little mix aka my girlfriends

just a 'brief' explanation on how much i love these girls


2. What makes me angry..

There is nothing worse than your favorite celebrity getting slated by people who haven't even listened to them or who know their actually personality. It irritates me SO much when people give grief to the girls for no apparently reason. Perrie put a instagram video on last week of her cat Benji and this girl had commented saying 'F*CK YOU PERRIE AND JESY IS SO FAT'. I ended up having a full on argument with the girl who commented saying that and I was the one who got blocked when i hardly even put anything. It annoys me so much that people judge the girls for no reason, if they haven't listened to them or seen what their personality are like, they have NO right to judge them. If they have then fair enough but they can't judge someone by their appearance. I find it incredible when the girls don't take anything negative to heart and don't care what people think about them. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons why i love them so much with all my heart. No matter ho people react about them, they never seem to let anyone make them down abut themselves! And that just proves it in their songs. It also gets on my nerves when the media has to get involved about EVERYTHING! They got involved when jade had an apparent 'mystery man' when it was actually one of their dancers! Like, seriously??!! Also, when they where broadcasting when Jade and Jesy had split up with their boyfriends, to be honest, i don't think they have any right to be critical and comment on any body's life as long as its full on true and they have been given permission by the celebrity to do so... simplesss!!

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