Caitlyn (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

It was too bright, I couldn’t open my eyes. Or better, the light was too bright. It meant, I wasn’t dead. Again. - Caitlyn Harris


18. Chapter 18

“Wake up princess.” I felt a kiss on my nose. It was Niall. “You have a guest.”

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Niall bowing to me.

“Wait, what?” I asked confused, taking into account the fact that I had no friends or family.

“Get ready, he’s waiting.” He smiled and left the room closing the door behind him. I quickly stood up, grabbed the first T-Shirt I found in the closet and a pair of jeans and put it on. Then I brushed my teeth, put my hair into a messy bun and put on my shoes.

I opened the door looking for Niall but soon realized it was useless. The house was subdued and dreary, as if it was left a long time ago. I went downstairs. As I entered the living room, it was all empty. Not only because nobody was there, but everything… disappeared. I stood there staring motionlessly in the emptiness until I heard a laugh. A familiar man’s laugh.

“It’s not possible.” I whispered to myself.

“Caitlyn, come here!” A woman with a familiar voice to me shouted laughing from outside.

I turned around but didn’t see anybody. Everything around me started getting different. Things I’ve never seen were appearing and disappearing. It got darker and clearer within seconds. I looked out of the window. Houses became empty fields as if they were destroyed in the way they were built. There was something wrong about it all. But there were two more things that disturbed me. First of all, it was the weather, above all the sun. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, though it went in the opposite direction, as well as the seasons. I thought I was becoming crazy. Spring, winter, autumn, summer. Spring, winter, autumn, summer. Spring, winter, autumn, summer. But the second one was the mirror that always stayed on its place. Or rather, the person I saw in the mirror. I looked down at my hands and again at the reflection. A reflection of a thirteen years old girl who looked exactly like I did at this age. I approached to it slowly and carefully, my right hand reaching out. I lightly touched it with my index finger and took a step back as it broke into pieces which immediately fell on the floor. Suddenly I heard a terrifying loud crash. I opened the front door and saw a collided car and another one some meters away, lying upside down.

It was my mother’s car.

I ran outside and saw an ambulance coming. I wanted to go through to see my mother, I was dead sure she was inside. Though the policemen wouldn’t let me. I tried to escape them, yelled, and cried, all this for nothing. I soon gave up and saw a couple of men opening the driver’s door and gently pull out a body. My eyes started watering. But what I saw afterwards changed everything.

In the other car which crashed into my mother’s sat my father. He grinned to me and started laughing. His evil laugh became louder and louder as if we were in the same room. I wasn’t wrong feeling someone’s presence behind me and rapidly turned around.

“Welcome to Nightmare. For real.”

I almost shouted as I abruptly woke up sitting down, eyes wide open.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered hiding my face in my hands for a moment as I lied back down.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Niall said with his deep voice kissing my forehead and cuddling to me. “I’ll always be there to protect you no matter what happens, even if you have a bad dream.”

I squeezed him tight in response as some tears escaped my eyes. I was speechless and there were no words to describe how grateful I was. But I felt bad about the fact that I neither let him fall asleep, nor sleep the whole night.

Niall’s P.O.V.

I woke up in the middle of the night as I felt something wet on my skin. My chest hair was like Narnia, I mean, you really could get lost in it, though it let the humidity through. I gently raised my head looking down on Caitlyn and saw her crying as her eyes moved under her eyelids. She was dreaming, or rather having a nightmare. I wanted to wake her up but didn’t; everybody say a dreaming person shouldn’t be woken up.

I’ve been watching her like this for a short while until she abruptly sat down, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered lying back down.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” I said kissing her forehead and cuddling to her. “I’ll always be there to protect you no matter what happens, even if you have a bad dream.”

Without answering she squeezed me tight until I could barely breath, so I kind of took it as a ‘Thank you.’ or ‘I love you.’, whatever she wanted it to be.


As I woke up the next morning Caitlyn was still asleep on my chest. Her mouth was lightly open and her hair hid her face in majority. I gently pulled it back behind her ear and smiled to myself at the thought of being the luckiest guy ever to have her. Even in the sleepy state she would take every guy’s breath, so beautiful she was. And I won’t stop repeating it until she won’t agree with me.

