Caitlyn (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

It was too bright, I couldn’t open my eyes. Or better, the light was too bright. It meant, I wasn’t dead. Again. - Caitlyn Harris


14. Chapter 14

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

"Ahhh!" I sighed loudly as I got into Niall's car.

"What's wrong?" I think I really scared him with it, because his eyes widened open.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just so happy to be able to bend my leg!" I smiled.

"Oh, okay." He laughed what I did as well.

I loved his laugh.

"You will speak to Harry, won't you?" I asked quietly, breaking the silence.

"Actually," He started. "As well as I know him, he won't do it first. It's not like I'm still so angry at him, but... I don't know." He sighed. "What he said was..."

"Hurting." I finished the sentence.

"Do you realize that you can read my mind?" He looked at me confused.

I just laughed.

The journey wasn't long; soon we were at Niall's.

As I unfastened my belt, Niall got off the car and ran over to open my door.

"None of my arms are broken Niall." I joked.

"Neither mine. That's why I'm doing it." He gave me a huge, cheerful smile.

I nodded my head and stood up.

"Thank you." I said.

"You're welcome." He replied.

As we reached the door, Niall opened it and gave me a sign to go inside.

"You're too kind," I began. "I don't deserve it."

"Of course you do! Now come with me, I'm hungry." He said entering the kitchen.

Typical Niall.

"What do you want to eat?" He asked opening the fridge.

"Anything." I responded.

"Let's make pancakes!" He yelled turning around. "Do you like pancakes?!"

"Of course I like pancakes! Who doesn't?!" I yelled back.

We both burst into laughs.

Niall took out some eggs, milk, flour and a bowl.

"So!" He started. "We will ne-" I cut him off, throwing a hand of flour on his face.

"I'm so sorry I had to do this!" I laughed.

"Oh yeah?" Niall grinned, what made my smile turn into a serious, terrified face. "Well, I hope you like eggs!"

"Don't you dare thro-" I was cut off by a flying egg which landed on my boob.

Yes, my boob.

I looked down to see the liquid flowing down my stomach.

Then I looked at Niall who was practically crying his eyes off from laugh, almost falling.

"I-I-I" He stuttered gasping for air. "I hit your boob!"

Even though the situation was a little bit, well, weird, I laughed as well. But I so used the occasion and threw another egg on him AND some flour afterwards; now it was even more disgusting.

So yeah, he almost had pancakes on his head.



We needed milk.

"No Niall, please, not that. I'm having fun!" I said as he looked up with a puppy dog face, what was cute as hell.

I couldn't stop staring at his wonderful, crystal blue eyes.

They looked way more beautiful as at the pictures.

"Just kidding!" He yelled giggling, throwing a cake God knows where from on my face.

"Who's having a food fight without me?" Liam rushed inside like Leroy in Best Song Ever.

And that's when it began.

Zayn and Louis ran inside and we started throwing all sorts of food at each other, what was really fun.

With the corner of my eye I saw Harry sitting on the couch of the living room. I haven't noticed him before though; it made me really sad to see him like this.

As everyone noticed that I wasn't playing with them anymore, they also stopped and looked at me, then at Harry who immediately stood up and went away. I quickly turned around to the boys and then back again, following Harry.

"Harry, wait!" I said running after him; I was just a few steps behind him.

"Leave me alone." He snapped.

"But Ha-"

"I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" He yelled cutting me off as he turned around and pushed the empty, thin, glass vase, that used to stand on a small table in the hall, back, which hit me in the stomach, broke and fell on the ground, shattering even more. He didn't notice where the vase landed, but he must have heard that loud noise of breaking glass.

Though he didn't turn around.

I carefully leaned on the wall, arms around my waist.

Tears started filling my eyes. Harry went to a room shutting the door behind him, leaving me in pain.

Just like my father.

But I couldn't accuse him for it; as I said, he didn't notice where the vase landed. It's just that all the bad memories of him came back through my mind.

I thought that maybe, maybe I could forget about him for a while.

But no.

"Caitlyn!" Niall shouted running towards me.

I quickly wiped my tears off and turned around.

"Caitlyn you're alright?" He looked at me as I looked down avoiding the eye contact and nodded my head.

"Did he hurt you?" Niall panicked.

I bit my lip holding tears back and nodded my head no.

"Caitlyn." He said softly with his Irish accent, lifting my chin gently with his index finger.

I looked up at him. His eyes were filled with tears as well.

"Please don't cry." He whispered in my ear hugging me, what made the pain even worse.

My T-Shirt was getting wet because of the blood.

"What's so... Caitlyn you- you're bleeding." He said releasing the grip.

He looked at my stomach as I turned my head away, hiding my face behind my hair.

"Niall I'm fine." I replied.

"No you're not." He looked at me seriously.

"I'll be alri-"

"Caitlyn." He cut me off.

