Dark Secrets

I searched for something to grab on to as I walked blind. "Keep moving!" i herd the loud voice boom. I flinched at the sound and did as I was told. We walked for a couple minutes longer until I ran into a door. "Stop we are here." the man said. The door opened and the man took the mask off my eyes only to see the thing I dread the most in front of me.

*Squeal to "Sweet Perfection*


4. Fighting through the darkness

 Chapter 4      

Fighting through the darkness

My heart dropped. I tried fighting my way through to at least speak one real word. I stood by the front door guarding it as the others sat tied down to the chairs. My father held a gun in one hand and a syringe in the other. I found the strength to scoot closer to my friends. Or should I call them enemies? My father aimed the gun at Alice. " I don't need you." he said his fingers tightening around the trigger. I ran at him and tackled him to the ground. I finally broke free. Not all the way you twit! I herd a voice say. Father raised the gun at me. "You can't kill me!' I screamed then, I grinned an evil grin that didn't belong to me. "You need me to much." I told everyone. "You know the power I have," my eyes darkened. "You need me for your plan father." I almost laughed. Father's hands tightened around the gun. "Do it." I pressed. Father's hands flinch and he puts the gun down. "The liquid it's wearing off..." father said to himself. I smiled. Words started to pour out of Luke's mouth. "Kimi look o-" but he was stopped when a needle pierced my neck. A spike of pain made me jump and react in a violent way. I turned around to the man with the needle in my neck. He pushed his thumb down and the rest of the liquid entered my body. I grabbed the man's wrist tightly till her cried out trying to pry my fingers off. I herd some cracks and I let go. The man slide to the ground clutching his broken wrist. I pulled out the needle and threw it to the ground. The glass shattered and flew every where, slicing my legs ever so slightly. My eyes darkened again and the bad feeling come on. My hand snaked up to my neck and held it over the puncher. Blood seeped onto my hands. I ran at my father again while I was still myself. He shot his gun at me but I dodged it just in time. The loud bang echoed in my ears. I punched him then tripped him. Father grabbed my legs and pulled them out from underneath me. He sat on my stomach pinning me to the ground. He pulled a knife out from his belt and held it above me.I could hear the struggles from my friends behind me trying to get loose. Father slide the knife across my cheek opening a small cut. He lightly touched it to my throat and drew tiny designs with it only cutting a little. "You will obey or next time the cut will be deep enough to kill you! You hear me?!" he yelled. I just glared. "Ok if you're going to be miss little hero then fine. I don't need you. I have others." he said starting to slice my throat. Warm blood poured out of the new cut. Louis and Alice screamed then father was pushed off me. I looked up and saw Luke. He helped me up and pushed me behind him. Luke raised the gun he had stolen from a guard a my father. "It's over!" Luke yelled. The roof above us suddenly collapsed. Alice screamed while I looked around and saw men in masks with large guns. Guards around us dropped to the ground in pools of blood. I felt a pair of hands around my waist. I turned and saw one of the men grab me and pull me through the roof. That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.


             Alisha's P.O.V. 


         There was knock at the door. I looked up from the book I was currently reading and looked at the door. Another knock echoed through Liam and I's apartment. I got up saving my place in the book and walked to the door. I opened it wide expecting it to be Liam but it wasn't. Kimi's mother stood there. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. Bags had formed under them. "Can I-" she hiccuped. "come in?" she asked. I nodded and let her in. "You're the one person I thought of to come to" she said in between sobs. "Whoa whoa Gwen. What's wrong. What happened?" I asked. Gwen hiccuped then spoke. "The pol- police showed up and said they had to talk to me. Oh Alisha! Kimi, and Luke. They're dead!" she sobbed. My heart sank and it felt like I had to throw up. "Louis and Alice made it though they are in the hospital but Luke and Kimi, they were killed by that monster I called husband!" she yelled then collapsed on the ground tears streaming down her face. I sat next to Gwen and embraced her. She always was like my second mom. I though about what could have happened then, I started to cry.

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