The Bar Owner's Daughter

Clarke Stevenson is the daughter of the owner of the popular bar in London. Ever since she was 16 she would watch a local guy, Harry Styles get drunk and get into bar fights. One night after a violent bar fight Clarke takes care of Harry. They later develop a friendship that know one seems to agree with.


41. Fake

Harry's P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of Dylan and Clarke from upstairs. I walk up to their room and was gonna knock until I realize their conversation is about me.

"I don't want that guy staying here!" I hear Dylan scream. He shouldn't talk to Clarke that way.

"Why not." Clarke says calmly.

"Because, think about all the stuff he's done to you! And yet you show him kindness! He still has you wrapped around this little finger, and you might even fall in love with him again." Dylan says firmly. Clarke won't love me ever again.

"Don't you understand! I don't love him! I hate him!" Clarke screams. She hates me?

My heart starts beating fast and I start to sweat. What am I even doing here? She hates me. I run out of the door and go into the street. She hates me she really hates me. I go to the nearest bar and sit down.

"Would you like anything?" The bartender asks. I blank out for a moment. I went to rehab and all those aa meetings. I've been sober for awhile now. Do I really want to throw that all away.

"Yes." I say. I don't care any more. If anything I'm still wrapped around her finger. She's different.

"What would you like?" She asks.

"Surprise me." I say. I look at the girl for a moment. She has blonde hair and big brown eyes. Shes cute, she's a distraction.

"Here you go." She gives me some drink I don't know of and a piece of paper. I look down and it has her number. I put it in my pocket and gulp down the drink. It's strong, it has unlocked the beast.

"More." I say. And she gives me two more. One by once drink by drink. I've drank to the point I can barely stand.

"I think your good." The girl says.

"What time is it?" I ask in a haze.

"2." She says. I look at her for awhile till I grab her and kiss her.

"When's your next break." I whisper in her ear.

"Now." She says.

"Let's go back to your place." I say.

"Let's go."


I wake up and my head is pounding. I feel nauseous and disgusting. I look out the window and it's raining and dark out. Then I look on the bed and there's the girl naked next to me. I then look at myself and I'm also naked. Ohhh that's what happened. I get up and put my pants on.

"Where are you going?" The girl yawns.

"I'm leaving." I say as I put my shirt on.

"You gonna go get that girl you love?" She asks. How does she know about Clarke.

"Don't know." I say.

"Well go get her!" She says.

"I'm sorry what's your name?" I ask.

"Quinn." She smiles.

"Nice to meet you Quinn, I'm Harry goodbye." I say and walk out the door.

I go on the street and start walking in the direction of Clarke's flat. Wait what am I doing I can't go there. I keep walking anyways. Part of me wants her to come out and see me. The other part wants to just walk by without anyone noticing. I walk by and the hangover starts to kick in. My head just hurts like hell. I stop for a moment and hold my head.

"Harry?" Clarke says. Fuck now I know what part of me wanted it more. I didn't want her to see me.

"What." I say. She looks at me for a moment.

"You've been drinking." She crossed her arms.

"Yeah." I say.

"God damn it Harry, you gotta stop that." Clarke says.

"Why do you even care!" I yell.

"We're friends remember." Clarke says. What the fuck she hates me.

"No, you hate me remember." I say annoyed.

"What do you- oh, you heard that." Clarke's eyes go wide.

"Yeah I did, and I don't understand you're so nice and then you go off to your little boyfriend and-"

Clarke stops me mid sentence and kisses me. I look at her for moment. God damn she's confusing.

"Why did you just do that, I thought you hated me." I ask. I don't blame her for hating me.

"How could I hate you? When I never stopped loving you." Clarke says.

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