Dark Secrets

I searched for something to grab on to as I walked blind. "Keep moving!" i herd the loud voice boom. I flinched at the sound and did as I was told. We walked for a couple minutes longer until I ran into a door. "Stop we are here." the man said. The door opened and the man took the mask off my eyes only to see the thing I dread the most in front of me.

*Squeal to "Sweet Perfection*


1. Total Darkness

Chapter 1

         Total Darkness        

My vision is blurry. The image of my feet is surrounded by a circle of black. I am barley keeping conscious. I feel the two arms around my own dragging me down the long hall. Everything is silent, except screams coming from a distance. I close my eyes completely and let my mind wonder.  Where is Alice, Luke, and Louis now? I hope they are safe. I think about what has happened with in 24 hours. Alisha running off with my horse. Me finding her studding the cougar I killed in self defense and how It was sent after me to kill me. How we were chased back to my home by men on snowmobiles. Luke and Liam waited for us looking for us. We couldn't escape the attacks of the men. They shot my horses down killing both of them. We were trapped. The men pointed guns to all my friends heads. We fought. Under the mask of leader was, my dad. And now here I am. Being dragged down this cold hall to an uncertain death. I breath in the aromas. The smell of musk and sweat hits my nostrils. I flinch. "Quit moving!" one of the men said punching me in the stomach. I don't feel the blow. My body went numb minutes ago. The men pause and drop me to the floor in a dark cold room. I feel the cold cement beneath me. I look around the room. It was a jail cell. A metal bed hung from the wall. No pad just cold hard metal. The room is made out of brick with a small window. The cold snow slowly floats in making me shiver in what little I am wearing. A tank top and jeans. I cough a bit then hear a voice. "Kimi?" I look around and see those glowing blue eyes in front of me. Louis. "Louis! No. They got you too?" "Yeah, They got Alice when she ran to your house to help, Luke and almost got Liam." He said sadly. I coughed some more. "Kimi? Louis?" I hear Alice's small voice. I look down the hall and see her walking down the hall in  handcuffs with a tall bulky man. The man opened my cell and threw Alice in. She landed hard on her face. "Alice!" I yelped and helped her up. "Gee Kimi you're freezing. You're going to get sick!" she said. I sniffled. Alice wraped her arms around me and tried to keep me warm. Louis looked at me with concern. I waved him off. So this is it. This is how we are going to die. Rotting in a jail cell. I herd some feet shuffling and some grunts. I looked down the hall. Luke was being dragged just as I was. When I saw him I yelped. He looked terrible. Beat up, cold, sick. I reached my hand through the bars. The men threw Luke in with Louis. Lou ran right to Luke and helped him up. "Luke." I whispered. Luke looked up at me. "Kimi, you look sick... You need this." he weakly said holding out a jacket. I shook my head. "Don't worry about me. You need it. You look worse than me." I said. Luke closed his eyes and fell backwards. "Luke!" I yelled. Louis caught him. "Don't worry love he is ok." he told me. Just then we herd stomping coming towards us. A man with a long scruffy beard opened me and Alice's cell. He stared down at us sternly. "Kimi come with me." he grunted. "There is someone who is dying to see you." 

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