Umm What?*(Magcon)


1. INtro

Hi. I am Vanessa. I'm 13. I have brown hair that goes to my butt.I have sparkly green eyes. I live in California by my self because my family were in the car together while I was at my friends Kalin and Myles helping them record a song. And they crashed. i don't like to talk about it.I live with my best friends Matt Stork,Amber Emerald, and Jake Gaht. Amber and Matt are dating.We are all 13 and the same happened to their parents. We met in an alley way when and old man tried to take me. And we beat him up real bad.We want a new start,so we all saved up about 10,000 each, to move to North Carolina. I know 10,000 seems like a lot but we got it from our family. VANESSA GET YOUR FAT BUT DOWN HERE!!!!!! Amber yelled at me. COMING!!!  I yelled back. We had to go to the airport. I dragged my giant suitcase down the stairs. I knew I was gonna miss this place. But I also knew I needed a new beginning.When I got down the stairs I had tears in my eyes. Amber came up and hugged me.Boo it will be okay. We have 30,000 dollars saved up, just for anew house. You will be plenty comfortable in the new house. she said. And, she said in a whisper because Matt was next to her, There will be some hot boys... That got me excited. I dropped my suitcase. and bolted out the door,  knowing Jake, he will bring it out for me. I put my headphones in my ear and put on the song "If you cant hang" by the time we got out of the taxi went through security and were on the plane. I was out like a light. But my dreams were just flashbacks of my hell life at my old school

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