Our Years

*Winner of the Worlds Best 1D Fanfiction Writer* They say your soulmate will always find you. But what they didn't say is that they will find you, then they will go, mess with your heart, and repeat the whole process over and over again. But will the heartbreak and pain be too much for Emma to handle, as the mysterious Harry Styles dances his way into and out of her life?
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6. School Years- 5

I stayed at home that evening. Suppose it wasn't like I had anywhere else to go. I mean, it's not like I was going to kiss and make up with Sarah and Jess. Or even Harry, as a matter of fact. My pride was still reeling from the embarrassment, the humiliation, of having to witness the three traitors way overdoing the PDA. After setting up Jess with a date, you would have hoped that she would have felt a little bit of gratefulness towards me. But no. H-e-ll no. Instead, she just called up Sarah, to have her steal my date. What a great friend. Ugh. Then Harry...look, it was bad enough Sarah turned up, let alone having him all over her. There was absolutely no need. It wasn't like I was late. Five minutes late, maybe, but not late enough to replace me. Besides, it was because of Jess not showing up where we planned that I was late.


Maybe that was just her plan.


Despite the temptation, I refused myself the privilege of using both my laptop and my phone. Although I really did doubt that any of them had attempted to get in touch with me (too busy flirting?), I didn't want to see for myself that they hadn't. It would be too painful. Not surprising though. No, instead I put on some good old reality TV, where blonde bimbos hurled abuse at each other. It made me giggle. Oh, how I could have been like that. Sure, I wasn't the most dignified when I walked out of the cafe, but it could have been a lot worse.


'Well Em,' I thought to myself, 'At least you've got Lacey.' Or I hoped I did anyway. Such a sweetie. She wouldn't have been part of the conspiracy, right? Then again, I wouldn't have guessed Jess to have come up with something like that either, so what did I know? But still, I had a glimmer of hope, which took me out of my self-pity, so I decided to give her a call. On the home phone, that was.


After just a few rings, Lacey's sweet, throaty voice crackled through the line. "Hey, Emma?"


"Yeah. Hey." I leaned against the wall, twiddling the old-fashioned cord around my fingers. "How'd you figure it was me?"


Suppose I needn't have asked that. "Well," she stuttered, "Jess and Sarah have been trying to talk to you." Hurriedly, she added on, "They told me about that thing at the cafe, and Em, I just want to say how horrible that was of them. Good for you, for giving them the one two."


Despite my misery, I smiled briefly. "Thank you. I just can't believe it, really, I mean..." I didn't tend to talk about my feelings much, to anyone apart from Harry. Was I about to start with Lacey?


"Go on," she encouraged quietly.


"Why him?" I flung myself onto the sofa. "God almighty, she could have any guy she wanted, and the one guy, the one guy that actually 'got' me she had to freaking steal." Tears dared to price at the corners of my eyes. "And the worst part is that...he let her."


Lacey sighed sadly at end of the line. "Oh Em. If we weren't having a meal later this evening, I'd be straight round with some nachos and bad chick-flicks."


Wait, I could've swore it was four pm. Looking at the clock, my mind had deceived me. Eight pm, really? God. Reality TV sure can soak up time. "I'd have liked that."


"Would you like to video call instead?" Lacey offered. "I won't mind if you look like a drowned hamster."


With a chuckle, I replied, "Sure. I'll boot up my laptop and be with you in five. Bye!" She echoed my goodbye, and I headed upstairs, feeling slightly less grim than I had a few minutes ago.


I didn't bother to redo my makeup as the laptop booted up. No, instead I decided to check my phone. At the time, I hadn't given Harry my number (due to not knowing his name), so I didn't expect a text off him. One off Jess at least would have been nice. After all, she was on her phone all the time. Sure enough, there were about 20 texts. 19 from Jess, 1 from Sarah. Figured. All of Jess' were identical ('call me, i can xplane :(( xxxxxx'), which was either from laziness or dumbness. Sarah's simply said: 'Come on, he wasn't for you anyway'.


