Out of my limit

Elizabeth Clifford has a rough life. If your thinking about bullys then you got the wrong idea, cause she takes online classes. So her trouble comes with her older brother Michael and his band mates.


10. chapter 10

Luke's P.O.V

I woke up and looked at my clock. It was 1:23 in the afternoon.

I sighed and threw my legs over the side of the bed a stood up.

My phone buzzed as I was grabbing a towel and some clothes.

It was from Michael.

M= Michael L= Luke

M: hey what are you doing around 7-8?

L: idk why

M: well some people that Daisy knows are throwing a party. Wanna go?

L: sure who's coming?

M: me, you, Calum, Ashton, Daisy, and Liz.

L: ok cool I will be at your house at 8 and you can lead the way with your car.

M: ok see you later.

L: bye.

I grabbed my stuff again and I went into the bathroom.

I took my clothes off and turned the shower on. I stuck my hand in until the temperature was where I wanted it.

Then I stepped in and sighed. The hot water against my bare skin felt good. I got the shampoo and massaged it through my hair.

I washed my body and then I got out. I dried myself off and then got dressed. I figured I could spend the day with Ashton or Calum. We don't get to hang out that much anymore.

I called Ashton.

A: hey Luke.

L: hey what are you doing today before the party?

A: nothing why?

L: wanna hang out?

A: sure.

L: ok I will see if Calum wants to hang out too.

A: ok bye.

I hung up and called Calum.

L: hey.

C: hi.

L: wanna hang out with me and Ashton before the party?

C: sure why not.

L: ok come by soon.

C: I will be there in 15 minutes.

L: ok bye.

I hung up and texted Ash to be here in about 15-20 minutes.

Until then I just made a sandwich and waited until they got here. Finally I heard a knock and opened it. It was Calum and Ashton.

"Hey guys." I greeted them.

"Hi." They said.

I let them in and immediately Calum ran to the couch and turned on FIFA.

I laughed. "It's a shame you don't like FIFA Ashton."

He shrugged.

"You probably would loose all the time anyway because your a loser." I made fun of him while making a L sign with my fingers and putting it on my forehead.

He smiled "Luke don't push yourself down because of it. It's not your fault you are a loser and need to call other people names because your ashamed.

I laughed "what ever you little fuck."

I looked over because I heard sounds like a hyena. It was Calum. He fell off of the couch. It caused me and Ashton to burst out in laughter.

"What ever. Who wants to order a pizza?" Calum said.

We all agreed and we called a pizza place. About 20 minutes later we heard a knock.

I opened it and it was a girl. She smiled "your Luke Hemmings."

I nodded "do I know you?"

She shook her head "I watch your videos on youtube. Your an amazing singer. Your hot too."

I smiled "thanks. Do you have a favorite in the group?"

She nodded "Ashton. I have a thing for drummers. Hot ones at that."

Just then Ashton came over "I heard my name."

I laughed "yes this is......"

She said "Zoee. My names Zoee."

I nodded "well Zoee thinks your hot."

He smiled "well Zoee your not to bad yourself."

She started to blush. "Well you crazy kids have fun. Ash give her your number. And while your at it pay for the pizza." I winked at him while grabbing the pizza.

I set it on the table in the living room. Calum asked me "what was that about?"

I smiled "someone that watches our videos. Ashton probably has a new girlfriend."

Calum smiled "it's funny. Michael's girlfriend is a fan and Ashton's soon to be girlfriend most likely is a fan."

I laughed "Liz will be my fan when we have some fun soon."

Calum laughed "don't count on it. She lost her virginity to her ex. I don't think she's had sex since then. It's been about 1 year."

I shrugged "now we invite your girlfriend with us!" *evil laughs.*

Calum laughed "your an idiot. I did already. She's out of town. Why do you think I'm hanging out with you losers?"

I smiled "well I have a girlfriend I could be with but I chose to spend my day with you fat asses."

Ashton walked back in smiling. "I have a date with Zoee tonight."

I frowned "what about the party?"

Ash laughed "that's the date. I'm bringing her dip shit."

Calum laughed.

We all dug in the pizza. When we were done we went outside to the pool. We were all still in our clothes.

I tried to push Calum in but ashton blocked it.

"Thanks ash." Calum said.

Ashton replied "your welcome. Now what do we do with this weirdo."

Calum laughed "I have an idea."

They both came after me. I ran inside and ran into my room. I locked the door. About 2 minutes later my door was shaking from being pounded on.

"Little pig little pig let me in." Calum said.

I laughed "not on the hairs of my chinny chin chin."

I finally let them in and they attacked me. Calum screamed "doggy pile!" Then they both jumped on top of me.

They left to go get ready about hours 4 after that. I got ready too. I changed my clothes into a black button up, black skinny jeans, and a pair of Ked's.

I got in my car and grove to Michael and Liz's house. I stepped out and walked in. I saw Liz standing near a mirror in the living room applying lipstick. Wow she looked hot.


Hello people. A lot of people don't read this fan fic idk why but I think you guys should tell your friends about the app. If they already have it do me a favor and tell them to check out my fanfics! If they like 5sos great them this fan fic and Unexpected are PERFECT! If they like 1D then they can go read overrated. If they like both awesome they can read all 3. Also I think in chapter 11 I will put a sex scene. I'm not gonna change the rating to red because this will only happen about once or twice. Plus if you look at our worlds generation of 13 year olds and up! Well there ya go. Same with my story overrated. It will have sex scenes but if I decide to make them all the time. I will change the rating. No one probably read this anyway because no one cares about what I have to say. Ok what ever bye. And chapter 2-10 was mostly me writing. I'm not gonna tell you guys my name. -love1235

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