You and me or you and him? [Larry Stylinson]

Louis and Zoye meet by accident at the airport after she run away from home. Zoye and Louis live with eachother, but Louis must make a choice. Who ends he choose? Zoye or an old friend of his?


5. Chapter 4

I sat bolt upright in bed . I was wet and called by sweat. The heart thumped in my chest . My gaze shifted from ceiling to yellow and from wall to wall . Where was I? I moved his eyes to the bed . Louis. I was with Louis. I went out of my bed . Crept quietly out of the room, pulled down the dressing gown, that was hanging on the door and took it upon myself . The stairs creaked , something that made me stand still many times on the way down. I looked up between each step. Just to skjekke that I didn't woke him.

I came down and found their way into the kjøkkenet . It looked different in the dark. The time on the stove shone . It showed that it was the middle of the night , no more than four . The cabinets were too high up that I reached them, so I went to take chair and got taken down a glass . I knew I was not going to sleep any more, so I filled the jar with water and put me in the sofa. There were some paintings on the walls that I was sitting watching. One picture was of a lady. I sat staring at the picture. After a while I got enough. I put the glass from me on the table and crept up and took my cell phone. I sat on the couch and took the earbuds in and turned on the music. It was not long before I fell asleep again .


" Lisa? " I opened my eyes and met the gaze of Louis. I sat up and looked around . "Are you okay? " I looked around again , and tried to remember what I did down here . "Yeah , I had a nightmare . I just went down for some water , and did not want to wake you up . " He looked at me and smiled. "Are you hungry ? " I nodded and sat up on the couch . " I see you borrowed my m - " " Sorry , I was cold and- " Louis started to laugh . " That's ok, I don't use it, so be my guest . " I smiled and followed him into kitchen . "Eggs and bacon ? Is that ok ? " Louis opened the fridge. Eggs and bacon , it was long since I had eaten . "Yeah , need some help?"

I covered the cutlery, and helped him to set up the food . We sat down and began to eat. I was hungry and completely forgot that I put together with some others, after just a few minutes. I sat in my own thoughts about the dream I had. The memories . The memories of childhood , which kept me awake at night. Louis cleared his throat and I got out of the tanks and back to reality and the present. I looked up and met his bilkket . " Is there something? " he asked . "N -No , I just . Nothing. " I took another bite. The silence lay down again upon us. It was getting embarrassing.

"Do you have a new questions you want to ask me ? " Louis looked up at me . He put down his knife and fork . "You said that the reason that you run away from home was that you wanted to find out who you really am ? So my question is . How was your childhood? " I put almost feed throat when he said ' childhood . ' I coughed a few times and cleaned the neck . He put bilkket in me , as if he asked me a question he could answer already and he showed I came to lie about.

"I was born ten years ago in the United States. Dad didn't want a girl but a boy. Somehow I had to pay for . Whenever I was born and came home , my dad killed my mom. It was her punishment for that I was a girl and not a boy. He was never discovered . never indicted . After my mom died , there was nobody to look after me . sure I was taken care of. I remember little from kindergarten and school in the U.S. , but I remember how it was home. "

I took a deep breath . Made me ready for the part I liked least of all . The part that was the reason for my transfer to Norway .

"Dad didn't look at me as a girl. A daughter , but as an object . I was three , maybe four . First time he raped me . I had everything went through countless hours of beating. Which I thought was normal. Dad said it , since I didn't do as he said, I was punished. Beaten, kicked or pushed down the stairs if he was angry enough. I always had bruises , I was always told that it was my own fault . When I was four , I must have been four . then he was angry, I do not remember why. I remember only that he grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs. I tried to turn me loose, but he merely changed the grip and pulled me by the ponytail in stead. He scolded me , but I do not remember what, it is displaced . I screamed and he yelled."

I looked up, Louis came with. I took a deep breath a few times and continued.

" When we got up on the second floor , and into his bedroom , he threw me on the bed . I was so scared that I drew myself up in one corner . , He must have said that I would undress me , for it was the I did. I was too scared to not to do as he said. After all my clothes were thrown on the floor , I crawled along and let me fetal position. He grabbed my leg to straighten me out. I started to kick, because I would not and was afraid of what would happen . I hit him in the face and he dropped me and pulled slightly away, with his hands in front of the face. I took a chance and ran towards the door , but he stopped me. He grabbed me and threw me back in bed . I had used all my strength to scream and turn me away and was tired. I could not stand more then I did not fight against any more either. "

I felt the tears roll down his cheek. I wipe them away with the back of his hand and continued .

" i felt it how he touched me, and that I would not and how scared I actually was. It was as if my body was paralyzed , I could not move. I knew now what was going to happen . I felt it, how it was pushed in. I remember how painful it was and the feeling that you are being split in two. , I remember I cried and the tears flowed. "

I saw the tears hit the table and looked up at the face of Louis who was obviously shocked. I wiped away the tears from my cheek and took a deep breath a few times. "My turn. " I said and started to laugh, but Louis was gone. " Louis ? " I looked at him and waved his hands in front of his face. He blinked a few times. pushed the chair from the table, went out of his chair and around the table . Without warning, he turned me on the chair , made me stand up and gave me a big hug . I gjengjelte clamp. " I'm so sorry . " He hugged me harder, as if he could squeeze out the pain . It was good , it was long since I had such a big hug. "I'm okay now, thank you."

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