Shaking my head, I folded my knees under my chin. He had been for me. We hadn't had have a ton in common, but somehow we had just fitted. And now I'd lost him. I mean, who would any guy pick? Sickly Sweet Emma, or Sexy Simpering Sarah? Knowing what most teenage guys have on their mind, I decided the latter. God. Maybe he just thought of me as a friend. Sure, he called me gorgeous and flirted with me on every occasion, but maybe he was just that sort of guy. Telling myself that, it almost reassured me.


Resisting the urge to go on the school IM, in fear of seeing/not seeing a message from Harry, I quickly opened the video call software. The second it loaded up, Laceyheartxxx started a call. My finger hit the enter key, to accept it. We looked like polar opposites on the screen. With her curly brown hair piled into a bun, and her hazel eyes lined with a light brown shimmer, she looked like Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. As for me, well I just looked like Cinderella, after her dress had become smithereens.


"Oh hell," I laughed. "You're looking stunning."


Lacey fiddled with the clasp of her tarnished droplet necklace. "Thanks. It's my parent's anniversary, so we are going out to eat."


I nodded, as if I knew, but I didn't. At that moment, I regretted not spending enough time with her. If I had, I would've known that. "Oh nice! Don't let me make you late!"


"Just making sure you're all set up before I leave," she smiled, a healthy glow forming on her cheeks.


"Yeah, I've got some TV, some calls to make, dinner to probably eat," I babbled. "Not exactly a hot date, but hey, you can never win!"


The video call screen abruptly went black. Lacey's voice started fading, but I managed to make out, "I'm sorry, I had no choice."


Suddenly, a new face popped up on the laptop screen. As fast as I registered it, I hid my face into the pillow. "Oh for crying out loud." Curley.


His face was still as beautifully sculpted as ever. No tears, no red-rims, no nothing. I was another one of his conquests. The smile on his face that I saw, before plunging myself into the pillow, said it all. He didn't care. I didn't have a right to care that he didn't care that I cared. If the laptop screen wouldn't have crashed if I punched it, I would have. I could do the next best thing, though. Briefly lifting my face, I clicked on the 'Mute Camera' button, so I only had to hear his voice. Despite being hidden from him fully how, I still proceeded to again bury my face.


"Emma, please." Harry's voice oozed cool, charisma and charm. God, that time yesterday, my insides would've been gooey melted ice cream.


Instead, my insides froze over. Ice cream back in the freezer. "Please what? Please forget that you were on the verge of doing nasty stuff on the table with one of my friends, when you knew damn well I was coming?"


I could hear the smirk, plastered on his lips, I was sure. "Look, you were late, we were bored, you know I only want you."


"Five minutes late! Because of Jess! And I'm sure you knew that." Tears streamed down my face. No guy had ever, ever made me cry before. I sarcastically applauded him. "Thanks, thanks a lot."


"But you don't understand, she was throwing herself at me and-"


"-You were loving every minute of it! Yeah, tell me something I didn't see." My breathing became heavy. 'Because right now, I'm this close to cutting you off,' I whispered, almost silently.


His deep sigh rung out of the laptop speakers. "It was supposed to be a nice date, I was going to ask you to prom, we were going to kiss on your doorstep..."


I crumpled a bit inside. He'd pictured it too. The perfect date. Barely able to string out together a sentence, I managed to choke, "Yeah." My conscience mentally slapped me. Keep it together, Emma. He's just a flirty boy. A bit louder, I continued, "Yeah, you have fun doing that with Sarah. Because I'm sure as hell not going to. Not anymore." Without bothering to say goodbye, I cut off the call.


It was only when I was blearily starting at the screen, that I noticed his username. 'Harry-is-Stylin'. Under any other circumstance, I would have been grinning over the fact he had inadvertently given away his name. My mouth was instead trembling at the corners, and with a shredded heart, I slammed down the laptop, and hurled the pillow I'd been clutching across the room. The mirror it hit shattered. "Welcome to the broken club."

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