Lucky Girl

Tia, a fashion-obsessed, music-loving fifteen year old Youtuber that visits NYC Fashion Week with her best friend Laura.
But after sneaking out for food, she's locked out and who happens to appear? Only 5SOS, the best band ever!
Find out what happens... Does romance blossom? How does she take all the publicity? And what's going on with Laura...

*Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade for her amazing cover!*


1. Introduction

This. Is. Crazy. I know some girls are lucky enough to have a photo with Five Seconds Of Summer, but to do what I did? It’s pretty much un-heard of. Maybe I should explain a little more.
Hi, my name is Tia. I told myself I wouldn’t start of this story with this line but I’ve already written something before it so I guess I didn’t. Right? That isn’t important.
I’m fifteen, which is such a bad age. I mean, you’re reasonably old so everyone treats you as an adult, but you can’t drink alcohol or, you know, do it. The thought of intimacy grosses me out which is very un-like any regular fifteen year old girl. Most fifteen year old girls would be dying to have a guy in their bed, or at least talk about it so much it sounds as if they would die, but I don’t see the point. You should be old enough and with someone you love. Not a random one-night stand with some drunk guy at the back of a club. That’s how Tasha wants to lose her virginity, but I don’t know why.
Don’t worry, this story is pretty romantic, and only involves a couple of intimacy scenes. But they aren’t detailed or anything, mostly Laura talking about it very vaguely. So, don’t put this down just because you’re like me and get grossed by this all. This is supposed to be a good book, hopefully, so keep on reading.
I’m a professional YouTuber. If you don’t know what that is, either something is desperately wrong with you or you have amnesia. I’m kidding, a professional YouTuber is someone that makes YouTube videos for a living. I get paid for putting adverts at the start of my videos and turning up to big events like VidCon. It isn’t a bad life style, nearly everybody knows you and you get paid for talking. I talk a lot and I mean, A LOT.
My friend, Laura, is obsessed with the internet. She honestly can’t get over how amazing it is. I swear, if there was a data plan for just unlimited internet and no texts or calls, Laura would choose that. She may be crazy, insane and slightly stupid as well as a massive fan girl, but she is incredibly loyal and great with advice. Plus we both love fashion.
Fashion is basically the whole reason I met Five Seconds Of Summer. Thank you, the creator of fashion. Whoever stitched together a pair of patterned leggings, some super cute sandals and a printed vest top and decided to call it fashion, I love you! Laura is, I think, crazier about fashion then I am but that’s debatable. Anyway, I really should get on with the story.
So, here goes! This is how I met Five Seconds Of Summer and what happened afterwards. I truly am a lucky girl.

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