Our Years

*Winner of the Worlds Best 1D Fanfiction Writer* They say your soulmate will always find you. But what they didn't say is that they will find you, then they will go, mess with your heart, and repeat the whole process over and over again. But will the heartbreak and pain be too much for Emma to handle, as the mysterious Harry Styles dances his way into and out of her life?
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14. Fresh Years Part One- 1

I did the cliché thing and bought a train ticket, with no idea to where I was going. It didn't matter too much to me. I had no obligations to anyone, no one to update on my whereabouts (at that point in time anyway). With my full suitcase and my hollow heart, I curled up with one of my old jumpers and went to sleep, for the first time, on a midnight train. It felt like I was in a romantic film, and then the guy I was violently in love with would meet me when I got off.


But as I've said many times, life is not like the movies. So instead, when I got off at the last stop, and headed towards the adjoining hotel, I ended up staying there for three months. I didn't talk to anyone I was friends with, but instead just ran my planning business from just online instead, living off Tesco Value crackers, peanut butter, tinned fruit and PG Tips. Luckily, my business was sturdy, so I had enough money to keep me going and enough jobs to stop me from thinking. Thinking was too painful.


Thinking was knowing that Harry was gone and Niall and I were not together.


Although I had been tempted to call Niall, just to hear his sweet voice, I figured it would pain him even more than he could have been already. Harry hadn't returned my IM message, but then he hadn't seen it either. Maybe he had decided to disappear off the face of the earth as well. Which maybe, just maybe, meant we were thinking the same things and feeling the same things. So I decided, spur of the moment, to just call him. After all, I barely had anything to lose, as I had already lost most of what I had.

My hands trembled as I dialled the number. It was the same one that Harry had given me back in high school, so I really hoped he hadn't had any reason to change it.

"This number is abroad, and has frozen their contract during this time. If you would like to leave a message, do so after the..." ...I did the beep myself, cursing pretty violently. Abroad? It would've been nice if the freaking automated message had bothered to mention where he was. That would've made life a lot easier.


But this meant I only had one other option. It was a creepy option, considering I'd never spoken to them before, but it was all I had. I logged onto the IM messaging site, and typed in 'Gemma Styles'. I remember the name from the hours and hours Harry and I simultaneously played cards and got to know Then I clicked the chat icon and started to type:




Emma Fitzgerald: Hey, I don't know if you know me, but I'm Harry's ex. Kind of. And it's a pretty long story, but I really need to find him right now, and I was wondering if you could help? Thanks!




Whilst I waited for Gemma to reply, I made myself a cup of tea and a couple of slices of peanut butter on toast. When I'd sat down, I smiled shakily at the screen. One message from Gemma Styles. Thank god she didn't ignore me.




Gemma Styles: yes, I know exactly who you are!!! harry never stopped talking about you after you finished high school :) but why dont you fly over here & ill try and get in touch with him in the meantime???




Of course I agreed. Nothing was tying me to the shabby little hotel I'd stayed cooped up in for far too long. Right away, I logged onto an airline site and booked the first plane I could realistically get onto. That's right, I did not irrationally book the first plane to England. I wasn't that in over my head.


Flying around the little hotel room, I chucked a load of my clothes into the little suitcase, not bothering to roll them, or not even to fold them. I didn't have much with me, but I did finally have a little piece of my heart back. For as I parked up at the airport, raced round the security check points, and finally plonked myself in between an elderly couple, I felt a little bit of hope rise up inside of me.


When I landed down at the airport, I saw a girl with eyes nearly identical to Harry's looking around the crowd, almost nervously. I was pretty touched that she'd gone to the effort to meet me, especially as we hadn't discussed it.


After a few moments of me waving to her frantically, she smiled and jogged over. Gemma wore a green tank top, with some neon yellow shorts and some running shoes. I felt embarrassed about how frumpy I looked in comparison. "Hi!" I grinned.


"Hello!" Once she'd studied my face briefly, her smile grew even wider. "Oh my life, it is so good to finally meet you! You've no idea what you've done to Harry!" I felt my stomach sink a little. I knew exactly what I'd done to Harry, and it was the reason I was standing in front of her at that very moment. "In a good way, of course!"


Relieved, I replied to her, "Well he's had a good effect on me too!" Giggling softly, I whispered, "It's why I'm chasing after him right now, you know."


"I cannot wait to see you both together, I bet you're just too cute," Gemma laughed, acting the perfect teasing older sister. I had a feeling we would become very good friends. Swiftly taking my suitcase and the crook of my arm, as if we'd been best friends forever, she continued, "You're staying with us! Mum's in the car, and she's been dying to meet you almost as much as me!"


I could barely believe how great she was being. I did start to wonder if she knew why I wasn't with Harry right now. "You're too nice, thank you!"


We carried on talking as we made our way down the car park, exchanging funny anecdotes about Harry. She told me all about his cheeky charm as a kid, and I told her about how he'd managed to make me fall for him with a deck of cards and his curly mop of hair. I half expected her to find it awkward to hear me talk about him all dreamily, but it was almost like gossiping with Lacey.


Eventually we pulled up at a standard Kia, and one of the most striking women I've ever seen in my life leaned over the front seat and opened the back two car doors. I'd have guessed her to be around twenty, except that would have been biologically impossible.


She shot me the same energetic grin that Gemma had just a few minutes ago, and started talking in the girl equivalent of Harry's voice. They shared the same huskiness. "Well well well, I finally get to meet Emma Fitzgerald!" I chucked softly to myself as we climbed into the car, shutting the doors as we did so. "I'm Anne, and it's a pleasure to meet you!" Frowning lightly, she added, "It's a shame I won't get to have much time alone with you, as I suppose you'll be jetting off to..."


"Mum!" Gemma explained, eyes wide. "I haven't told her yet!" She turned to me quickly. "Well we were going to tell you earlier, but someone," she glared at Anne, "let the cat out the bag."


I arched an eyebrow casually, although my heart was beating so fast. Harry. I knew it must be to do with Harry. "What are you guys talking about?"


"Harry," Anne started, "is in Spain!"


"And you, lovely Emma..." Gemma grinned at me wildly. I am sure I had the exact same look on my face. "...you are going to catch the first flight there tomorrow!"




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