Caitlyn (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

It was too bright, I couldn’t open my eyes. Or better, the light was too bright. It meant, I wasn’t dead. Again. - Caitlyn Harris


12. Chapter 12

(Still Harry's P.O.V.)

"See you found something." The police officer said.

"Oh, ehm, yeah." I replied.

"Looks like it's fresh." She sighed, taking the piece of clothes from me, observing it.

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud cry.

"NI-!" She was cut off.

Niall immediately raised his head, eyes wide open.

"Right there." A policeman said, pointing at some trees. That's where the noise came from.

Niall stood up and followed the officers running, so did the other lads and I.

Niall's P.O.V.

Through my sobs I could hear Harry and the policewoman talking with each other.

Until a loud cry interrupted everything.

"NI-!" A familiar female voice shouted.

I raised my head, eyes wide open.


"Right there." I heard a policeman say.

The officers started running in the direction where the noise came from. I stood up and followed them, so did the lads.

It was getting darker and darker with every minute passing, but we still managed to see if someone or something was on our way.


"Forget him, he doesn't care about you!" A man shouted. I was pretty sure it was Caitlyn's father.

With every word he pronounced, more and more tears fell down my cheeks. Fortunately, we were getting closer.

"He does care about me, and he's gonna save me!" Caitlyn replied.


"Nobody is gonna find you, traces of blood finish far away from here! Oh, maybe yet. Once you'll be dead." He laughed devil.


"I'm not sure about it." The policewoman said as she arrived there.

I came a few seconds after the officers, who as I noticed, held guns.

Thanks God.

"I said hands up!" She yelled.

Caitlyn's father put his hands up; apparently he didn't have a gun.

Otherways, I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to use it.

"Don't worry bitch, we'll meet again soon. I'll find you, and then I'm gonna kill you." He laughed, still keeping the devil grin on his face.

The two policemen handcuffed him quickly and I ran over to Caitlyn as fast as I could. She was sitting, leaning on a tree.

The first thing I noticed was the "HELP" written from right to left on her left arm, which wasn't in bandage anymore. She must have copied it on the missing part of her shirt.

Then the second thing, all the horrible bruises and cuts on her face, arms and the left leg. The right one was still in plaster.

I quickly but carefully lifted her up. She was light as a feather.

"We must bring her to the hospital; she's losing a lot of blood!" I shouted, jogging through the wood to my car.

"This man is going to the office with us; I'll inform one of you as soon I'll know something." Said the policewoman who was following me.

"I didn't even turn around; I knew that I had to hurry.

Liam opened the back door for me and I got inside with Caitlyn in my arms.

I let her seat on my lap, because if she laid down she would suffer even more.

Louis drove, Liam sitting next to him. Zayn and Harry went with the police car to the office.

"Niall." She coughed out, leaning her head on my chest.

"I'm here Cait, I'm never gonna leave you again I promise." I said, a tear falling down my cheek.

"I can't breathe." She whispered.

"Hurry Louis!" I whisper-shouted.

"I'm doing my best." He replied.

Even if the hospital wasn't far away, the trip seemed an eternity to me; my heart was beating crazy. But as soon as we arrived, Liam opened the back door again and I got off the car, running inside the building. I felt hundreds of eyes staring at me, but I didn't care.

"Please someone help us!" I shouted.

In an amount of seconds two doctors and a nurse came with a stretcher. I laid Caitlyn down on it and the doctors ran with her through the hall.

I followed them, but as I wanted to enter the room they were caring her to, a nurse stopped me.

"I'm sorry young men but you'll have to wait here."

I sighed and sat down on a chair, so did Liam and Louis.

"She's gonna be fine." Louis put his hand on my shoulder giving me a sad smile.

"I hope." I replied, staring at the floor.

Caitlyn's P.O.V.


"Forget him, he doesn't care about you!" He shouted at me.

My cheek burned, I couldn't hold my tears anymore.

"He does care about me, and he's gonna save me!" I replied.

Niall made me believe that he really cares about me and I knew that he wouldn't leave me.


"Nobody is gonna find you, traces of blood finish far away from here! Oh, maybe yet. Once you'll be dead." He laughed devil.


"I'm not sure about it." A female voice said.

Then I saw Niall running to me. His eyes were filled with tears.

He lifted me op and started jogging.

I felt weak. I did my best to keep my eyes open, but it wasn't easy at all.

I heard Niall speaking with the same woman but didn't really understand what was going on. In a couple of minutes I was sitting on Niall's lap in a car.

"Niall." I coughed out.

"I'm here Cait, I'm never gonna leave you again I promise." He said.

"I can't breathe." I whispered.

"Hurry Louis!" Niall whisper-shouted.

"I'm doing my best." Louis replied.

