You and me or you and him? [Larry Stylinson]

Louis and Zoye meet by accident at the airport after she run away from home. Zoye and Louis live with eachother, but Louis must make a choice. Who ends he choose? Zoye or an old friend of his?


6. Chapter 5

Daily life was on the way to begin. For me . I had run away from the familiar , and had to start over somewhere else. Louis told me that I had taken the plane to the town of Doncaster. So it was here I was.

" School. " I raised my head from the book I read in. " School? What do you mean ? " Louis sat down beside me on the couch . I closed the book and put it down on the table and turned to him. "How long are you planning to stay ? " I gave him a shocked look. " I-I though - " Louis started to laugh and shook his head. "No . I didn't mean , that I want you to move out . I just thought of school . If we should sign you in at the same school that I go to ? " I breathed a sigh of relief . " Oh . " I scratched my head . " But , your mum . What about her, when she coming home in 14 days ? " Now it was Louis who scratched his head . He had not thought of that.

It was Sunday and not much to do. We had to take the school in the morning, but we agreed to write me in, and take it with his mother when she came home from her vacation . "Where are You from ? " I shook my head. This was in breach of the rules . He should know that. "You have already asked a question today . You have to wait to tomorrow . " I winked at him and began to laugh . Louis looked at me funny and started laughing . "You are cute when you do that . " I felt my cheeks were red , and I hid in my hands .

He grabbed my arm and pulled me up and out of the house . What happened now. "I'm sorry . I totally forgot . " He ran and I had to concentrate not to trip over my own legs. "Where are we going ? " I asked breathless. He had stopped at the bus stop . Louis stopped and tried and get igen breath . " We are meeting some friends of mine. At the cinema . " I looked at him with wide eyes . " Wh - what? " I nodded . " Sorry , it's was planned a week ago . Before I met you. It's not a scary movie . Comedy . " I breathed heavily out . This did not sound like a good idea, but I bet it in me. What else could i do a Sunday ?

Louis paid the bus, it did not take long . " Who are we meeting there ? " I asked Louis, who seemed to sit in their own thoughts . " Oh , we are meeting some friend from school, I'm the oldes of everyone . " I nodded . " OK . What movie ? " He shook his head. " We have not desided yet. " I got a lump in my stomach. I am not one of those that just meet new people. Louis was an exception . Never meant to meet him , it was a coincidence . Or was it. I smiled at my own thoughts.

We got off the bus and stood in front of Village Cinemas. Louis led the way and I followed after . There was a large hall , reminded me of home. " There. " Louis pointed out , to a boy , who was tall , some heads higher than Louis. Did he not say that he was the oldest . We went where the boy stood. He had curly hair and was at least two heads taller than me . Louis and the boy greeted and give each other a hug. Then introduces Louis us.

" Lisa, this is Harry . Harry this is Lisa. She is from Norway . " Harry held out his hand to greet and I greeted back . " Nice to meet you . " I said and smiled. " Nice to meet you to . " Harry said and smiled back . "Where is the rest? " Louis looked around him . " Oh , they could not come, so it's just us . " Louis nodded and we went to book tickets . " How old are you , Harry ? " I asked as we stood in the queue. "I'm 12 " I'm took a step back . " 12 ? ? You are taller than Louis and he is 14, so you can not be 12 " I shook my head. It could not be. "It's right." Louis had to laugh . " Everybody that meet us , say the same . I just have bad geans . Harry have the good one . " I saw the confusion on both of them . " Are ... Are you two brothers ? " I pointed at them . They were not very similar. Now they both laughed. "No , no, no . Just very good friend , from school . " I nodded and wanted to run away from there as fast as possible.

We chose comedy. Do not think I 've laughed that hard in a long time . It felt good .it felt easier . We took all three a taxi home to where Louis lived . "Are You staying over ? " Louis looked at Harry . "If it 's okay for you? " he turned to me . I nodded and showed him the thumbs up . " Pizza anyone? " Louis picked up the phone and looked at Harry and me, we both nodded . "Is pepperoni okay . " We nodded again . it would be good with food.

It was not long before the pizza arrived . It did not take long before it was no more left . We all sat around the table in the living room . I sat in Hthe corner on the couch, there was something between Harry and Louis I could not put my finger on . The hug they had given each other , it was more than just a hug. Someone cleared his throat and I turned to the boys and got me out of my thoughts. " Lisa is beginning on our school tomorrow . " Louis nodded at me while he spoke to Harry . " Cool, how long are you planning to stay here ? " I shook my head. " I do not know . As long Louis want me here." I smiled skevt . Harry nodded slightly . "What are you doing here ? " Harry looked at me . I moved his eyes to Louis. He nodded. "You can trust him , Promise . " I took a breath and told what I had told Louis earlier that day.

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