An All New Romance

**I spent ages writing out an explanation in the first chapter, so you don't need to know anything X-Men to read! Rated Y for sexual innuendo, mild sexual scenes, mild violence and language. I wouldn't class it R, but I see that some people might.** With Scott Summers about to leave the rest of the time displaced, original X-Men to go travelling with his father, will Warren confess his feelings for the boy with the red sunglasses?


24. Fragile

"You are nervous." Laura noted, pulling back from the kiss she shared with Scott.

"Yeah, you commenting on the fact you know how I'm feeling is kind of freaky." He laughed.

"I feel like I have to comment on it when you are making it so obvious." Laura was spectacular at noticing others emotions, she just wasn't sure how to act around those emotions once she discovered them.

"Anyway, I'm not nervous, I'm just-"

"Intimidated?" Laura suggested. "Scared? Anxious?"

"No!" Scott couldn't help relaxing slightly as he laughed at her strange way with people. "Well, maybe slightly intimidated."

"Why?" She furrowed her brow.

"Because it's you." Scott smiled, sitting down on Laura's bed with a heavy sigh.

"Why does that make a difference?" Laura's confusion grew as she sat beside him.

"Because of, you know, your past. And what you've been through lately." Scott fiddled mindlessly with her long, black hair.

"Oh." Laura's face grew dark at the mention of her past.

"I don't want to hurt you." Scott whispered.

"You do not see how ironic that is, do you?" She smirked, expelling the claws from her right hand.

"I know." He laughed, thankful when she retracted the claws. "I know, it sounds stupid, but I worry because you feel so much more fragile than some of the other people I've been with."

"Fragile?" Laura raised her eyebrows, slightly insulted at his statement.

"Not in a bad way?" He offered.

"Honestly, I am far less fragile than your Jean Grey." She flicked her hair proudly. It was clear Laura wasn't really Jean's biggest fan, even though no one really knew why.

"I know." He laughed. "You're just... Little."

"Little?" She pulled back slightly.

"No!" Scott exclaimed, fearful he'd insulted her. "No! You're not little - definitely not little!"

"So, now you are calling me overweight?" She raised her eyebrows, a cheeky grin on her lips.

"No!" He pushed his palm against his forehead. "Ugh. I'm so bad at this!"

"It's okay." She giggled. "I understand."

"Really?" Scott frowned slightly in confusion.

"No, but I have been told saying that to someone who is not feeling great is reassuring." Both teens laughed. "I do not like to pry, Scott, but is there something wrong?"

"The argument I said I had earlier?" Laura nodded, taking Scott's hands. "It was with Warren. He hurt me and now he's convinced he didn't do anything wrong and it's not his fault, and..." Scott sighed, stopping himself before he said too much.

"How could it be his fault? The angel is perfect." Laura's attempt at sarcasm was more amusing than the actual words. She sounded awkward and disjointed and it brought a smile to Scott's face.

"Yeah," He sighed again. "He certainly likes to think so!"

"He means a lot to you." Laura narrowed her eyes slightly, attempting to understand Scott more.

"How did you-"

"Your heartbeat races when you even say his name, Scott."

"He's my best friend." Laura could tell it was a lie, but she didn't question it. "Out of the five of us, Hank was always studying, Jean was quite closed off, Bobby was a little immature, and Warren was just the one I could relate to most."

Even without her enhanced senses, Laura would've known he was lying. Any would've known that. Scott and Warren were polar opposites. Warren was probably the one on the team who was least close to Scott when they were back home. They were always bickering or winding each other up. Most of it stemmed from the fact they craved each other's attention. They both knew the exact ways to get under the other's skin and they used that to their full advantage. There was no one they could ever be mistaken for best friends.

"Can I attempt to take your mind away from him?" Laura suggested.

"I'd like that." Scott blushed slightly. Laura pushed her lips softly against Scott's and he kissed her back slowly. He knew she was really attractive and that he did like her; there was just something in his mind telling him this was wrong. He should be with Warren. As much as Scott hated him for happened with Julian, he still loved him. Warren was like a safety net for Scott - no matter what happened, he was there, from the moment they first met. But now he was gone and Scott was free falling with no one to catch him. He pushed the thought away quickly - he was an X-Man! He was strong, and he could cope with independence... Couldn't he?

Laura moaned softly against his lips and pushed her cool hands up under his shirt. Scott wasn't lying when he said he was intimidated. Before finding the X-Men, Laura has been on the streets, selling her body for enough money to get by - both as a weapon, and as an escort. She was a strong young woman, and Scott couldn't help feeling intimidated by that slightly. He knew she could kick his ass in a fight, even without her powers.

He pushed his insecurities away. Warren had hurt him, and he wanted to hurt Warren straight back. Laura was gorgeous and she liked Scott, she made that clear in her actions. Scott deepened their kiss slightly, forcing thoughts of Warren and Julian from his mind.

He pushed her shirt up the side of her body slightly, causing her to pull back. Scott worried that maybe he'd done something wrong, but the smile on her face reassured him.

"Scott," She whispered, running her hands down his body. "Are you sure that you want to do this?"

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