Our Years

*Winner of the Worlds Best 1D Fanfiction Writer* They say your soulmate will always find you. But what they didn't say is that they will find you, then they will go, mess with your heart, and repeat the whole process over and over again. But will the heartbreak and pain be too much for Emma to handle, as the mysterious Harry Styles dances his way into and out of her life?
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7. School Years- 6

As any end of an era does, ours ended with a bang. A bang of flour bombs, water balloons, and a whole lot of other things. In fear of losing the recommendation letter I needed for university, I for one, didn't participate in the shenanigans. Sarah did. She rubbed Vaseline on the handles of all the doors. I assumed she decided to be all wild, to show Harry how carefree she could be. In polar opposite to me. See, I hadn't seen Harry since seeing him briefly on video call, and nor had I gone searching for him. Nor had he gone searching for me, as a matter of fact. Honestly, the romantic piece of me had been hoping he'd come round my house in the rain, with millions of roses and millions of fervent kisses. Instead, I guessed he'd found it easier to just come onto Sarah. Sure hadn't seen her around either. Then again, I hadn't gone searching for her either, or Jess. For the last week of school, after exams had finished, it had been just me and Lacey.

That last week almost made up for the time and effort lost between us. It was just a bit of a shame, really, that we were heading in such different directions. Lacey was doing nursing at the local one, Bridgefords, and I was doing journalism in a whole different country. I could have gone for the easier option and applied for Bridgefords, but I wanted a whole new experience, to meet new people...or, if I'm being truthful here, I didn't want to run the risk of running into Harry. He seemed laidback enough not to go to too much effort in choosing. Effort has never never his forte. I could guess that he'd even borrowed one of his Dad's suits for prom.

Oh yes, we had prom. The gloriously awkward event, where girls smother themselves in fake tan and sparkles, and guys try and get a grope from them. I had already been to one a couple of years back, so I knew exactly what would go down. There was one thing I could change, though. Last prom, I'd worn the definition of glitter: a silver number that held onto my figure for dear life, that attracted way too much attention. So obviously, I decided to go for the opposite this time around. Namely, a simple Grecian red dress. It didn't cling everywhere, it just softly highlighted a couple of little features. Something Lacey taught me was that less is always more. And looking at the pair of us in the mirror, me in my red dress, her in her bronze mermaid dress, I could understand the saying completely. 

"I wonder if anybody else has taken the Lacey approach," I wondered out loud. We both look at each other's reflections, and grinned. 

With a giggle, she replied, "I don't think so. It'll be exactly the same as last time, I'm sure."

And unfortunately, we were right. If the girls weren't dowsed in diamanté, they were sashaying around in dresses that could've easily been used as tops. It was like we had walked into a club, which I suppose everyone had hoped it'd be like, seeing as only a couple of us were old enough to actually get into a real one. Stupidly, it was an open bar, and because we were under 'adult supervision' (aka, the teachers sitting at the back, on their phones and drinking), I wasn't surprised at the outcome of the equation.

The heat hit me like a hurricane. A mixture of body heat, sweat and the lusty breathing from the boys. Beautiful. Lacey and I exchanged wrinkled nosed glances. It sure was going to be a fun night. The only perk of the open bar was that it served juice, so we headed in that direction. Sadly, the only spare stools were right next to Jess and Sarah. But even though I desperately wanted to avoid Harry for the night, that wasn't the case with those two. 

I planted myself right next to Sarah. To try and grab her attention without directly speaking to her, I confidently ordered two orange and mango J20's. It worked. 

She swung her legs so she faced me directly, and arched her eyebrow. "Hey. What's going on with you?" Was that in general, or about Harry, or...?

"Well I just ordered me and Lacey some J20's." I smiled weakly. "You?"

"Just great. Been singling and mingling," she smirked. Realising her mistake, as in suggesting she'd been with Harry, Sarah cleared her throat. "Look, Em, I haven't hung out with Harry since. You know." 

