Caitlyn (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

It was too bright, I couldn’t open my eyes. Or better, the light was too bright. It meant, I wasn’t dead. Again. - Caitlyn Harris


5. Chapter 5

Niall’s P.O.V.

I called Caitlyn several times, but she didn’t answer. I wondered why. Even if I knew that she was in my house, I started to worry. But as I walked in her room, I saw her sitting on the bed and looking at her phone with disbelief. She was pale and she shivered. I quickly ran to her and took her in my arms. She cried.

I didn’t really know what to do. It seemed like she would never stop.

Once she calmed down a little, I took the advantage of it and asked her what happened. I felt like maybe this was the right moment for her to tell me everything, but she just gave me her phone and hugged me even tighter.

I hugged her back, understanding she needed someone, and I was the only person she had.

I took the phone behind her back so I could take a look on it at the same time. Then my eyes widened open.


You can run, but you can’t hide.

But this wasn’t everything. As attachment, there was a photo of her, sitting on a bed covered with a bedspread with rose’s pattern.

And this picture wasn’t taken from far.

I quickly looked through the window, but nobody was there. And it scared the shit of me. He could be everywhere.

“Please don’t cry Caitlyn. I’m never gonna let anybody hurt you.” I whispered in her ear. “And by the way, I’m sleeping her with you tonight. If you don’t want me in your bed, I can sleep on the floor.”

I heard her giggle.

“You can sleep with me Niall.” She laughed. “And thank you, thank you for everything.”

“You’re welcome.” I replied. “But now, I have to take a look around the house and make sure every door is close. You’re not safe here; I’ll call Paul tomorrow and ask where we can move for a while. Just don’t get out of this room; I don’t want anything bad for you to happen.”

She nodded her head in agreement.

If I have to be honest, I didn’t want to leave her at all. Even if I was in a room next to hers, I always felt like something would happen. But I wasn’t scared without reason. Come on, she just got a photo of her taken a few seconds before it was sent.

I didn’t want to insult her father, but seriously, he was a psycho.

I left her room and went at first to the back door. Locked. Then to the front door. But I didn’t even need to check that one. It was wide open.


“Caitlyn!” I shouted, my voice shivering. I was afraid as hell.

“Ni-” She was cut off.

I ran to her room, but she wasn’t there anymore. The window was wide open.

Suddenly I felt something wet on the floor.

As I saw what I stood in, tears filled my eyes.

Puddle of blood with a hand of hair taken off.

Caitlyn’s hair.

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