Sweet Perfection

17 year old Kimi Malik lives a normal life. Except the fact that her brother is Zayn Malik from One Direction and her best friends are Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam. When she starts to have feelings for one of them she receives death threats. Who could be sending her such vile things. Why don't you find out.... (Cover made by Georgia.Russell go check her out I love her!) Some what Mature content. (Violence, sensitive topics and language)


10. Everything turns downhill from here

         A little over three weeks ago my mum went to stay with her sister in Australia. Leaving me and Safaa with our dad. I don't really know my dad since he and my mum got divorced when I was three. I stayed with Zayn and my sisters full time and none of us got to see him. Mum was going to be in Australia for a couple of months because she is helping my aunt Chrisy take care of her new baby. These couple of months were going to be long. 


      "So you and Safaa are staying at a middle aged man's house that you don't even know?" Louis asked fuming. "Well keep in mind he is my father and my mum trusted him enough to let us stay with him." I added. "Yeah but you don't know him. He could be a sick man Kimi. You should just stay with me." He said. "I can't Louis I must obey my mum." I told. "She wouldn't like her youngest daughter staying at her adopted daughters boyfriends house. She doesn't trust you yet Louis." He sighed. "Just don't let him touch you. If he does you tell your mum and me. Heck call the police!" Louis stressed. "Don't worry Louis we will be fine." I assured. "Ok... but," He didn't get to finish before my cell went off. It was my dad. I answered it. "Hello father." I greeted. "Come home now." he said not even bothering to say hi. "But father I'm at my boyfriends house," I was interrupted. "What?! I didn't say you could go to a boys house." He sneered. "But I always do after school. He helps me with my homework." I said. "No. Come. Home. Now. Or your getting it." He said. "Getting what?" I sassed back. Louis sat still trying to listen. "Just come home or your grounded." He said. "Fine." I said and hung up. "Wow. What a dick. I don't like you and Safaa staying with him." Louis said. "Well it's not your choice. Now I got to go. Love you and talk to you later." I said and left. 


      When I got home to my father his face was a bright red. No boys and you tell me where you are going." He said. "Dad I'm 17 years old! I turn 18 in August! You can't tell me what to do. I'm a teenager. I kiss boys, I date, and hang out, you can't expect me to stay with you 24/7." I replied hanging my bookbag up. "Don't back talk me." my father's voice boomed. I flinched at the sound. "I'll do what I want.You are not my real dad" I said turning away. But my dad caught me by the hair and spun me around then slapped me hard against the cheek. My cheek turned red and started stinging. Ouch. I have never been hit before. "What the hell?!" "Don't you ever say that again." He said. "But," He slapped me again then pushed me up against the wall. "You tell any this happened no one will believe you. It could ruin your mum. And you wouldn't want that now would you?" He asked. I shook my head. He slapped me again. "Stop please." I said. It really hurt. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up. "Stop what? You call me...." He said. With tears streaming down my face I said, "Yes, sir." My father dropped me to the floor and I sat there and cried. Safaa came to me a brought me up to my room. She got and ice pack and held it to my face as I cried. 'Hey it's going to be ok." she assured me. I always admired Safaa. She was so brave and strong when I wasn't. "We have to tell Zayn." She told me. "No. We can't if mum found out she would be broken to know and Zayn would probally kill da if Louis didn't get there first." I said. "Plus you could get hurt and I'm not going to let anyone hurt my baby sister." I said with a giggle. "Kiiiiimiiiii I'm not a baby anymore." Safaa said. "I know but you are always going to be my little sister. Don't tell Doniya or Waliyha this but your my favourite sister." I said. She giggled. "Really?" she asked. "Really silly goose." I said.


             I kept everything a secret for the sake of Safaa. I couldn't let my little sister get hurt. Then next day I got another anonymous text man was I tiered of the threats I was getting.

                              Your will be six feet under soon bitch. -?

Everything right now was stressing me out. I couldn't take it anymore. So I took Safaa to Zayn and told him to take care of her because she doesn't want to live with her dad. I told Safaa to keep everything a secret so I didn't get more hurt. But that wouldn't stop him.







    Hey lovelies. I am thinking of quitting on this book. You guys don't seem to like it. I get like no comments likes or favourites. Do you guys like it?? I might delete this book I put a lot of work into this but no one seems to notice it. I might update tomarrow if you guys like it. If not Im deleting it and starting a new one.


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