An All New Romance

**I spent ages writing out an explanation in the first chapter, so you don't need to know anything X-Men to read! Rated Y for sexual innuendo, mild sexual scenes, mild violence and language. I wouldn't class it R, but I see that some people might.** With Scott Summers about to leave the rest of the time displaced, original X-Men to go travelling with his father, will Warren confess his feelings for the boy with the red sunglasses?


28. Mount Bailey

"Julian! Where have you been?"

"Wasn't Professor Logan expecting you, like, half hour ago?"

"Man, you are so dead!"

"Shouldn't you be heading to class?"

"Did you go out last night? You smell like alcohol."

Julian ignored the voices around him as he stormed to his room. He could barely hear them above his frustration. It was like he was in his own little bubble.

Upon entering his room, he slammed and locked the door telekinetically, before anyone could follow him inside. His phone buzzed in his pocket and he took it out, his chest rising and falling heavily with his heightened emotion. His muscles tightened when he read the name on the screen.

I'm sorry. xxx

Julian shook his head in disbelief at the text, before sending his phone full-force onto the bed, from which, it bounced heavily onto the floor.

What's wrong with me?! He thought, slamming his hands down on the dresser with a loud crash. Why am I never good enough for him? Why does he choose that irritating, one-eyed Boy Scout over me?

Julian looked up at his reflection in the mirror that balanced atop the dresser. His eyes were glowing a strong green, mimicking his emotions. He screwed them shut quickly, willing the colour to fade away, as it reminded him too much of what Warren had said about when they kissed. But when he opened them again, the colour was brighter than ever.

"Argh!" The hair products on the dresser flew away from Julian forcefully. He lifted a shaking, metal hand and twisted his fingers into his dark hair, attempting to figure out why he was so unattractive to Warren. He allowed the metal fingers the drift slowly down his face, past the glowing green eyes and red cheeks. He touched his bottom lip gently, slowing his breathing. His mind strayed to memories of the countless, passionate kisses they shared.

Why don't you want me, Warren? He pleaded in his mind. Why aren't I enough? Why do I have to feel this way about you? Why are you so damn perfect?!

Julian tugged the shirt from his body and turned to get dressed, but as he did he caught sight of himself in the mirror. Turning back, he ran his cold, metal fingers down his skin.

Am I not attractive enough for him? He thought to himself, pain lurching through his chest. He squeezed and pinched at the skin on his waist tilting his head slightly at his reflection. Does he not like my body? Am I that disgusting?

Julian had never had thoughts like these before. He was always so self-assured and confident. But Warren had turned that upside down. With Julian's new exploration of his sexual orientation came new doubts. Maybe he wasn't as perfect as he'd once assumed. Maybe he was just as ugly as he'd always subconsciously feared.

He brushed the hair from his forehead leaned in slightly closer. He observed how every inch of his skin moved, searching for the reason he wasn't good enough. And then he stopped.

Maybe it's not my flesh, the thought forced its way to the forefront of his mind - the thought he'd been dreading. Maybe it's the lack of.

He held his hard, metallic hands up in front of his face. He could see the reflection of his eyes, shining green, in the metal.

Is that it? He continued in his mind. Is it because I lost my hands that I'm now so disgusting? They're so... Ugly. So, surely that makes me ugly too? His eyes began to water slightly at the thought, the green hue dispersing and leaving behind the perfect blue.

I didn't ask for this. He thought. I just wanted to be comfortable with my mutation. Maybe I should never have come here. I should have stayed home with my parents. I could've hidden my telekinesis. I could've kept my goddamn hands! But now I'm some sort of freak. And I'm drowning.

His phone rang loudly from where it lay, discarded, on the floor. He rubbed his arm of his face to push away the tears and bent down to retrieve it.

"H-Hello?" He cursed himself for allowing his emotions to cause his voice to waver.

"Julian, I need to see you." Warren's voice caused a subtle pain to leap through Julian's chest.

"No, Warren, you made it clear last night that the only thing you need is Scott Summers." Julian leant against the wall tiredly.

"Please? I'm really sorry about that. I just-" Warren stopped himself mid-sentence. "Look, can I see you? Then, I can explain in person?"

"I'm at school, Warren." Julian replied dismissively.

"Then skip class and come meet me. It's not like you haven't done it before." Warren made his words sound like a dare.


