Out of my limit

Elizabeth Clifford has a rough life. If your thinking about bullys then you got the wrong idea, cause she takes online classes. So her trouble comes with her older brother Michael and his band mates.


1. chapter 1

Liz's P.O.V

"Michael, if you and your little friends want to convince their mums to drop out of school for this band you better start sounding good!" I scream at my older brother while him and his friends were making another one of their cover videos for youtube.

"Shut up Elizabeth! Your just mad that you don't have your friends over all of the time like I do." He yells back trying to impress his mates.

"Yeah, well at least when my friends do come over we do something productive." I say while he sets down his guitar and runs after me. Thank god our mum wasn't home. Otherwise we would be in so much trouble.

It seemed like forever until he finally grabbed my arm and pulled me in his arms. He picked me up and carried me like a baby and grabbed a blanket on the way back down to all of his lads in the living room.

"Hey everybody," he stated into the camera they were filming with. I then began to struggle to get out of his tight grip. "I think it's time for you all to meet my baby sister," he continued while pulling the blanket over my face to reveal it to the camera. I quickly grab the blanket and pull it over my face again.

"She's a bit shy today is all." Calum says. I kick him cause he was closest to my feet. "Awe, you know you love me." He puts a smirk on his face and I stick my tongue out so only he could see.

'It's time to make a move and break free' I think to myself. So in a matter of minutes I rip the blanket off of myself and pinch Michael so he would move at least one arm. When he does I run up to my room and lock the door.

After a while of me being locked in my room I heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I ask.

"It's Luke." He answers

"Okay, hold on a second." I say while I walk over and unlock the door to let him in. I open the door and he stood there for a second until I move my hand as to say 'come in'.

"Hey Lukey! How's my best bud?" I asked as he walked in.

"Oh nothing I just wanted to see how my favorite person was doing, is all." He said but I knew that something was wrong by his expression.

"Tell me what's wrong." I pushed him down to sit on my bed while I sat on the floor.

"Well I'll only tell you if you promise that you'll be my girlfriend." He said coming down on the floor with me and grabbing my hand.

"I told you Luke I'm not ready for that," I paused and remembered what happened the first time I told him that.

~Flashback 3 years ago~

"Honey, Michael is going on this date at the movies." My mum said to me.

"So what's the big deal? Everybody goes on dates once in a while." I said to her wondering why she was so worried about this date and not any of the other dates he went on before.

"Well you see Liz, Michael keeps secrets and he won't tell me if they kissed or not. So that's where you come in,"

"No,no I'm not spying on Michael!" I interrupted.

"I'll pay for the ticket." She said plainly.

"Then you got a deal." I said as she handed me the money and I went in my room to text Luke.

LH: Luke LZ: Liz

LZ: hey Lukey can you come to the movies to night with me?

LH: sure what movie

LZ: idk I'm supposed to be spying on Michael on his date but if you tell him I'm going to kill you

LH: okay I won't, so what time are we going

LZ: just start walking to my house now and I'll text you when he leaves

LH: okay I'm outside right now

LZ: alright I'll text you when he's leaving

LH: okie dokie

About a 15 minutes later Michael left to go to the cinema. I asked Luke where he was and I picked him up when I found the street he was on.

"Hey." I said when Luke got in.

"Hey, so how are we supposed to know what movie he's seeing?" He asked while he was buckling his seat belt.

"Oh my god, why didn't you think of this before he left the house I could've asked him!" I yelled. Luke then started to hush me and put his phone on speaker.

"Hey what's up?" You could here the car radio on in the back round while Michael talked.

"Nothing, I just wanted to know if you could hang out?" Luke asked him.

"Actually I can't today, I'm going to the movies." Michael replied.

"Oh cool what are you going to see?"

"Bridesmaids, I have to go we are here." He said

"Ok bye" then Luke hung up.

We waited in the car until they got inside. We slowly went through the door making sure they didn't see us. "They bought their tickets, let's go get ours." Luke said. "ok." I replied buying the tickets. We walked in and sat in the back making sure we could see them.

Suddenly Luke leaned over and kissed me. I don't know what I was doing and I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. Our tongues danced. The only thing you could hear was the movie playing in the background because my whole world stopped.

There's a colonial woman on the wing. THERES SOMETHING THERE NOT TELLING US.

I could hear Michael laughing and I accidentally let out a moan. Next thing I know Luke pulled away. I looked up and Michael was standing there. The only people in the theatre were me, Luke, Michael, and Sam. Michael punched Luke in the face. I screamed at him then pushed him. I looked at Sam and said "dating Michael was a huge mistake." I helped Luke out and brought him to my car. I started crying and said "I can't date you I'm sorry. I don't want you to get hurt." I drove him home. The band struggled a little until Michael finally forgave Luke.

Ever since then Michael doesn't like when me and Luke are in the room alone together.

~end of flashback~

Just then Calum walked in and luke let go of my hand. "Michael sent me to check on you guys." I got mad and ran out of the room and screamed at Michael. "I don't need a babysitter!" He yelled back. Just just as I was about to walk out of the door crying he grabbed my arm and hugged me. He said "I'm sorry." I said "I'm sorry too. But I still think your videos are stupid." I laughed and he picked me up and threw me on the living room couch.

Luke and Ashton know how ticklish I am so they ran over to me and started tickling me. I was laughing a lot. "Haha Luke, Ashton stop." I managed to say while laughing. Then I looked up into Luke's eyes and I got butterflies. Why was this happening. It had to be the tickling making my stomach feel like this. I managed to push them away and run but Luke caught up to me an picked me up bridal style. He handed me to Michael and he set me down when we heard a knock on the door. I opened it, it was Michaels girlfriend Sam. They have been dating for 3 years. "Michael Sam is here!" I called to him. I don't like her. Julia is my best friend so I texted her.

To Julia: the bitch is here SOS

From Julia: lol no way

To Julia: Calum is here

From Julia: be there in 5

Then I turned my head and Luke was practically touching my face. I screamed. "Omg Luke you scared the hell out of me." I said. He laughed and said "so Julia likes Calum?" I lied "pshhhh no what." He smirked and said "I won't tell." Oh no, the butterflies were back. I was sure I was gonna kiss him until the door swung open.

Julia's p.o.v

"Hey." I said. I could tell that Luke and Liz had just had a moment. "Let's go to your room" I said. We went. "OH MY FUCKING GOSH! YOU TOTALLY LIKE HIM! I said. She started blushing and said "no I don't." I started cheering "Liz had a crush, Liz has a crush." Then Michael walked in.

Michael's p.o.v

"Liz has a crush on who." I said. Julia looked afraid. "Uhh........um, Ansel Elgort. I laughed and said "isn't that the persons who played Augustus Waters in The Fault In Our Stars. Liz looked shocked "well duh." I walked out and they followed me. I noticed that Calum and Julia were staring at each other. I thought about setting them up.


Thanks for reading. I coauthored a little with madisonred8 she's my bestfriend and she's a good author. Go read her story lost. And check out my other story Unexpected. Thanks beautiful people.

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