You and me or you and him? [Larry Stylinson]

Louis and Zoye meet by accident at the airport after she run away from home. Zoye and Louis live with eachother, but Louis must make a choice. Who ends he choose? Zoye or an old friend of his?


2. Chapter 1

"Then we go in for a landing . " I opened my eyes to looked around and looked down at the watch. It was a few minutes past three. It was only an hour ago, since we had taken off from Oslo Airport. I looked out the window, then down at the ground down there. What was I had done. I looked over to the empty seat beside me. I put the head back and leaned it against the seat back. This was not well planned plan.

I felt it in my whole body when the plane fraff ground. Everyone started clapping , to show that they are happy that the flight went well. I looked around . Had to have a plan, an explanation. They could not see that I was alone. I breathed out . I had to calm down myself . There are many people here . They do not just take me. I got up, at the time " fasten seat belt " light extinguished. Which aircraft was it actually I had taken and where was I?

The plane parked and gradually become empty . I was fast to get back on my feet and out of the plane. I fumbled up my passport and held it close to his chest . I just gotta get out of here, then everything will be okay . I thought. Passport control was first. Hope no one asks me to talk , for English is not my forte . You have not thought further than your nose tip, I thought to myself. The man behind the glass looked at me and down the pass and back at me . He said nothing, only gave me the pass and I could go. I breathed a sigh of relief . Now last only to find the exit . I hurried out to the arrival hall. There were many there, and everyone was taller than me . I did not see the exit. I beygyne to panic . What if I do not get out of here. I ran from side to side and between many people, that didn't see me. I looked behind me as I ran into him.

He had brown hair and was a few heads taller than me . He looked at me , handed me his hand and helped me up . " I'm so sor - " I started to say, but he avbrøyt me. " It's ok. Are you ok ? " I looked at him and concentrated . " Ye - Yes, I think so . " He looked at me , studied me from head to toe. I took a step back is not sure what he was doing. " Sorry , did not mean two scare you , I just ... How old are you ?" I was unsure if this was a good idea . Nobody knew where I was and I knew no one here , but on another page . He could maybe help me ? "I'm ten , and You ? " I was glad we had stuck to the basics of English , for as far as it went well . "Are You only ten years old? What are You doing here ? Where is your parents ? " I shrugged . "I do not know, where my parents are . Probably at home , but you did not answer . How old are you ? " He looked startled me. " And where is 'home ' ? " I just looked silly on him. "I will not answer any more before you tell me your age . " I looked at him and said to myself that I had to play tougher than I really was. I was terrified . " Okay, I'm fourteen , turning fifteen soon . Your turn. " He smiled and looked at me . This toy was not fun . I did not know where I should go , maybe I should just say that? That I ran away ? I took and took a deep breath before I told . " My parents is in Norway , they do not know that I'm here. But I do not where I am. Which country and which city I'm in ? " I looked at him. "You have what? " he said with wide eyes directed at me . "run away from home. "

He looked at me and breathed heavily out . He looked around and looked at me . "You can come with me . I'm Home alone . My mum is out of town for around two more weeks . " He looked at me as if I had no choice . "Are you serious ? " He nodded, grabbed my arm and we walked out of the airport.

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