The Bar Owner's Daughter

Clarke Stevenson is the daughter of the owner of the popular bar in London. Ever since she was 16 she would watch a local guy, Harry Styles get drunk and get into bar fights. One night after a violent bar fight Clarke takes care of Harry. They later develop a friendship that know one seems to agree with.


22. Taking Care of Business

Clarke's P.O.V

"Dad, where's Harry?" I ask. I know dad didn't kill Harry, he isn't that stupid. He's never been one to go for the extreme.

"He's in a cast!" He laughs. What the fuck?

"What did you do!" I sit up quickly and get a head rush.

"He's okay Clarke. Just has a broken leg, a dislocated shoulder, a broken nose, and a lot of cuts and bruises." Dad said a bit too causally. What the fuck possessed dad to beat Harry.

"He already has some broken ribs!" I state.

"So? The point is he won't lay a hand on you again, and I made that clear to him." Dad puts his hand on my shoulder. I shrug him off of me.

"He didn't do anything!" I yell.

"Clarke you don't remember." He sighs.

"I do actually!" I yell more. He stares at me for a moment and his face softens.

"Clarke you were traumatized." Dad is pitying me right now, I know that face. He looks at me as a child.

"No I wasn't!" I yell.

"Well your up sleeping beauty after, what has it been? Almost a week?" The doctor comes in with her clip board. "We all ready ran a CT, your all clear and that concussion has healed up well, just don't do any physical activities for about two months." She smiles and writes something's down

"I remember what happened." I say. She looks at me. "Harry didn't do anything."

"Now Clarence, your parents told me you are friends with this Harry, are you sure you aren't just trying to protect him?" She also looks at me like a child.

"She hasn't been hanging around the best people doctor." Dad explains. Kennedy and Harry that's it.

"Kennedy and Harry?" I ask. "Kennedy is fine."

"No she isn't. Your aunt just sent her back because she's had her there for almost 3 years." Dad explains. Kennedy still is fine, she is just being a teenager.

"She seems okay to me." I shrug.

"She isn't though. Kennedy, because of you, is hanging out with Harry." Dad crosses his arms. His standards are too high. Mum and dad graduated 1st in there high school, and 1st in college and university. They were perfect. Studied during the weekends. Their parents were rich so they had vacation homes. They were just picture perfect.

"Whatever." I look away from him.

"So, the doctor says it may be too late to check your, lady area for Harry's, um, liquids." He says awkwardly.

"Ok, you wouldn't fine anything anyways." I say dryly.

"Doll listen, I know you like Harry, but he's a bad guy, a guy who has a criminal record, and with your help we can put him in prison." Dad smiles at those words. I really can't stand him right now. Mark and Michael are the lucky ones.

"What are you saying." I slightly look at him.

"We need you to testify against Harry." He smiles.

"I'm going to check on him." I slowly get out of bed and make my way towards the door.

"No." Dad says. "If you go and see him you are not the daughter I thought you were." He says angrily. I open the door and walk through it. It was easy, I don't care what dad thinks anymore.

"Excuse me, where is Harry Styles' room?" I ask the nurse at the nurse station.

"Make a right at the end of the hall, the first door you see." She points near the water fountain. I make my way to his room. When I open Kennedy is asleep in the chair next to him, Harry is laying there looking at the wall.

"Hey." I come in. The window is open, a breeze comes through. Then I touch my head, my hair is shorter.

"Clarence?" Kennedy says sleepily. "I'm gonna go." Kennedy forces herself up and leaves the room. I drag the chair to his bed and sit.

"I can't thank you enough for-"

"Shut up." Harry says dryly.

"What?" I look at him. His eyes are black and blue, they can barely open.

"You should leave." He says. Did what my dad say effect him so strongly?

"What? No." I grow angry.

"I think it's best if you leave." He looks at me. I can still see the green in his eyes.

"Well I think it's best if I stay. Harry, what did my dad say?" I ask.

"I don't want to talk about it." He looks away from me and at the wall again.

"Harry you can tell-"

"I don't remember!" Harry snaps.

"God damn it!" I yell. "Once I open myself out to you, you just ignore me!" I stand from the chair prepared to lecture.

"I'm sorry Clarke, it's just-"

"Listen Harry, my dad wants to put you in prison! And he wants my help!" I yell.

"I bet you are. Since your dad's little doll." Harry spits. I hate that. I'm not his doll!

"No, I'm not." I cross my arms.

"I've tried so hard Clarke, so hard, and now I just feel like giving up on you." Harry doesn't look at me.

"I'm sorry, it's just-"

"Get out." He interrupts.

"Harry, I'm sorry, I-"

"Get. Out." He continues to stare at the wall.

"Listen I'm-"

"Get Out!" He yells louder than ever before, the deaf could probably heard him. He doesn't scare me, he would never hurt me.

"Fine." I walk to the door. I turn and see Harry, still staring at that wall. I turn back around, grab his bruised face and plant my lips on his. The best part is, he's kissing me back. My heart is racing, and my head is spinning. My first kiss. His tongue slips into my mouth. He's obviously more experienced than me, I don't know the first thing about using tongue. I pull away and we stare at each other.

"Clarke I-"

"I'll get out now." I back away.

"Clarke I love you." He says. Those words, ugh, those words. I just smile and nod. Then walk out the door.

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