Kiss me, Kiss me

When Kate's brother Michael joins a band, Kate gets caught up in the middle of things. Ashton is amazing and Kate can see herself havng a future with him, but what will get in the way of this blossoming relationship? Just a quick word of warning there will be smut somewhere in this story so dont read if you get offended by smut :)


5. Whisper In My Ear

Ashton's P.O.V

The only sound in the car is Kate giving me directions to the closest super market. I just can't think of anything to say; should i bring up last night? I suppose she decides before I do.

"Look Ashton about lastnight... You know you can tell me what you're dream was about if you want to get it off your chest, or even if you just need someone to talk to, I'm always here ok?." Kate looks over at me with almost a sad look on her face.

"I know," I glance over at her and smile. "I'm just sorry that..." I trail off. " Well I suppose I'm just embarassed that you had to see me like that. I don't like showing weakness, especially not around people I really like." Shit. Why did I just say that to her. Now she knows how I feel. I look over at her again and she's smiling at me, instead of looking disgusted like I thought she would.

"No it's fine, it was a little bit distressing seeing you so upset but that kiss made all my worries fade away." She looked up me, she seemed embarrassed but it was adorable. I smiled at her and placed my hand on her knee. She moved her hand over mine so our fingers were entwinded.

"Maybe we can do it again sometime?" I asked her with a smile.

"Maybe sometime." She answered with a smile and turned her head to look out the window.

We got home twenty minutes later with four cartons of milk. We walked upto the front door but I stood infront of it before Kate could get in.

"How about now?" I ask her. She looks confused for a few seconds before realising what I was talking about.

"Michael might see us..." She replies, a small giggle escaping her lips as i pout.

"Well that's a risk I think I'm willing to take." I say as I put down the bag full of milk cartons I'm holding. I take a step towards her and snake my arm around her waist, the other moving to her neck pullling her close to me. She moves her arms around my neck and leans forawd, closing the space between us. Her soft lips met mine and it felt so right. At first we were tentative but as we gained confidence, the kiss became so much more passionate. She nibbled on my botton lip -my weakness- which caused me to moan into her mouth. She smiled into the kiss as our tongues danced together, the sweetness of her taste causeing me to wonder if this was really happening. We heard a pan drop from inside the house and an unfimiliar voice mumble a quiet "shit....".

"That's enough for now, big boy." Kate said pulling away from me, picking up the bag and opening the front door. I felt so empty withour her in my arms. I'd never felt anything like this before.

"Oh right you're in my brothers band?" I heard Kate saying from inside.

"Yeah I'm Luke, sorry about your pan.." Luke introduced himself, running a hand through his hair.

"No that's fine haha, dont worry about it." Kate smiled at him, which for some reason unsettled me. Was I jealous? No it couldn't be, I never get jealous. I stepped through the front door and into the kitchen to find Luke and Kate standing together talking, which once again made me uneasy.

"Yeah I'm more into their older stuff but I really listen to anything, Hey Ashton what's up man?" Luke said as he saw me, he walkd over and gave me a bro hug kind of thing which made me feel a little better, it reminded me that he's aclose friend and doesn't mean to make me feel like killing him...

"Hey yeah me and Kate were just out getting some milk and uh, doing some other stuff." I looked over at her and she blushed a deep shade of red, and quickly turned around and started putting away the milk so Luke wouldn't see. She's so damn cute.

"Sweet man, well band practice in 5!" Luke yelled dwon to me as he walked into the garage to set up.



When band practice was over Calum and I walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water to find Kate Sitting on the counter waiting for the kettle to pop.

"Dude you're so sweaty, you bang those drums pretty fucking hard" Calum chuckled to himself and walked back to the garage. Kate hopped off the counter with her coffee finished and walked up to me. She stood on her tip-toes but still had to pull my neck down so her mouth was by my ear.

"From what Cakum says, I wish I was those drums." She growled seductively  in my ear, and with that she walked off. That was probably the hottest thing anyone has every said to me, and judging by the growing bulge in my pants, she had accomplishd what sheset out to...


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