little mix aka my girlfriends

just a 'brief' explanation on how much i love these girls


1. why i love them so much..

these girls mean everything to me and when i say that, i literally mean EVERYTHING. They are the most inspirational girls ever. They are all bloody gorgeous and their personality's are just amazing. Little me, Towers, Pretends its OK, these four walls, change your life, turn your face e.c.t, songs like these are so inspiring for people. Especially for young teenagers girls who can relate to the lyrics. Then you get most of the girls' songs like we are who we are, stereo soldier, wings and  DNA that are positive and dead catchy. They are also in sight of the media 24/7, and when the all have/had (sorry gals!!) boyfriends, that would be even more complicated for them because paps would be making up rumors about them all. Not only do the girls look absolutely gorgeous with their natural beauty and their personality's, they all have their own sense of style which is really attractive. They are actually SO inspirational and everything they have done for me and other people is just outstanding, visiting countries that are less devolved than ours, you can say that is PRETTY amazing considering their busy schedule. I just can't get over how inspirational they are. They state 'I'm never gonna look like a beauty queen'... look where that has got them;)


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