I took that as an apology. "Okay," I nodded. When the waiter plonked the drinks down on the table, I raised my glass to her and Jess. All four of us chinked our glasses together. I thought to myself how the fragile material represented our friendship. But then I thought the heat was weirdly getting to my head, so I took a sweet glug of juice. 
I don't know if it was the shot of ice that did it, or the humidity, but I nearly fell over, off my stool. Lacey grabbed my waist, Sarah my wrist. "I'm going to take a walk outside," I shakily gasped. 

Despite being painfully dizzy, I just about managed to walk outside, past the smokers, towards the promenade. Once I reached it, I sat down on one of the flower bed edges, and soaked in the air. It was beautiful and warm, the perfect Summer's evening. It seemed like such a waste to have the prom inside. Sure, people could get as frisky as they wanted inside, but if that's why people turned up to the prom, they may as well have stayed at home. At least then they could've had some privacy.

Although I was fairly certain Sarah was aiming to be one of the steamy people inside, I was sure that Jess and Lacey would appreciate the coolness. After brushing myself down and clicking my heels, I headed for the entrance. Black spots started to fill my eyes, every step I took. By time I actually reached the entrance, I could only see some guy's black bowtie, as the rest of my vision was basically gone. Holding my arms out, hoping whoever it was would catch me, I lost complete control of myself. 

I don't know exactly how long it took, but eventually the light in my vision resurfaced. There wasn't a crowd of medics or anything around me, but only a shadowed figure sitting on the ledge on a chair below me. Then I realised I was lying on a long table. I laughed. "Snow White, much?"

"Not that you'll let me be your Prince Charming, huh, love?" Then I saw who had saved me.

My toes curled. I couldn't tell if that was out of disgust...or need. "Not like you'll try to be, Harry." I sat up, breathing a sigh of relief as I didn't feel a drop of sickness.

He perched himself right next to where I'd been laying. "But I want to be. And you know that I could be, and I know that you don't like getting shut out, but please." His hand latched into mine. I couldn't muster the fury to pull away. But before I could even think of an answer, he took our joint hands and pulled me up. "Can I have this dance?"

It could have been the fact he caught me when I fell. It could have been the romantic atmosphere of the rich-leaved outdoors. It could have been the way his hand shook beneath mine. But I let him take my waist, and I allowed my arms to drape around the nape of his neck. And with every step we took together, our movements became more fluid, and we grasped each other tighter. 

Once Harry got the hang of his footsteps, his green eyes gently skimmed my face. I bit the corner of my lip, unsure where to look. I settle on his lips. Should I want to kiss him? Does he want me to kiss him? These questions raced through my thoughts. When I forced myself to meet his eyes, to melt in them, I had my answer.

Our eyes never looked away from each other as I gently twisted a strand of his hair around my finger. He mimicked my movement, letting one finger brush my hair, and another scrape down my jaw. Our breathing started to move in unison, as he licked his lips subtly, giving them just the delectable amount of moisture. My hips pressed against the top of his thighs. His hands briefly dipped to my lower back. That was enough for me to press my head against his chest, to breath in his sweet, lemony scent. 

And before I knew it, he'd lifted my chin, and brushed his lips against my own. Our flame, that had been growing between us since he first fed me that chip, ignited into fireworks. Our bodies clung to each other like lungs to do air. I let go of all my senses, and let Harry nurture them.

For about five seconds. 

I had to pull away. So I did. "Harry," I whispered. "We are at crossroads in life. You're going to a different university than I am. I don't want our relationship to be torn apart by long distance."

He kissed my knuckles, and kept his lips close to them even after. I could feel the vibrations of his voice prickle on my skin as he murmured, "But one day?"

"Yes." My hand slid away from his, and quickly joint my other one, behind my back. "You have my word." Feeling both responsible and stupid, I turned away from him. 

Just as I started to walk away, he called after me, "Where's your university?"

'No, Harry, there is no way we could make it work right now,' I thought. Because after all, in a little more than a month, I would be studying in...



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