Lucky Girl

Tia, a fashion-obsessed, music-loving fifteen year old Youtuber that visits NYC Fashion Week with her best friend Laura.
But after sneaking out for food, she's locked out and who happens to appear? Only 5SOS, the best band ever!
Find out what happens... Does romance blossom? How does she take all the publicity? And what's going on with Laura...

*Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade for her amazing cover!*


2. Back In The Hotel Room

I collapsed onto my bed, letting myself sink into the springy mattress. Around me lay scattered bags containing every single kind of clothing possible. A smile spreads across my face and a laugh rises up my throat, escaping and filling the air. Wind from the open window flutters my hair lightly and I wish that everything could stop, so I could be in this moment forever.
My mind flicks back to earlier on, the fashion show with the stunning models, striking make up, gorgeous outfits. Floaty dresses in pastel colours, bold bright skirts, loud slogan tops, hats of all shapes, shoes with killer heels. One model sticks in my mind. She had red cherry hair, not startling bright, but a deep and lovely red. Her eyes bright sapphires, a pale face, ruby lips. Her height was tall, reasonably tall, and she had long legs. Her dress was a black floaty fabric with a sparkling gold belt and a band of gold roses in her hair. She wore a dice bracelet, the circles bright yellow, and her shoes thick black heels. The way she turned, posed, flicked her hair, it made my heart ache. I wanted to be her. I needed to be her. Deep down I knew I could never be, but my mind willed me to think I could. Everyone has a dream, mine is to be her.
“Tia, honestly, you spend an entire day looking at pretty models in pretty outfits and trying on pretty clothes and being pretty, now all you want to do is lie down?” Laura bounces on top of her bed and sighs.
“It’s only half ten. We still have so much to do!” I wave my hand lazily in her direction and she scowls.
“We have the whole week,” I remind her, sitting up straight and kicking off my shoes. My feet ache badly, so I try and massage them but it makes them ache more.
“Just one week. Seven days. Now six. How are we supposed to fit all the fashion into just six measly days? Especially when you just want to lay down.”
“Leave it Laura,” I say and grab my pyjamas. They’re silk, a light pink with gold swirls decorating the fabric, and just holding them makes me feel sleepy. Even if it is only half ten the excitement and fun of today begins to pull me closer to falling asleep.
Locking the bathroom door, I slid out of my designer blue dress and into my pyjama bottoms. I feel hot, too hot, and press my bare stomach against the sink. It is incredibly cold and I wince at the temperature but it then becomes nice. After a while the sink is no longer cold and I slip my pyjama top on.
Un-locking the door I walk out into the room and crawl into bed. I glance over at Laura. She’s engrossed in her fashion magazine, pouring over the pages of models pouting and ex-fashion designers crying about their divorces. Although I adore fashion, I’ve always hated the fashion magazines. Laura convinced me to read one once, but I hid under the duvet and took out my novel instead. As soon as she came back in I got out the fashion magazine again but I think she could tell I hadn’t read it.
“What are we going to do with you Tia?” murmured Laura as my eye lids sank lower down. I shrugged and tried to say something, but all that come out was a soft growl and sleep engulfed me.

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