Lucky Girl

Tia, a fashion-obsessed, music-loving fifteen year old Youtuber that visits NYC Fashion Week with her best friend Laura.
But after sneaking out for food, she's locked out and who happens to appear? Only 5SOS, the best band ever!
Find out what happens... Does romance blossom? How does she take all the publicity? And what's going on with Laura...

*Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade for her amazing cover!*


3. The Munchies

I woke up, the curtains fluttering a bit in the slight breeze. Slipping out of my bed, I tip-toe carefully over to the window and shut it silently. The curtains stop moving and I collapse onto my bed, wincing as it creaks. My eyes glance over at Laura, who is twisted in a very awkward position on her bed. She never removed her outfit and the tight Aztec printed pencil skirt prevents her legs from spreading out. I roll my eyes, debate about removing her heels, and then decide not to. After all, a tired Laura is never good.

Lying on my back, I stare up at the ceiling, staring at the grooves in the paintwork until I see two and it goes all blurry. The alarm clock's vibrant green numbers catch my eye. 1:00. Oh great, what am I supposed to do at a time like this?

Sliding in my headphones, I select the Five Seconds Of Summer album and let the music play. Instantly I'm lost in the words and by the time I look back at the alarm clock, half an hour has slid by. Sighing, I take out my headphones and my stomach rumbles.

I think back to what I ate at the NYC Fashion Week, Day One. All there was were those mini salmon crackers but I only managed to snaffle four of those before the person next to me started glaring and I left. Oh, and a mini vegetarian sausage roll because they ran out of meat ones. So hardly anything.

My stomach rumbles again and I try and think what I could eat. I saw a few dusty mints in Laura's handbag but how could they make up for three whole meals? Then I remember a vending machine in the hall way packed with un-healthy, calorie-filled snacks. Perfect. I mean, I've been very good watching what I eat and I think I've earned this little treat.

Sneaking one last look at Laura to make sure she hasn't woken up, I creep out the door and shut it behind me. Down the stairs, left, right, right again and there. In all its gorgeous and un-healthy glory stands the vending machine. My pocket jangles with loose change, so I take out some cents and push them into the slot. They clatter as they are accepted and soon I have enough for a Snickers, a packet of Doritos and a double Mars bar. Yum!

With my mini-fest stacked into my arms and spare change clenched in my fist, I start back down the hallway. I must admit, this hotel is definitely one of the poshest I've been in. The décor is so stylish with pretty purple and gold patterns spiralling up the walls and plush carpets on the floor. There are even sprouting green plants in gold plant plots dotted around the corridors. It makes me wonder why there is even a vending-machine here in the first place. I'm not complaining though, this should hopefully end my raging stomach rumbling.

After what seems forever, even though it's just three minutes away, I get to my room. Putting the snacks down, I fumble around for my keys. All I find is quarters and cents and some crumpled up wrappers. My brain tries to think back to earlier. Did I pick up my keys? I remember debating about removing Laura's heels, then listening to music, then feeling hungry and shutting the door behind me... Oh great. So I haven't picked up my keys and I'm locked out. Now what?

Do I dare wake up Laura? No. Yes. No. Yes. Ah! If I wake her up now then she'll be so tired and aggy tomorrow it will be horrendous. I can just picture us at the fashion show:

"Ugh, that dress is disgusting! Who likes pastel anyways? Those are killer heels, how can she walk in those? Yuck, electric blue and her complexion, that's just a fashion disaster. Tassels on a handbag? That was soooo two thousand and eight! Oh, wow, like we haven't seen a three layered peach coloured dress before! Come on people, get some new ideas! Those make-up artists need to tone down on the blusher, they look like dolls or someone shoved tomatoes in their cheeks! Great, yet another yellow dress. Do they know how hard yellow is to pull off? Seriously, that model can't pull it off and I can just about. How can every other girl be as fabulous as me? Right, Tia, we are going. This is just a sad show filled with ridiculous dresses, ugly models and killer heels. Tia? Tia! Right now. I SAID NOW!"

She'll be a total monster. If you think I'm over reacting, I'm not. In fifth grade she was so tired she had a fight with our History teacher and ended up getting detentions for a month. Yes, a whole month.

My back sinks against the wall outside my door and I sigh. I am not waking up Laura just for me to go back inside. I can have my snacks out here, and besides, she'll wake up at one point and come looking for me. Opening the packet of cheese Doritos I sigh. This is going to be a long night.


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