Dark Secrets

I searched for something to grab on to as I walked blind. "Keep moving!" i herd the loud voice boom. I flinched at the sound and did as I was told. We walked for a couple minutes longer until I ran into a door. "Stop we are here." the man said. The door opened and the man took the mask off my eyes only to see the thing I dread the most in front of me.

*Squeal to "Sweet Perfection*


3. Trapped

 Chapter 3     


 I tried fighting but it didn't help. I could see, and hear everything that was happening. I had a dark feeling inside me that didn't feel right. I couldn't control my body at all. I felt, trapped. My father lead me away with my friends following closely behind me. I fought the feeling of hurting someone. "Kimi, you lead." my father said handing me a lantern that light up the dark hall. Water dripped from the roof and dribbled onto my shoe. I looked up and saw a leak in the roof. It was so quiet all you could hear was the water and clomp of feet. I trudged along until we reached a door. My dad stepped in front of me and opened the door. I looked at my friends and stood by the door like a guard. The escorts sat my friends each in a chair and tied them to it. I stood by emotionless. 


       Alisha's P.O.V.

   It has been four months now. Police continued to search for Louis, Alice, Luke and Kimi. We were all interviewed multiple times. The press swarmed us all the time as well for the police. Headlines every where talked about "Louis Tomlinson and three other kidnapped." Zayn had been diagnosed with depression two weeks ago. That made headlines too. He was a wreck. So where the other boys. They had all lost their best friends. I on the other hand was different. I was determined to find them. At any costs. When everyone gave up I didn't. I had set up a web of all the info and evidence on my wall in my room. It showed pictures of all of them. It lead on to different background checks. It showed interesting history about them and anyone who knew them. Also another person was on my door. Zayn's father was on it. He had been charged with two cases of murder already in one month. He had several thefts to add on. I researched Kimi's real parents as well. They were part of the government apparently. I was so close all I needed was some kind of information on the area or region... Just then Liam walked in, his hair a mess and still in his pj's. "What are you doing up?" he asked me. "Can't sleep." I told him. "Me either." he said. I smiled as he grabbed me and threw me on the bed I had been sleeping in. I sleep in the guest room in his house while my parents are on vacation. I get under the covers and snuggle against Liam. "Good night." I whispered. "Good night love." Liam told me and kissed my lips as I drifted off to sleep for the first time in three days. 



        Heeyyyy! So how did you like the little Lisha moment? And aww poor Kimi, Louis, Alice and Luke! Give me feed back!! Have a great day and sorry for the short chapter!


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