The Silly, Little Book of One Shots

One Shots! One Shots for All! All Fandoms, All Ships! Drop Me a Comment and I'll See What I Can Do!


1. Introduction...



Within this Movella, I'll publish all my silly, little one shots from a variety of fandoms, including - X-Men (mostly), Free!, Beautiful Creatures and The Mortal Instruments.


FIRSTLY, please do request! Any fandom, just drop me a comment. Some fandoms I might not know and I'll just have to apologize and say I can't for those (Sherlock, for example). Some fandoms I don't know well, but I might give it a stab (the Marvel Cinematic Universe (trust me, I have over 200 chapters of Marvel fanfic on my iPod, but it's all comics - the movies go way of my head), for example). Some fandoms I'll write easily, but it might take a little time (The Mortal Instruments, for example). And then there's *certain* fandoms (*cough* X-Men *cough*) that I can get a one shot done for in about two hours! xD My point is JUST ASK! There's no point in chickening out just because you think you might get rejected.

SECONDLY, with that being said I do not and will not write tacky Imagines. Ever. So don't ask. Don't come along and say 'lol i lv ur wrk can u rite 1 bout me n harri stilez'. No. Never. Stop. I don't do that. I'm talking OTPs for this book - SERIOUS, FICTIONAL OTPS!

FINALLY, please please please drop me some feedback? It would mean a lot! I know most people won't get the chapters I've posted so far, but I've tried to put a little explanation at the start of each one, so if you could check it out, that would be great! Thanks!


Just a note on the chapter titles. They will be like this:-

FANDOM: Name of Story (Ship(s) involved).


I will add '-CANON' to the end of the title if the ship I'm writing about is actually legit. There won't be many of these! xD


Want me to write about your OTP? Let me know and I'll give it a shot!**

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