"Niall please just let me clean this I'll be okay, I promise." I said looking at him.

"You're bleeding Caitlyn you're fucking not alright because of that son of a bitch!" He shouted at the end, going straight to the room Harry was in.

"Niall, please! No!" I tried to stop him by holding his arm but he was too strong for me; he just pulled away.

Fortunately Zayn and Liam stopped him before he could even go inside. He tried to escape them but soon gave up.

I never saw Niall like this. I mean this over-protective side of him. It was something between anger, sadness and terror.

"Come on." Louis gave me a sad smile grabbing my waist.

Apparently he knew that the situation was under control.

I went upstairs with Louis. This was the part of their house that I still haven't seen before. It was amazing. Everything was so perfect, clean.

Not like in mine.

"Do you want me to carry you?" He asked after a few steps.

I guess he noticed that I was in pain.

"No, I'm fine. Thank you." I lied. I didn't want to tire him. Plus I was too heavy for someone to lift me up; I still don't know how Niall did it.

As Louis arrived to the first floor, I was still some steps behind. He went back and grabbed my waist again but this time also lifting my legs.

"I can't see you suffer by every step anymore." He said going up the stairs with me in his arms.

"Thank you." I whispered in his chest, however being sure he heard me.

Soon we were on the third floor. This house was MUCH bigger than the one I used to live in.

"Here is the bathroom," Louis said letting me stand on the floor and pointed at the door which was in front of us. "If you need something, just call me. I'll be somewhere close."

"Thank you very much." I gave him a said smile.

I was incredibly grateful for everything they've done for me.

I went inside the bathroom and closed the door behind me, making sure it was locked.

I took my shoes off. They were small, just like I was. Niall was about a head taller than me.

I looked down at my T-Shirt. Some marks of blood were already dry, though some other not.

I took it off. I could see some small pieces of glass on my stomach, which were actually in my skin. They must have been got through the T-Shirt.

Of course I had to take them out.

And of course I knew it would hurt.

I sighed and closed my eyes picking one of them.

"Ough." I groaned as it went out.

I think it was a bit too loud because I could soon hear footsteps.

"Is everything alright?" I heard Louis say through the door.

"Y-Yeah, sure. Thanks for asking." I replied.

I should be more careful the next time. They already worry too much about me.

I did the same with the other pieces, my skin was burning now.

I dried it patiently with some paper until it would barely bleed and took the rest of my clothes off, then looked at myself in the mirror, holding my stomach.

Fat stomach.

I don't remember when I last saw me like this; I didn't have a big mirror at home.

He once broke it.

My body was horrible, full of cuts and bruises. Plus all the grease.


I should definitely eat less.

I got into the shower and let some hot water flow down my body. I bit my lip as it touched the cut skin. I just didn't feel like crying, even though I was alone.

I looked around, searching a shampoo and found one which smelt like coco. I didn't care if it was for men or so; I just needed to wash my hair after being in hospital. I took a little bit of it and spread it on the top of my head. I had to relax and forget about everything for a moment. Afterwards I also washed my body with some peach soap and dried it after getting out of the shower, using the towel which lied folded on a small shelf and wrapped it around my body at the end. Fortunately I wasn't bleeding anymore, other ways it would get dirty.

Oh no.

I knew I forgot something.

"Louis?" I called him and immediately heard him coming.

"Yes, dear?" He answered.

"I think I left my bag next to the door as we came in, could you please bring it here and leave it in front the door?" I asked politely.

"Sure, give me a second." He replied.

I heard him jog down the stairs and soon up.

"Here you are!" He said putting the bag down behind the door.

"Thank you, Louis." I answered smiling, even if I knew that he didn't see it.

I opened it and looked for something to wear. It was quite warm, so I decided to wear a "CRAZY MOFOS" T-Shirt and a pair of black jeans.

I laughed to myself. I was pretty sure Niall would like my top.

I put them and my white Vans on, packed my dirty clothes and looked back to make sure I haven't forgot anything.

As I opened the door and turned off the light Louis came out from a room next to the bathroom.

"I prepared you another room, since you'll live here now. It's just right there, next to Niall's. You have your own bathroom inside. Here on the left side are mine, Zayn's, Harry's and Liam's rooms. And a small kitchen at the end of the hall. You know, Niall gets hungry in the middle of the night so we thought it would be smart to have a small one next to his room. The other big one is on the ground floor next to the living room. On the second floor are such things like a library, a small game center and a big room with all of our instruments. Oh, and we also have a swimming pool in the garden." He smiled explaining me everything. "Feel like at home."

"I-I" I stood there mouth open not knowing what to say. "Thank you."

"Everything for you." Louis laughed at my weird face slowly turning around to go downstairs.

"Louis?" I called him quietly.

"Yeah?" He turned back facing me.

"Sorry again, but where's my room?" I asked giggling.

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