scott felt a small flurry of panic, but luckily no one had noticed Warren's little gesture.

"This is a terrible idea, Angel." He warned.

"Bobby, wanna be my wingman?" Warren flashed the younger mutant his signature, rich boy smile that he had acquired after years of private school education.

"You totally have to teach me how you pick up girls like you do!" Bobby begged.

"What can I say? It's a gift!" He knew it was cruel, but he enjoyed making Scott jealous. And one glance across the room told him it was working. "The ladies can't resist an angel."

"Dude, it's so easy for you!" Bobby moaned.

"I can't help the Worthington charm." Warren laughed.

"Yeah, I'm sure girls find your excessive modesty attractive too." Scott rolled his eyes.

"Confidence is key, Summers."

"Fine. I'll go to your party. But I think we should invite Laura." A smug smile took Scott's lips.

"Wolverine girl?" Jean sounded slightly insulted. She still had a thing for Scott. Everyone knew that.

"Laura." Scott corrected. "I like her."

"You do?" Warren narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend.

"She's nice. And kinda cute."

"Cute?" Warren and Jean spoke in unison, awarding them strange looks from the other three teens.

"I mean," Warren cleared his throat. "I thought you liked blondes."

Jean shot him a look.

"What? Isn't future him with the one with the diamond boobs?" And right-now him is with me, he thought happily.

"I think we broke up." Scott pouted slightly in confusion. Being in the future was awkward.

"Okay, you can invite Laura." Jean huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Perfect." Warren growled. He was so done with hiding his relationship.

Scott rolled his eyes behind his visor. Why was Warren being so immature? He was so annoying when he was like this!

"Can I go tell the Stepford girls? Those three are hot!" Bobby's comment broke through the awkward silence, and he was quickly awarded with numerous disapproving looks. "What? They are!"

"Fine, go." Warren sighed, shaking his head and running his hand through his hair. Bobby rushed from the room like an excited child on Christmas.

"I should probably get back to the lab." Hank muttered awkwardly, before also exiting.

"Yeah, I'm late for a session with Emma." Jean released an exaggerated sigh of exasperation.

"Sure, have fun." Scott's heart skipped a beat when he realized that soon he would be left alone with Warren.

"So, you think Laura is cute?" Warren asked when the door shut behind Jean.

"So, you think I like blondes?" Scott retorted.

"You do, don't you?" Warren's mouth turned up at the edges slightly, causing the butterflies in Scott's stomach to do flips.

"Maybe." Scott shrugged, playing down his feelings. Warren could tell he was hiding his true emotions, so decided to ramp up his flirting, taking to crossing the room and sitting down beside his boyfriend on the couch.

"Who's cuter?" Warren wrapped his arm around Scott's shoulders. "Me or her?"

"Warren," Scott pulled away quickly. "What if someone sees us?"

"They won't." Warren whispered sweetly, his lips just inches from Scott's neck.

"Remember last time you said that?"

"Relax, Scotty." Warren twisted his fingers into his boyfriend's perfect, brown hair. "Just have some fun. You are literally the most uptight person I've ever been with!"

"Maybe the ladies can't resist an angel," Scott stood from the couch. "But I can."

"Oh, come on! You know I didn't mean that stuff!" Warren called after him. "Scott!"

"Enjoy your party, Warren." Scott paused at the door but didn't turn back. "I won't be there."

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