Sweet Perfection

17 year old Kimi Malik lives a normal life. Except the fact that her brother is Zayn Malik from One Direction and her best friends are Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam. When she starts to have feelings for one of them she receives death threats. Who could be sending her such vile things. Why don't you find out.... (Cover made by Georgia.Russell go check her out I love her!) Some what Mature content. (Violence, sensitive topics and language)


14. What is Sweet Perfection now?

      Louis' P.O.V.


      When they told me she was missing I was crushed. Whoever did this to her is going to pay. I couldn't speak, I pushed myself away from everyone and blocked them out. I couldn't deal with her being gone.


        Mystery P.O.V.


        I watched as the injured girl struggled around in her chair the bag still over her head so she couldn't see. I put a gag around her mouth so she couldn't scream. I pulled off the bag to meet her eyes with an icy glare. Tears stained her blood streaked face. I laughed at her. "You where always held above me. Now your down at my feet begging for mercy." I laughed. She was finally out of the picture. I knew she could die soon from her wounds. I didn't care. I used them as an advantage. Every time she tried to move I would kick her in a cut on her stomach. She was mine now.

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