"Meet me at the highest point in North Salem." Julian could sense Warren's smile.

"What? I can't-"

"You can fly, right?" Warren cut in. When there was no answer, he continued. "Exactly."

Half hour later Julian stood a meter away from the boy he had inexplicable feelings for, 976 feet in the sky, at the peak of Bailey Mountain.

"Why are you here, Warren?"

"Because I needed to speak with you." Warren took a step forward, but Julian quickly countered that with a step back.

"Why?" Julian demanded.

"Because I don't understand, okay?!" Warren yelled over the howling of the wind that cut its way around them. "I should hate you for how you screwed over my relationship. I should be telling you that I never want to see you again, but I... I can't."

"Why not?" Julian pushed. "I'm just some relationship-destroying slut! You said so yourself!"

"I don't know!" Warren pushed his hands through his hair. "All I know us that when I was waiting to catch a plane back to Alberta, all I could think about is how, if I get back with Scott, I'll never kiss you again."

"Yeah, Warren. That's what happens when you're in a relationship!" Julian rolled his eyes, but the slight catch in his voice revealed that he cared about this conversation. "Monogamy and all that bullshit!"

"I want to kiss you again, Julian." Warren stepped closer once again, and this time Julian did not pull back. "I'm so confused right now. Before the X-Men, I didn't even like guys - not in this way, at least. And now I'm madly in love with my teammate and there's also this perfect guy I know, who lives two thousand miles from me who I can't stop thinking about and who is driving me totally insane."

"But you don't love me. So, go back to Scott. Leave me alone. It's not like it'll take me long to find someone new. After all, I'm the biggest slut on the X-Men." Julian swallowed the lump in his throat. He knew that's how people saw him, it just hurt to say it out loud.

"That's funny." Warren shrugged. "That's exactly what Scott said about me."

Julian's eyes flicked up and connected with Warren's for a moment.

"No, Warren." His voice was weak. "Don't try to pretend you know what it feels like to be me."

"Don't be such a drama queen."

"No! I am allowed to be a drama queen when people are judging me all the goddamn time!" Julian snapped, stepping back.

"People are always going to judge us, Julian! We're mutants!" Warren reached out for Julian's hand, which he pulled back quickly.

"But it's more than it with me, isn't it?" Julian looked up into Warren's eyes. "They think I don't care. They think I'm just a whore. You think I'm just a whore!"

"No, Julian. I know you care. As much as I feel like I should see you as some sort of slut, I don't. Somehow, you're the closest friend I've made outside of the original X-Men."

"Oh, give up the act! I know exactly what you think of me!"

"You see, that's the thing. I really don't think you do." A slight smile tugged at the edges of Warren's lips as he looked down into the telekinetic's face and stroke his fingers through the boy's soft, black hair. "You wanna know what I think of you?"


"I think," Warren cut him off quickly. "That you are one of the most beautiful, complex, interesting, frustrating and sweet guys I've ever met. What you did to me and Scott was low, but still, I can't help noticing that that wasn't you. Not the real you, anyway."

"You can't say that. You don't know me." Julian argued, turning his face away. Warren stepped closer slightly.

"Yes. I do. Because when I kiss you, all of those stupid defences you've built up just fall away. And then it's just you." Warren whispered. He held his hand under Julian's chin and tilted the boy's face upwards slightly. As their lips neared, Warren's breath hitched slightly in anticipation of their contact.

"Just go, Warren." Julian sighed, pulling back.

"That's the problem; I just can't stay away from you. Even though I really want to, I can't. But I also ache to be beside Scott again." Warren looked up, the sunlight scattering over his angelic face. Julian couldn't help the irritation that ran through his body at the sight of Warren's perfection. "Do you know how much it sucks to be me right now?"

"Yeah, it must really suck to have two guys completely fall for you!" Julian snapped.

"What?" Warren's eyes darted down and locked with Julian's.

"Nothing." Julian turned away. "This was a mistake. I need to get back."

"Wait!" Warren begged, taking Julian's hand lightly. "What did you say?"

"I can't..." Julian shook his head and tugged his hand away, before diving from the mountain. He needed to get as far away from Warren as possible.

**Yay! Finished another bulk upload! What do you think? Too weird? Let me know! Does it make sense to you non-X-fans?**

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