Lucky Girl

Tia, a fashion-obsessed, music-loving fifteen year old Youtuber that visits NYC Fashion Week with her best friend Laura.
But after sneaking out for food, she's locked out and who happens to appear? Only 5SOS, the best band ever!
Find out what happens... Does romance blossom? How does she take all the publicity? And what's going on with Laura...

*Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade for her amazing cover!*


4. Shocking Surprise

Since I'm dumb enough to leave my keys and phone inside, I have no way of telling the time. By now only half of a Snickers remains, and I pick at the caramel sadly. Of course I'm locked outside. There are nine hundred guests here at this hotel and out of all them, I had to be the one surrounded by wrappers and packets without a way of getting inside my own room.

Maybe somebody will come? I laugh to myself. Who would be coming back at this time? They would have to either drunk, stupid or incredibly lost. I sigh and take another forced bite of the Snickers bar. Chewing slowly on the nuts and chocolate, I slump further down the wall. I'm glad the carpet here is nice, or my butt would be numb by now.

"Dude, that's a plant pot. I'm over here!" says a voice and I lift my head. Somebody is here? Could I possibly be saved? My eyes scour the corridor but no one appears. Great. They're probably heading in the other direction.

"Luuuukey, I looove you!" says a different voice and I stifle a laugh. Sounds like somebody is drunk, very drunk.

"Well I love you too but not when you've had twelve shots in a row and five beers." Yes, somebody is drunk. Footsteps grow louder and sound closer. Somebody is coming over here! I'm saved! The people turn round the corner and inside, I die.

It's Five Seconds Of Summer.

I look at what I'm wearing. My pyjamas, pink silk with gold. Really? I should have been like Laura and stayed in my outfit; my mini skirt and white top looked pretty good.

"Calum help me, Michael isn't the lightest person in the world," moans Ashton, who's dragging an incredibly tipsy Michael down the corridor. Calum puts an arm around Michael and together they haul him down. Luke is too busy staring at his phone to be helping. I stuff the packets and wrappers behind me, hoping they won't see them, but it's too late. Michael has already spotted me.

"Ooh, pretty little girlie!" he exclaims and breaks free from the two boys. He staggers, very wobbly, towards to me and I hold back a laugh.

"So, I'm in a band you know," he says, winks and smiles. The stench of alcohol is un-bearable but I smile a little trying not to put him off. Calum comes running over, grabs Michael and flings him back so he stands up straight.

"I am so sorry! As you can tell, little Michael here is a bit drunk." Calum grins at me and Michael looks offended.

"Nah mate, I'm fine! Look, this babe adores me don't ya?" asks Michael and I laugh.

"Well, your drunk, you can't speak properly and you stink of beer so no. No I don't." Calum lets out a laugh and Ashton comes over.

"Hello..." He looks at me for my name and I take a while to realise what he wants me to say.

"Tia," I add helpfully and he smiles.

"Tia, nice name. I hope Calum hasn't been flirting with you, we know what he's like!" Calum blushes a little and shakes his head. The beanie he's wearing wobbles and falls back a bit.

"Actually the drunk boy here is the one trying to chat me up," I say and then instantly feel stupid. Drunk boy? I just called Michael from Five Seconds Of Summer drunk boy.

"That's a surprise. Well, not really. When Michael is drunk he drools over every girl he sees." I giggle, then shut up quickly. Why? Because Luke is coming over. Don't get me wrong, the rest of the boys are lovely, but Luke just out does them all.

Raising his eyes from the phone screen, Luke looks me up and down, then slides his phone into his pocket. He stares at Michael who is now splayed on the floor, Calum who has the remains of a wide grin on his face and Ashton who's looking at Calum.

"So, Satsuma, what are these boys doing to you?" I open my mouth but he speaks before I do.

"Let me guess. Michael is trying to chat you up, Calum is apologising and laughing and Ashton likes your name." I nod silently. Did he hear us? Or did he just know?

"Well, can I ask why your out here in your pyjamas enjoying a snack min-feast?" he asks and I wince. They did notice the packets and wrappers.

"I forgot my key because I came out here to get some snacks so when I got back I couldn't get in."

"Aren't you staying with anybody?" Calum asks so I explained my situation.

"I know what you mean. This one will be a monster in the morning," says Ashton and jabs a thumb towards Michael who is still on the floor.

"Raah, monsters!" yells Michael and a laugh rises up my throat, but I force it down.

"What room are you staying at Satsuma?" Luke asks and I nod towards the door next to me.

"Well, we're staying four rooms down. Why don't you come stay with us this night?" asks Calum. Ashton shrugs.

"Why not? We can't let you stay out here all night," he says and Luke nods.

"Come on then Satsuma, let's go." I pick myself up and collect my rubbish.

"Chuck it away in our room," Luke says and we walk down to the room. Luke un-locks the door but as he steps in I remember something.

"Michael!" I yell and Ashton runs over with me to go get him.

"Ha, told ya the pretty girl would come back for meeeee!" giggles Michael and I roll my eyes, dragging him along.

"Welcome to our room!" smiles Calum and I step in.

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