The Bar Owner's Daughter

Clarke Stevenson is the daughter of the owner of the popular bar in London. Ever since she was 16 she would watch a local guy, Harry Styles get drunk and get into bar fights. One night after a violent bar fight Clarke takes care of Harry. They later develop a friendship that know one seems to agree with.


36. After Harry Left: part 1

Clarke's P.O.V

*2 1/2 years ago*

"You better stay in there or I'll beat you again!" Dad yells and slams the door. He wasn't talking to me. He was yelling at Kennedy. Kennedy starts crying. Zayn comes out of the alley door and sits next to her.

"It's okay, he's an asshole." He hold her in his arms. I look up to prevent tears rolling down my face. Harry. Is all that comes to mind. The way he would always comfort me. Ugh, I hate him. My phone starts to flash and I answer.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hello, this is Dylan Anderson from Penguin Random House. I'm calling to discuss about your book, Aligned Stars." He says all professionally.


"It's a great book, and I would love to edit and publish it." He's says.

"I would love to get it published!" I scream into the phone.

"Okay, meet me at the Penguin Random House Publishing Center in New York and we'll discuss the plans, let's say about 1:30 tomorrow." He says. Tomorrow what the fuck. I live in the fucking UK.

"Why not in 3 days?" I ask.

"Why, where do you live?" He asks.

"England." I say.

"I'm sorry, I thought you lived in New York." He apologizes.

"It's okay." I say.

"Okay then, in 4 days at 2:30." He says and hangs up. Rude.

"What was that about?" Zayn asks while still holding Kennedy.

"I'm getting my book published." I set my phone down on the bedside table.

"The one about Harry?" Kennedy sniffs.

"Yeah." I say.

"Congrats." Zayn smiles.

.........2 days later..........

Kennedy's P.O.V

Clarence is on the way to the air port so she can go to New York. She left early so dad wouldn't see her. Smart girl. I lay in bed with Zayn still sleeping.

"Who the fuck is that!?" Dad barges in the room. He walks over to Zayn and I.

"Dad no, it's not what you think." I scramble out of bed. My quick uneasy motions slowly wake Zayn up.

"Huh?" Is all that comes out of his mouth.

"What is with you and your sister and tattooed boys!" Dad yells and looks over at Clarence's bed. "Where is she?"

"America." I say.

"You bitch." Dad slaps me across the face which is still a bit sore from 2 days ago. Zayn jumps out of bed and tackles dad.

"You asshole!" Zayn yells while strangling dad. "I've heard you mistreat your daughters for too long!" He yells.

"Ken- hel- p." He reaches his hand out. I stand their with my arms crossed. Dad eventually throws Zayn off of him. "I know who you are."

"Yeah I'm the guy that kicked your ass when you were mistreating your doll." Zayn stands up.

"I'm calling the police." Dad picks up the phone and starts to dial.

"Really what are you gonna say? Please arrest this man who was defending my daughter from me beating her?" Zayn mocks.

Dad then slaps Zayn with his phone. Zayn falls and hold his cheek. He then gets up and pins dad to the floor. Zayn punches, left and right and left and right. Almost seconds later the police arrive. I forgot they live right by here.

"Arrest that man!" Dad points to Zayn. The police grab Zayn and he just goes with it. "He's a dangerous man, him and his family, they are Muslims!" He yells.

Holy shit he went too far. Zayn then jumps out of the polices reach and attacks dad again. Except even more harsher. Zayn grabs dad's head and slams it against Clarence's book shelves. Dad's head oozes with blood.

"Get off of him!" The police demand. Zayn continues. He slams dad against the bookshelves several times. Then Zayn falls to the floor and the police hand cuff him.

"What happened to him? Did he pass out?" I ask worried about Zayn.

"Don't worry your dad is gonna be alright." The police women smiles at me.

"No I'm talking about him." I point to Zayn who is waking up from a trans of some sort.

"We tazed him." She says.


"Don't worry, we'll make this Muslim and his family pay for what he did to your dad." The police guy assures.

"No!" I scream. "Stop calling him that like its a bad thing!" I yell louder than ever. The paramedics pick up dad and carry him out on a gurney.

"Whatever little girl." The police laugh.

"Kennedy." Zayn wakes up.

"Zayn, what do I do!" I say.

"I don't know, just tell Perrie what happened." He says as the police drag him out into the bar and into the police car.

(I'll be doing chapters about what happened after Harry left. It will be short so don't worry.)

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