You and me or you and him? [Larry Stylinson]

Louis and Zoye meet by accident at the airport after she run away from home. Zoye and Louis live with eachother, but Louis must make a choice. Who ends he choose? Zoye or an old friend of his?


9. Chapter 8

I saw that Lisa went out of the cafeteria so I turned to Harry. "How are you? You're so quiet." Harry looked up. "Why do you hang around Lisa?" I looked at him. "What do you mean I'm not hanging around Lisa." Harry shook his head. "Who are you dating? Me or her?" I looked at him with big eyes- "Not so loud. Fact that you are more confident, will not say that everyone needs and know about me." I gathered my things and left the table. "Louis, where are you going?" I turned around. "If you want to talk to me, so you can follow." It was not long beforeHarry had cleared his stuff and were on his feet and on the way out of the cafeteria with me.

"Do you have any more classes today?" I looked at Harry. He shook his head. "I give a fuck in the classes. We can go, so we talk." I nodded and followed. We went to a small park near by the school. I sat down on one bench. "Would you at all be with me?" I looked at Harry. "Of course I want to be with you. It's just that I have not come out. That way you have." Harry hid his face in his hands. "You know I love you, but I can not keep doing this if you are not willing to be proud to be with me and show that in the public." Harry stood up. "You get to decide, you know where I am and what I want." He leaned towards me and kissed me on the cheek and left. I did nothing. Looked after him, but let him walk. I got up and took the bus home.

I did not go into the house when I got home, I sat on the stairs. The toughs buzzing in the head at me. All this with Lisa and Harry made me tired. I did not know if I'd call myself gay or Straight. The part had always made me insecure. Harry and I have been best friends a long time, and it was not until for those couple a year ago we were more than just friends. The only problem is that I have not come out as gay or bisexual or what to call it, and it creates problems between Harry and me. He is out and will show the whole world that we are together. I exhaled and looked up at the door. There was a light in there, but I saw no sign of Lisa. I turned over and was alone with my thoughts again. In all this with Harry, I had Lisa. Lisa who I randomly met at the airport. As time has passed, so we have got good contact - I thought. She means a lot to me and I would have done anything for her. She is more than just a friend. I hit myself in the head and took a deep breath, got up and went inside.

"Hey, are you home already?" Lisa sat on the sofa with a cup in front of her. I nodded, and pointed at the cup. "There is more coffee in the kitchen if you want." I looked at her with wide eyes. "I drink coffee yes, there are still some you do not know about me." She grinned. I went into the kitchen and took a cup of coffee and sat down with Lisa in the living room. "How are you?" I took my arm around Lisa. "My head hurts, some painkillers in the house?" I got up from the couch, put my coffee cup on the table and went into the kitchen. "We have a medicine cabinets in the kitchen." Lisa sat up on the couch. "I can get it yourself." I went and took painkillers and a glass of water to her and went back to the living room. "Here." I gave her two tablets, and held the glass of water ready for her. She swallowed the tablets right down and took the glass and drank a few sips before her put down the glass on the table.

I sat back and put her in my arms my. "You Can I ask you something?" I closed my eyes and thought her not to ask for Harry. "Ask away." She took a deep breath. "Have I done something to Harry, he seems so sour, no not sour. Harry is just less friendly to me, than he was when we met." I breathed out. "He feels threatened." Lisa turned her head and looked at me. "Threatened?" I nodded. "Yes, now you have to remember that Harry and I have known each other a long time. He feels that you take his place and that I shall have no time for him." Lisa nodded, and turned again and looked at the wall. "Be with Harry tonight then. I can be home alone."

I sat to think before I answered her. Weighted for and against, that to leave Lisa alone here. "Take it as a birthday celebration, along with Harry. Just the two of you." I considered it, but something told me I should stay home with Lisa. "No, that's okay, being here with you." Lisa turned to me again and putted her eyes at me. "Or not?" I looked insecure at her and didn't quite know what to say. "Go. Call Harry and say that you get him soon. Otherwise I'll call him." She nudged me as a sign that I should go. "You want me to leav." I nudget her back. "No, but I will not be the one to destroy the friendship between you two. Go. Now." I got up. "Sure?" Lisa nodded and pointed to the door. Without more ado, I was on my way to Harry. I took up the phone and called. It was not long before he answered. "Made up your mind?" I took a deep breath. "At home? Alone?"

It was not long before I was standing on the stairs at the entrance to Harry. I stuck my breath a few times I went up to the door and knocked. I took a step back and felt my heart thumping in my chest. Why I was really nervous? Harry opened the door and got a big smile on his face when he saw me. Without warning, he came to me and jumped into my arms causing me to lose balance and almost fall over. "Be careful." He put feet on the ground and pressed his lips against mine. I pulled myself away and Harry so disappointing to me. "Can we get in first. Please?" Harry sighed and went inside.

I felt like a stranger in Harry's house. As it was the first time I was here. I did not know where to stand. "Do you want beer?" I turned around and wonder at Harry. "Beer?" Harry held up a glass bottle of beer. I shook my head. "Shall you have beer?" I saw the flower beds at Harry, hoping that he said no. Although I was the oldest of us, it was Harry who was the one who was bad ass of us. He had a couple of tattoos, which was what got me to look differently at him. Harry must have known, that I was weak for tattoos, and that was probably what was the reason he took the first. Harry came out now he was ten - two years ago. - And tried and lure me out since then. Harry brings out the best in me. Although we are opposites and are like day and night so no one makes me feel more better than him.

Harry brought his beer bottle and sat with me on the couch. "Film?" Harry looked at me and waited for an answer. I nodded. "Do not be so shy then, Louis. It's just me, Harry." He looked at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before he went and sat on the film. I got up and went into the kitchen. "There is tea on the bench, where it always is." Harry knew me well and knew that there was tea I wanted. I drink both coffee and tea, but tea is the best. Having brought me a cup of tea, I went back to the living room where Harry was waiting for me. He patted the couch. "Come and sit with me." I did as he said, and sat in his elbow. Harry kissed me on the head. "Happy Birthday, Louis. Love You." I sat closer intill he got ready to watch the movie. Throughout the movie, my mind was with Lisa. Who is it I really want?

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