I looked at the alarm clock next to my bed. 9.29. I wondered how long Caitlyn usually slept. I didn’t want to wake her up; I knew she felt worn out. Plus she looked more than adorable and cute together, I could stare at her for ages. After some time I noticed her waking up as she wrinkled her nose lightly lifting her head and rubbed her eyes, slowly opening them.

“Good Morning beautiful.” I said kissing the top of her head.

“Good Morning.” She smiled, softly kissing my lips as she looked up at me and cuddled again. “How long have you been watching me like this?”

“Well…” I looked at the alarm clock again. “Could’ve been a half an hour?”

“I guess it was very interesting.” She giggled ironically.

“Oh yes, it was.” I laughed. “And I really enjoyed that.”

Suddenly a weird noise interrupted our laughs. We both looked at each other with scared looks. It sounded like a drill perforating a wall or a growling dog. But I was pretty sure I knew that one, as well as I knew that neither my stomach nor I in myself liked it; it gave me a strange feeling. Thinking for a while I wondered what it could be, though nothing came into my mind. When all of sudden it hit me.

“I’m hungry.” I said laying my left hand on my stomach.

“Me too.” Caitlyn leaned on her elbows next to me and looked around. “Nice room!” She said after sitting down.

“Nice bra.” I replied chuckling, not being able to hold it; she had a white, a bit oversized T-Shirt and a red bra, which somehow fit perfectly together.

“Shut up.” She punched me jokingly. “Derby… Derby… Derby… Oh! Liverpool!”

“Fan?” I smiled furtively.

“Yeah.” She added her eyes still everywhere, putting a wisp of her messy hair behind her ear.

“Shall we go and get some breakfast?” I asked going my hand through my hair and wiped the sleep of my eyes.

“Yeah, I’m starving.” Caitlyn almost stood up but soon sat back down. “Can I just borrow something ‘cause I only have…” She slow-motioned her speech, grasping her T-Shirt.

“Of course.” I stretched and reached out my hand in the direction of the closet. “Take whatever you like.”

“Thank you.” She answered. “Close your eyes, and DON’T cheat.”

I already grinned from ear to ear knowing exactly that I wasn’t going to obey. I covered my face with my hands and felt Caitlyn stand up. As soon as I heard her open the closet door I slowly separated my middle and ring fingers and threw a glance at Caitlyn, or rather the miraculous beauties of nature that God let me see.

“This hoodie is so comf- NIALL!” She half-shouted (still with a smile on her face) as she turned around and threw the first thing she grabbed AT ME, what turned to be one of my sweatshirts, hiding her legs with my sweatpants. I immediately took it off of my face and tried to suppress my laugh, what I obviously didn’t manage.

“What?” I shook my head and put my hair in order. “Alright.” I accentuated the ‘right’ and rolled my eyes before I turned my back on Caitlyn. “Can I turn round?” I soon said not standing the patience anymore and made a puppy face as I turned back again to get one of my T-Shirts on my face. “I’ll take that as a no.”

“Let me go and get my hair band and I’ll be ready.” Caitlyn smiled opening the door.

“Okay, I’ll join you in the kitchen don’t wait for me.”

“It’s on the ground floor, isn’t it?”

“Yep.” I popped the ‘p’ and stood up. “See ya then!”

“Yeah.” She said and went out quietly closing the door behind her.

Caitlyn’s P.O.V.

I entered my room searching for my hair band and as I found it on the chest of drawers I took it and went out to the corridor, closing the door behind me. Putting my hair into a messy bun I went downstairs. As I arrived to the living room which was connected with the kitchen Zayn and Louis were making toasts and Liam and Harry frying bacon and eggs.

“Good Morning!” Louis yelled as soon as he noticed me. “How was it?”

“Good Morning!” I immediately replied to all the ‘Good Morning’s. “How was what?” I asked confused what made everybody laugh. “What?”

“You must have been VERY VERY tired to sleep that long.” He made a very serious, though still joking face. “I just hope you used a co-.”

“Perverts.” I cut him off and rolled my eyes, leaning on the wall.

“Actually we didn’t.” I heard Niall say from behind as he put his arms around my waist and laid his chin on my left shoulder. “There weren’t any, so if you could go and get some pregnancy tests…” He giggled and we all laughed.

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