Sweet Perfection

17 year old Kimi Malik lives a normal life. Except the fact that her brother is Zayn Malik from One Direction and her best friends are Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam. When she starts to have feelings for one of them she receives death threats. Who could be sending her such vile things. Why don't you find out.... (Cover made by Georgia.Russell go check her out I love her!) Some what Mature content. (Violence, sensitive topics and language)


20. It all come crumbling down...

         Alisha's P.O.V.


            I slowly crept down the stairs, hopping not to wake anyone. Especially Liam. I grabbed my coat from the closet and slipped it on. I found my warm leather boots and tugged them on. I was now at the back door opening the sliding door and stepping in the blizzard. It's a good thing that Liam's flat is like right next to were Kimi lives. 


      I opened the shed and pulled Kimi's other horse, Faith out by her reins. She was a bit frightened, that's why I brought apples.  I took one and devoured it happily. I put on her saddle. Wow was it heavy! How did Kimi do it every time? I asked myself. Once Faith was done with her apple I hopped on her back and was off. 


        I reached the body then leaped off Faith and tied her to a tree. I looked at the mountain lion closely. It had been picked at by the birds but most of it's body was there. I looked for a sign then it hit me. I studdied the cougar's neck and around it was... a collar. A tracking collar.  Then I herd a familiar voice. "Faith!!!! Where are you girl." Kimi yelled. The sound of a galloping horse got nearer. I untied Faith then hid behind a tree just in time. Kimi came on in seeing Faith she came to a haul on Jynx. Her bow was in hand, an arrow fitted to attack. She looked panicked. Her red hair was tucked into a black beenie, her skin was way to pale to be healthy. She looked like a ghost. She grabbed Faith's rein. "Someone has been riding you?" she asked her self. Kimi leaped off Jynx and gracefully landed in the snow. I hid, my back against the tree and closed my eyes. "I know you're out here!" she yelled her voice to close for comfort. Then I herd a loud thump. I opened my eyes to see Kimi standing in front of me with her eyes wide and an arrow a few inches away from my head. "What the hell?!" I yelled at her. "I'm sorry you scared me! What are you doing?" Kimi asked. "I came to investigate. Something about that cougar corpse isn't right." I told her. "Explain she simply said.  I walked her over to the remains and pointed to the collar. "That's a tracking collar, this cougar was sent here. I don't think it's a coincidence." I trailed off. There was a loud noise the sound of... snowmobiles? Kimi and I looked at each other. "Go! Get on Faith!" She screamed at me. I did what I was told. In one easy leap Kimi got on Jynx. She loaded her bow then slapped Jynx. "GO!!!" She yelled. 


       We jaunted back to the house. Four snowmobiles followed us closely big burly men with masks rode them. Then we herd yelling. "Alishia!!! Kimi?! Where are you?!" Liam's voice howled. "Kimi come on it's not safe." I herd another deep voice which I suspected it to be Luke's by the way Kimi flinched. My heart sank. "When we get near them, we grab them and throw them on our horse!" Kimi commanded. I nodded and we raced to the boys. Liam's eyes widen as he saw us coming full speed toward them. On the count of three I grabbed Liam's shirt and flung him on Faith. "We are being chased!" I told him. I had a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach. We were so close to home, when we herd gun shots and our horses both fell to the ground, letting us go flying into Kimi's backyard. "NO!" I herd Kimi scream for her horses. They both lay in a pool of their own blood. Tears welled up in her eyes and I could see the anger building up in her. The men got off their snowmobiles and walk to wear Kimi lay next to Luke a huge gash above her eyebrow. Liam grabbed my wrist and pulled me off the ground. He embraced me in a protective lock. Two men came to use a pointed their guns at us. "Hands behind your head!"  One commanded in a yell. We did what were told. "Down on the ground!" the other one yelled. I laid down next to Liam and grabbed his hand. He looked at me with scared eyes. Then we both looked to Kimi and Luke. Kimi surrendered for the sake of us, Luke stood in front of a man with a gun pressed against his temple. A large man, who I suspected was the leader punched Kimi in the face. She fell to the ground and spit out blood. Luke yelled and struggled in the attackers grasp. I started to cry and Liam was getting mad. Luke was thrown to the ground beside me. They ignored his protests. Kimi lay on the ground the leader kicking her repeating in the stomach.  She spit out more blood and gave the man a death glare. She got up and looked at us. "Just leave them! Take me I know you want me dead. Just kill me not them!" she begged. I sobbed now. A man kicked me. "Shut up!" he yelled. "Don't touch her!" Liam yelled. Aurgements fumed between everyone. I wish Kimi didn't live on the country side so people could hear her scream. I looked at my best friend with sad eyes. She nodded to me and put a finger to her lips. Then all at once so much happened I couldn't understand. Kimi threw an arrow at a man above me, it hit him in the neck and he fell to the ground. While the others were confused she threw another. She ran at the other and grabbed the arrow out of the attacked ones. She dodge gun fire and sliced the man's throat with the arrow tip. Luke got up and helped her. All me and Liam could do was watch Kimi take down all these men so easily. I herd a whisper. "Come on mates let's get you out of here." Louis said and grabbed us and pulled us inside the house then joined the others. "Call the police, I will keep watch." Liam told me. So, I did what I was told. 


       Kimi's P.O.V. 


        I wish I told my friends, that Luke and I knew how to fight. I looked to my left to see a man near me. In one thrust I threw my arrow at him and it hit him in the stomach. I can't believe I killed a person. Maybe I am more like my parents then I though.... Louis approached me. I warded him off with my hand. I didn't want him to get hurt. The leader walked to me. I recognized him from some where but I just couldn't put my finger on it.  "Kimi put down the arrow now." he said. That voice! I knew it... I shook my head. He pulled out a gun. "Put down the arrow or I shoot." he said. I dropped the arrow and looked to Luke. He couldn't do anything but join me. Louis joined my side also. They grabbed my hands. The man pulled off the mask and revealed a all too familiar face. Where is my Sweet Perfection now? I herd some gasps."Father?!"


 End of book 1





Well? How did you like it???? It's so sad!!! Poor Kimi! Sweet Perfection 2 will be out October 1st!!! Who's ready for even more drama, action, romance, and heartache?? Kuke? Limi? Comment feed back guys!!! Don't forget to check out my other movellas, "Escaping The Districts" and "Wild at heart"!!! Love you Maple leaves!! Byeeee

                                                   -Kay <3

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