Our Years

*Winner of the Worlds Best 1D Fanfiction Writer* They say your soulmate will always find you. But what they didn't say is that they will find you, then they will go, mess with your heart, and repeat the whole process over and over again. But will the heartbreak and pain be too much for Emma to handle, as the mysterious Harry Styles dances his way into and out of her life?
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18. Fresh Years Part Two- 2

I immediately breathed in the Irish air as soon as Harry and I stepped off the plane. It has such a freshness to it, that England couldn't ever match. It brought a smile to my face. Not only this, but when we went through security checks, all the workers had those Irish eyes, green or blue, and the brilliant accents. Harry kept glancing at me and giggling. Maybe my awe for the beautiful place was just a tad obvious.

It wasn't just Ireland that I was happy about. I was so excited to see Lacey and Niall. It had been absolutely ages since we'd all seen each other in the flesh. I suppose the thing about life is that it gets in the way of what you really want to do. Then again, I didn't mind too much. I mean, life had and still has also given me an amazing business and an amazing boyfriend, so who am I to complain? 

Harry squeezed my hand as we watched the conveyor belt go round and around, as we waited for our suitcase to emerge. Yeah, because we were lazy, we decided to cram both of our stuff into one. "You look like a little excited puppy, Em, it's adorable," he laughed.

I blushed a little bit, before kissing him on the cheek lightly. "Nah, I think you're the adorable one out of the pair of us." Which remains true, to this day.

"You're way off the mark!" Harry exclaimed, planting a deeper kiss onto my lips. "Now that looks like our suitcase." My ridiculous boy had picked out the brightest suitcase in the shop. No sensible plain black for us. No, no, we had the one with garish multicoloured polka-dots. 

A stout male in his thirties sidled up to Harry as he yanked the suitcase, and said loudly, "Oh dear, did your girlfriend make you buy this monstrosity?"

Giggling, I walked over to the pair of them, wrapped my arms around Harry's waist and replied, "I'm afraid he picked it! Makes it easy to spot, so..." I shrugged.

"Ah." The man wrinkled his nose. "Is he gay or something? What straight man wants to walk around with that?"

I eyed him up angrily. The stereotyping of this guy. Sure, being gay is still a tough thing to be in this society. Ryan's told me all about how nasty people can be. It's definitely changed my perspective. "He's not gay, he's just mad." With an eye roll, I continued, "Not that it matters either way." 

Harry did not object to me taking his hand and towing him out of the doors. Once I'd done so, he whistled. "You're so sassy, Emma, I love it."

"I love you," I grinned, ruffling his perfectly-combed hair. He still spends so much time on it in the morning, it's always fun to do that.

"I love you too, but I do not love it when my hair is messy," he pouted, looking in the airport window and vaguely trying to fix his reflection.

Whilst he did that, there was a sound of a honk just opposite us. I turned around, and then beamed happily. "It's Lacey and Niall!" I ran over to them, wheeling the mad suitcase behind me. Harry was hot on my heels. 
Lacey leaned over from the drivers seat and opened the back doors. I noticed something glimmering on one of her fingers. No way. It couldn't be... But it was clearly on her left hand, on that finger. I tried not to give anything away from my voice as I smiled, "Good to see you both!"

"You too!" she squealed, patting my hand as I clambered into the car. Harry quickly followed me, flinging himself into my lap, so his head rested on me and the rest of his body spread along the seats. Because his legs are so long, he had to prop his feet up against the window. 
Niall grinned at us from the rear mirror. "If we get pulled over for that, it's Harry who is going to get arrested!" Lacey looked at Niall as he said this, and I couldn't mistake the look in her eyes. Such love. Sure, I was happy for her, happy for them, but Niall of all people...? It made sense, considering they'd been sharing an apartment, but I was kind of hurt that she hadn't told me. I mean, I'd been in a relationship with Niall for ages, it would've been nice to know.

"Now, just to let you know, we've moved somewhere bigger," Lacey said gently, staring out the window. She seemed to same adoration for Ireland as me. "A little cottage, actually, right back in the countryside."

Another surprise. I immediately thought it'd be a pain for Niall to go busking if he lived somewhere far away from civilisation. Carefully, I phrased what I said next. "Isn't it difficult to catch buses there, Niall? Or have you managed to..." I gasped mockingly. "...learn to drive?"

"You bet I have, darling," he chirped, ducking behind his blonde fringe. My heartbeat leapt at him calling me that. It had been so long, and Harry was so near me, but I couldn't help it. 

Harry shuffled his head, so he could kiss my thigh. I ran my fingers through his hair, to subtly tell him I liked it. "You're so delicious," he murmured. I could only kiss him in response. Any other circumstance and I would've moaned a little, but my best friend and my ex were present.

When we got to the cottage, even Harry sat up. There were flowers in every corner of the front garden, of all different colours and breeds. A little hobbled path let up to the gorgeous cottage, which painted white with a green roof, and had ivy creeping up the front door. I could see why they'd picked it, despite it being away from everyone. It was a perfect romantic haven.

Once we'd filed into the front door, Lacey kicked off her flats and headed towards the kitchen. The house smelled delicious. I could smell a mixture of tomato soup, turkey and gravy. It was a marriage of food. "I hope you're hungry guys, we've got a nice little three course meal coming up," Niall told us, gesturing towards the sofa. The couple slotted into their routines so seamlessly, it was like they were already wedded. Which made me sad, considering Niall and I never quite got to that stage. 

"I wouldn't turn down a three course meal, even if I had just eaten," I replied warmly, trying to distract my thoughts. 

Harry nodded in agreement. "Yeah, think Niall has the same attitude, he's such a foodie. Not that he looks it!" I thought I could detect a little bit of jealousy in his voice, so I squeezed his hand. He rubbed my hand between his. We looked at each other, and I kissed his collarbone softly. 

Niall cleared his throat awkwardly, interrupting the moment. I cringed a bit, feeling bad that I'd forgotten that he was there. "I think everything is set up. Let's go to the dining room."

"The dining room?" I asked, exaggerating my British accent.

"The dining room," he echoed, doing an awful British accent. I met his eyes and we both chuckled. It made me so happy that we could get along in person, even though we already knew we could sort of from Skyping. 

Lacey plopped a cup of coffee in front of me. It was the exact way I like it: sweet and steaming. I thanked her, and carefully eyed up what she was drinking. Just plain old water. This made me furrow my brow. Now it was Lacey who had got me into drinking coffee, so for her not to have a cup with me was just really weird. Then an idea came into my head, which would explain the engagement ring too. Only a certain kind of woman can't drink coffee, as well as a fair few other things. 

She probably saw the expression on my face, as she nudged Niall gently, and quietly told him, "I think we should do it now."

Niall nodded seriously, and stood up from his seat on the table. "I know there's only four of us here, but you two are our closest friends, and I wanted to do this properly." Clearing his throat, he began his speech. "Lacey has been my rock for the past couple of years, and I have learnt to love her in every way I can think of. I'm still looking for more ways. I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to be her fiancé and the dad of her unborn child."

Harry and I sat in shock for a couple of seconds. I'd had my guesses, but to hear it spelled out like that was mad. Two of my best friends were about to start an entirely new life together. It scared me, but I forced myself to forget Niall and mine's past, and raised my teacup. "To the nearly wedded and definitely bedded couple," I grinned. 

"Hear hear!"

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