You and me or you and him? [Larry Stylinson]

Louis and Zoye meet by accident at the airport after she run away from home. Zoye and Louis live with eachother, but Louis must make a choice. Who ends he choose? Zoye or an old friend of his?


8. Chapter 7

It was cold, it was snowing heavily outside the window. I stood up silently, without awaken Louis. His mother stood down and we nodded to each other. "Ready?" I nodded again, and she lit the candles. We sneaked up the stairs, which really was impossible, since it squeaked by every step we took. I went first and opened the door to the room. "Hooray for you for celebrating your birthday, we congratulate you ..." We went to bed and I sat down. Louis squirmed and sat up, smiling. "Happy Birthday." I leaned over him and gave him a big hug. "Thank you." He blew out the candle, and took a bite of the muffin. The mother of Louis - Johannah - gave Louis a hug. "Happy birthday, son." She winked at me and started to walk out of the room. "It's everyday life and school so hurry." She closed the door. I nudged him and smiled.

He sat up in bed. "Go to the bathroom, I can wait." I lay down and closed my eyes. He kicked me and I fell out of bed. "Go now, since you already is out of bed." I sat up and looked at him. "Haha, okay." I got up, pushed his legs and went to the bathroom.


I opened the door and walked out of the bathroom and opened the door to Louis. "The bathroom is ..." I turned around. "Sorry, the bathroom is available. I go down and wait." Louis opened the door and buttoned up shirts. "Relax, I was not exactly naked." He smiled and winked at me. I turned and went down. Louis laughed as he walked into the bathroom.

I went down the stairs and into the kitchen. Johannah turned as I came in the door. "Hungry?" I sat down. "Yes, you need help with anything?" She turned and sat down a plate down with pancakes. "It looks good, Louis is the bathroom., He will soon be down." Johannah smiled at me. "Are you all right?" I nodded. "Yes, all okay with me." She nodded and looked at the clock. "Is that the time I have to leave for work. Have a nice day.'ll See you when I get home tonight. Gets a little late but it is okey." Johannah hurried out of the kitchen. "Goodbye." I swallowed. "Bye, have a nice day." I could hear the front door slam, so it was quiet in the house.

It was not long before I could hear Louis coming down the stairs. "Where's Mom?" He sat down and took a pancake and began to eat. "She went to work, she works late today." He nodded. "Okay. Ready to go?" I looked down at his dishes, and so he had eaten up everything. I got up and put things in the dishwasher. "Ready, shall we go." Louis stood up and put down the plate. We calmly walked to the bus, we had a good time. Which was delicious. The sun was shining and there was not a cloud to see. "You have been kind." Louis looked funny at me. I started to laugh "Since it is so nice weather and the sun shines." He smiled. "Of course I have been kind."

We got off the bus, Forward into the school and was greeted by a bunch of people. Louis grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear. "Just so you do not get away from me and get lost at school." I squeezed his hand and bit me hard in the tongue. "Happy birthday!" All of them came towards us and greeted Louis. I squeezed his hand a little bit more, to not lose the grip. "Harry." I turned and saw Harry coming toward us. "Happy birthday, buddy." Louis dropped my hand and gave Harry a hug.

I looked at them, it was the same type of hug they had given each other when we were at the movies. There was something between them, and it was more than just a friendship. I was standing just behind Louis, so I would not get lost. That I had done enough times in the short time I had been here. The school bell rang and we started walking towards the classrooms. Louis took my hand again. "Do you remember where you shall?" I nodded. "I've started to get control now. So you do not have to follow me, we can meet in the cafeteria when we have free?" I smiled and began to walk. Louis did not let me go and followed me. "I follow you anyway." I looked up at him. "Just do not come too late then." He nodded and we walked to my classroom. The class had not started and I walked in the door and sat down where there were vacant. Louise had moved on to the classroom where he should be.

I sat down and picked up the book. We had cabinets standing out in the hallways. Louis had held a cabinet to me, next to his. This hour we had social studies, how the British took over large parts of the world. After the few weeks I had lived in Doncaster, - with Louis - I had no trouble understanding what the other said. I understand more or less everything. It was perhaps some words I did not know what was, but it was no problem. The teacher talked about how Queen Elizabeth had power over more than 80 percent of the world. How British had colonies all over the world and what the consequences were.

Bell rang and it was time for the next class. There were not many break time at this school. We got five minutes for us to collect books and go to the next class. At noon we got an hour off, where most of the school sat in the cafeteria. Next class I had English. Something that went quickly, and the next was the cafeteria and meet Louis. He came and picked me up outside the classroom. "You do not have to pic me up, I know where the cafeteria is." I looked at Louis and he just smiled back. I'm not allowed?" He look disappointing at me, "Yes, if you absolutely want so, I think is nice." I smiled and we started walking towards the cafeteria.

Harry sat at a table and held the room for us. "Hello, Harry." Harry nodded at me but said nothing. I looked at Louis who shrugged and sat down. Is there something I have missed? We sat down and began to eat. "How's your birthday so far?" I looked at Louis. "It has been really excellent. I enjoying the day that is mine." He grinned and continued eating. I saw up at Harry, who looked to sit in his own thoughts. I looked over to Louis, who looked concerned with eating the food. I was sitting in my own thoughts, then cleared my things and headed out of the cafeteria when Louis took hold of my arm. "Where are you going?" I looked down. "I do not feel well, so I think I'll go home." Louis turn around against me. "Are you okay?" I nodded. "Sure, I just go home and relax. It goes well." Louis stood up and gave me a hug. "I'll be home soon. You get home yourself?" I nodded, and without looking at him I walked out of the cafeteria and to the bus.

It was cold and it was snowing lightly, while the sun shone. I pulled my coat tight up around my neck. It was really nasty. It took luckily not long before the bus came and I got home. I took the key from under the mat and locked me in, put the kettle on and made me some coffee. As a child I learned to like coffee, and it was exactly what I wanted now. The house was quiet and empty. Something that was very strange. I walked a around in the house, mostly to collect my thoughts. Louis had started to behave differently towards me. On posetive manner. He held my hand and followed that I had it good. I was unsure if I should look at it as if he were my brother or if there was anything more. Also, we had Harry, the way Louis behaved around Harry, and Harry around Louis. Or he behaved just like that when I was there?

The kettle was finished and I went down to the kitchen, made me coffee and sat in the living room. I did not snoop around in other people's stuff, so I did not. I was either in my own thoughts and went through what I already showed. Is Louis gay?

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