We weren't driving for a long time because in a few minutes I felt Niall lift me up again and as we got off the car, a cold breeze went through my back. But then again a warm one.

I wasn't sure where we were, but the weird smell was kind of familiar.

Oh, yeah. The smell of the hospital.

"Please someone help us!" Niall shouted.

Soon I heard some footsteps. Then Niall laid me down, I think on a stretcher or something, because afterwards it moved like if some people carried me on it, running.

Nurses and doctors were walking around, talking.

My eyes were closed. I didn't feel like opening them.

Voices went through my head, but I wasn't able to understand a word, as if it was another language.

It annoyed me.

It was too much. Too much noise, it made me dizzy.


I still couldn't breathe normally and started getting in panic. The beeping of the monitor seemed louder and louder, I thought my head would explode.

Until I felt a cold mask on my mouth, and the last thing that I remembered since then was that I blacked out, which brought me in a long, deep sleep.

Niall's P.O.V

I stamped with my led nervously. I had the feeling to seat there for ages.

I haven't got any information from a doctor. I wanted to go in and see her, but they wouldn't let me.

Suddenly I felt my phone buzzing. I took it out from the pocket and saw Zayn's ID.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Good news, he's going to jail." Zayn said.

"Thanks God, Caitlyn will be safe now." I replied.

"Yeah, by the way how is she?"

"Well, actually they don't let me in." I started nervously. "I just hope she is fine."

"Oh. Well, I'll be there soon."

"Yeah..." I whispered to myself, hanging up.

"Who was that?" Liam asked.

"Oh, just Zayn." I replied. "Caitlyn's father is going to jail."

He nodded, giving me a sad smile.

Harry's P.O.V.

Zayn and I followed the officers to their car.

Unfortunately there wasn't much space so, well, I had to seat on Zayn's lap what was weird.

The woman drove, a policeman sitting next to her and another behind him. I (and Zayn) had to seat in the middle next to Caitlyn's father and a policeman. Zayn had his arms around my hips so I wouldn't fall.

You can't imagine how much I felt like a girl.

He wouldn't stop looking at me the whole time as if he wanted to kill me.

"Zayn," I whispered. "I'm scared. He looks at me all the time. Zayyyn."

He just nodded his head.

I looked back at him.

He smiled devil, so I just faked a smile and turned around.

When we arrived to the office after more or less a half an hour, the officers took him to a room and I had to wait with Zayn outside.

After a couple of minutes the woman came out.

"Steve Harris, forty-five years old is going to jail. We'll tell you as soon as we'll know for how long." She smiled.

I smiled back.

"I'm gonna call Niall and tell him about it." Zayn said

He chose Niall's number.

"Hello?" I heard Niall answer.

"Good news, he's going to jail." Zayn said.

"Thanks God, Caitlyn will be safe now." Niall replied.

"Yeah, by the way how is she?"

"Well, actually they don't let me in." Niall started nervously. "I just hope she is fine."

"Oh. Well, we'll be there soon."

"Yeah..." Niall whispered to himself, hanging up.

Niall's P.O.V.

I heard a door opening and immediately turned around to see a nurse leaving the room Caitlyn was in.

I stood up.

"Are you here for Mrs. Harris?" She asked.

"Yes." I said and heard Liam and Louis stand up.

"I'm sorry gentlemen but only one of you can come in." She reacted.

I turned around to Liam and Louis who nodded their heads and gave me a sign to go. I thanked them nodding and followed the nurse.

"She has many bruises on her face, arms and the left leg." She said as we entered the room. "The right one is in plaster, which we'll take off in three days. (I know, I know that when something is in plaster it takes much more time to heal but seriously, it would ruin the whole story xD) On her left arm is a deep cut, which is in bandage now an it's healing. She has oxygen mask on. As she came to the hospital, she was very confused and stressed and so she had some difficulties with breathing. She blacked out and since then she's in a deep sleep, but everything is alright now. I'll leave you alone with her; you can stay here for the night if you wish. If something happens, just call one of us." She smiled and left the room together with two doctors and another nurse.

I sat on a chair next to Caitlyn's bed.

Why did she have to suffer as much?

If I could, I would take all the pain from her and give it to me. She didn't deserve it.

I took my phone and texted Louis.

Caitlyn is sleeping now, I'm gonna stay by her side. You can guys go home or meet at mines and stay there for the night, you have the keys. I'll tell you everything tomorrow, I need a nap.


Soon I got an answer.

Ok, we'll call Zayn and tell him and Harry to meet at yours; I'll ask them more stuff about Caitlyn's father, we'll just stay with each other and exchange informations.

I hope Caitlyn's getting better and that I will be allowed to see her tomorrow.

See you,


I locked my phone and looked at the clock which was in front of Caitlyn's bed.


I was dead tired.

Now that Caitlyn was safe next to me, I can sleep in peace.

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