An All New Romance

**I spent ages writing out an explanation in the first chapter, so you don't need to know anything X-Men to read! Rated Y for sexual innuendo, mild sexual scenes, mild violence and language. I wouldn't class it R, but I see that some people might.** With Scott Summers about to leave the rest of the time displaced, original X-Men to go travelling with his father, will Warren confess his feelings for the boy with the red sunglasses?


9. Julian Keller

Warren felt alone. He wasn't. He was the opposite - in a room filled with people having fun and chatting casually. But none of them mattered, really. Not when Scott wasn't there. He wished they had cell phones like everyone else in this time period. Then he could text him to check up.

"Warren!" Bobby called, pushing his way through the pulsing crowd of underage mutants. "This party is awesome!"

"Thanks," Warren plastered on a fake smile, as Bobby arrived beside him. "Still no sign of Scott?"

"Nope." Bobby shook his head with a little too much enthusiasm. Warren sighed inwardly, before ruffling Bobby's hair in a slightly patronizing manner.

"Don't drink too much, yeah?" He warned. "You're still only young and if you decided to run out and ice up some random building, I'd have to take responsibility for that."

"Whatever, man! You're starting to sound just like him!" Bobby flicked his hand in a dismissive gesture.


"Cyclops." The word brought a smile Warren's lips. He wanted to be more like Scott. Scott was amazing! A fearless leader, a loving man, a skilled fighter. He was just perfect.

"Yeah well, I'm right." He tapped the top of the bottle in Bobby's hands lightly. "Last one, yeah?"

"Come on!" Bobby moaned. "I thought you were gunna teach me how to pull tonight!"

Warren laughed. "Wanna know my secret?"

"Yes! Just yes!" Bobby was almost bouncing with excitement at the words. Warren leant in closer, as if to share something completely confidential.

"Be nice." He whispered.

"Oh, come on!" Bobby rolled his eyes. "Seriously!"

"Okay, so it's not that simple. But essentially, that's it." Warren shrugged. "Go up to a girl. Say hi. Small talk. Throw in some compliments and subtle flirting. There. Done."


"Just try it." Bobby's attitude always made Warren smile. "Go find a girl, chat to her, and then report back."

"Who though?" Bobby bit his lip searching the room of attractive young mutants for an appropriate target.

"What about Laura?" Warren suggested. The dark haired clone sat all alone in the corner of the room. She ran her finger slowly around the brim of a crystal whiskey glass that seemed to contain some sort of unknown liqueur.

"Why her?" Bobby wrinkled his nose. Warren could tell that he was intimidated by her, which was quite amusing.

"She looks lonely. And Scott said she was nice." Which was the true reason Warren had chosen her. He was jealous. He wanted Scott to want him and no one else. If Bobby and Laura hit it off -perfect!

"Are you sure?"

"You not cool enough for a girl like that?" Warren teased.

"Hey! If there's one thing the Iceman knows, it's how to be cool!" And with that, Bobby headed off across the room.

"Spin the bottle!" Someone announced from the area in front of the huge, flat screen TV. Wow, future Warren's places were nice!

"You gunna play?" Jean suddenly appeared beside Warren.

"Wasn't planning to."

"Why not?" She pushed. "What's been up with you today? You've been so... Different."

I had my first disagreement with my boyfriend, he thought but settled with the reply of a simple shrug.

"Oh, come on, Warren." She laughed. "You're so playing."

"I don't think that's a-"

"Come on!" She repeated, taking his arm and tugging over to the newly formed circle. He looked back just in time to hear the familiar 'snikt' of Laura's claws, as Bobby jumped backwards, holding his hands up and apologizing. Despite everything, Warren laughed. Yes, his love life wasn't perfect, but it could be worse. He could be Bobby!

He and Jean dropped to the floor, squeezing into the tight circle. Someone began explaining the rules, but Warren wasn't listening. His mind was still on Scott. Where was he? They hadn't really spoken since Scott left the room after Warren's foolish girl-related comments. He'd told him the time and place of the party as the passed in the corridor, but that was about it.

Warren sighed heavily. Why couldn't things be simple? Why couldn't he have fallen for Jean? Or some other sexy, female mutant? There were plenty of them! But no. Warren had to fall head over heels in love with Scott Summers - the guy that lead his team and grew up to marry beautiful women and have beautiful kids. And to complicate things even more, when they got back to their time, the professor was going to wipe their memories, and they would have to go back to living like they never knew each other's feelings again. Ugh. The thought physically pained Warren. Being in love with Scott, as awkward as it was, was the best feeling. And he didn't want to give that up.

A chorus of loud 'oooohh's pulled Warren from his daydream. When his eyes refocused he noticed everyone was staring at him. His gaze dropped to the floor to see the bottle neck pointing in his direction. Great.

"Oh god." He moaned. "What now?"

"You totally have to kiss Julian!" Jean giggled beside him.

"What?" Warren knew straight away that this game was a bad idea. "Like, properly?"

The reply came in almost the whole group nodding and giggling. Warren sighed heavily and looked over to the boy he had been pinned with. Julian Keller was a young telekinetic, with perfect jet-black hair and deep blue eyes. He was stereotypically gorgeous - even with prosthetic, metal hands. And Warren couldn't deny his slight attraction to him. There were definitely worse people he could've been matched with!

Julian blushed slightly from the other side of the circle. Just like Scott does when I flirt with him, Warren thought, before sighing heavily and moving forward to the centre of the circle.

"You wanna just get this over with?" He suggested. Julian nodded and soon the pair's lips touched. The mutants around then cheered and called out for more. To Warren's surprise, he felt the boy who was now wrapped in his arms deepen the kiss. Even more surprising, was that Warren kissed him back. It felt good. Not as good as kissing Scott, but close.

Their contact broke abruptly, both boys seemingly remembering where they were.

Warren stood quickly from the circle. One kiss was enough for that night. He turned to head back to the kitchen when he saw him.

Scott stood just a few feet away, his mouth gaping at what he had just seen.

Warren felt panic hit his heart.

Scott had just seen him kiss some other guy.

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