Out of my limit

Elizabeth Clifford has a rough life. If your thinking about bullys then you got the wrong idea, cause she takes online classes. So her trouble comes with her older brother Michael and his band mates.


12. READ

yeah! read! please! having a contest.... if you can tell me what makes 5SOS special to you. I will give you mine for an example. don't copy because I will know haha. oh yeah if you win you get to be a main character in story. if you win kik me destinycrats. name, age, and everything you want in the story. what do you think should happen or what do you want your characters name to be.

5SOS isn't just a band to me. when I sit in the car and one of their songs come on, I smile and embarrass myself. I stick up for them. if anyone tries to tell me their ugly, then your just plain blind. their gay? you should meet them before you make false accusations. they are the reason millions of girls are still alive. they are the reason I want to marry an aussie. they give me hope that their are people out there that care about when their fans are sad, or they are just hilarious. or that when I hear ashton Irwin laugh, I laugh, I smile, no matter what my mood.

so there! ok yea follow me on insta. you want my insta or snapchat??? kik me! its above!!! I hope you read this. if you didn't, I hope you get hit by a frying pan. hehe no I don't. I luv u guys! well FAN! LIKE! FAV! READ MY OTHER STORIES! WIN THE CONTEST! but mostly fall in love.

(jk love is fake. unless your in love with bands. such as the fray, 1D <3, 5SOS, or even other crap. have a magical day.

haha (Madisonred8 needs people to read her stories because if you don't, she will get hit by a bus!)

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