Sweet Perfection

17 year old Kimi Malik lives a normal life. Except the fact that her brother is Zayn Malik from One Direction and her best friends are Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam. When she starts to have feelings for one of them she receives death threats. Who could be sending her such vile things. Why don't you find out.... (Cover made by Georgia.Russell go check her out I love her!) Some what Mature content. (Violence, sensitive topics and language)


7. Isn't this just Sweet Perfection?

       Spring in London has finally arrived. Louis and I have been dating for three months now. It had spread on the news and everyone knew about "Tomlinson's new  girlfriend. And now it was like people followed me around everywhere!!! They asked me about my relationship with Louis and what we were planning for the future. I never answered the  questions because frankly they annoyed me. At school I wasn't left alone either but in a good way. They called me beautiful and none believed  Annika anymore because on national television Tommo (my nickname for Loui) said the nicest things about me, he said he was the one that asked me out so no one would believe my bully. I had gotten a new style, I grew my hair out all the way to my waist. It was all ways straightened. I started to not cover up my freckles with makeup and showed the real me. People said I had natural beauty. I worked out now to stay in shape. Yes I am already a small skinny girl but I needed muscle. It made me feel good to work out too. 


         Soon Louis got tiered of people surrounding me with questions so he announced his thought on our future. He said, "I am planning to spend the rest of my life with Kimi but I will wait until she is ready. I don't care if it takes years I will wait for my princess." 


       Harry and Louis started to teach me how to sing and I became very found of it. I  actually became good at it. I entered talent shows for my singing and became very popular in London. I still did art in fact I entered my drawing of ariel in the art show and won first place! (Picture of it at the end of the chapter!) I became very popular in school and Louis and I's relationship grew. Everything was........ "Sweet Perfection".  


(Here is the pic!)

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