The Bar Owner's Daughter

Clarke Stevenson is the daughter of the owner of the popular bar in London. Ever since she was 16 she would watch a local guy, Harry Styles get drunk and get into bar fights. One night after a violent bar fight Clarke takes care of Harry. They later develop a friendship that know one seems to agree with.


20. Drip Drop

Harry's P.O.V

I'm hanging out in my flat while Gemma is showering. She has a meeting today. Then I get a text from Kennedy.

*okay so the whole plan didn't work, it wasn't much of a plan. What if I come with you guys!*

*okay, tell her that.*

*okay Harold ;)*

I feel like such a teenage girl, planing things like that. I'm the girl and Clarke is the guy. What the fuck, I'm usually not like this, I feels like such a pussy. I've never wanted a girl this bad, except Ali, but I don't fucking care about her any more.

"Gemma, I'm going for a walk!" I scream.

"Okay!" she screams back.

Clarke's P.O.V

"Oh sister!" Kennedy sings while I'm in our room studying.

"Yeah?" I say back.

"So Harry and I are going out around the inner city of London, so since we're all friends here, you should come." She says cheerfully. What have they planned now.

"No." I go back on my laptop.

"What do you mean 'no' Clarence, you have to come!" Kennedy begs.

"No." I say again.

"Clarence I am giving you no choice! You are coming or else!" She stomps her foot.

"No." I say once again. Kennedy closes my laptop and puts it on one of the highest shelves on my bookshelf knowing I can't reach it.

"Kennedy!" I yell.

"You will get it after you come out with me and Harry!" She smiles.

"Fine." I groan.

"Good, now take a shower!" She claps her hands together.

Harry's P.O.V

I've been walking for awhile. I end up at the bar. It's been 2 hours since Kennedy told me about the whole going out. Then I get a call from Kennedy.

"Hello." I say.

"Hey! So I'm out right now, can you check on Clarke, I've tried texting her and calling her, but she didn't answer. I'm not sure if she is just, going to bale. Check her room then check the shower! Don't worry about the shower we have something that cover naked people! Yeah, thanks bye!" Kennedy hangs up.

I walk into the bar and go straight to her room. She's not there, then I go into the bathroom and she's not there either. Clarke did bale didn't she. Then is realize, there's not a shower in the public bathrooms. I open the door I've never been in. The shower is going and music is blaring. I lower the music still holding the door open.

"Clarke." I say. No answer. "Clarke!" I scream. Still no answer. "Clarke!" I yell firmly. "Clarke it's Harry." I say. "Clarke!" I yell again. Then I realize, oh fuck.

I leap to the shower pushing the shower curtain away. There she is, head facing the shower head, hair stuck in the drain, bathtub is slowly filling. She's more pale, naked and her eyes are rolled back. I instantly take her out of the shower ripping a good amount of her red hair. I sit against the wall with her in my lap. I support her head and knees with my arm. Clarke is different right now, fragile, vulnerable, and helpless. What am I supposed to do!

"Stay with me Clarke." Tears start running down my face. Then I notice a giant gash in her head, it's gushing blood, probably from the fall. I do what my minds says. I lay her down and take off my shirt then hold her again. Legs on my lap, one hand supporting her head the other holding my shirt to the wound. "Help!" I yell while my cheeks are warm with tears.

"What in God's name!" Clarke's dad comes in. He looks angry, more than angers, he looks like he's going to murder me.

"Mr. Stevenson I can-"

"Shut the fuck up!" He comes over and roughly picks Clarke up, then throws my bloody white shirt at me. I get up and walk back in the bar. Clarke is laying on a booth while David is talking with the hospital. I walk towards Clarke. "You stay exactly where you are!" David yells.

Clarke, she's naked, pale, cold, bleeding, and helpless. How can I leave her, she need to feel the warmth of another person. She can't be left alone. I ignore David's commands and walk over to her. I sit beside her and move the hair out of her face. What happened.

"Hey get away from her!" Davies hangs up the phone.

"I was just-"

David grabs my neck and slams me against the wall. Great more injuries. I fall to the floor and he takes me and throws me to the floor, one after the other until I hear him panting. The paramedics are here, I see the sirens.

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