Kiss me, Kiss me

When Kate's brother Michael joins a band, Kate gets caught up in the middle of things. Ashton is amazing and Kate can see herself havng a future with him, but what will get in the way of this blossoming relationship? Just a quick word of warning there will be smut somewhere in this story so dont read if you get offended by smut :)


4. Where To Now

Ashtons P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of bacon. Sweet delicious bacon. I slowly got up off the couch I slept on last night, and walked over to the stairs. I peered down int the kitchen to find the one and only Kate, still wearing her adorable T-shirt and looking as amazing as ever. I decide to go and find my shirt beofre i go down stairs. I walk back down the hall the the mini living room when it all comes flooding back to me: lastnight, my nightmare, Kate comforting me, our lips touching, the most perfect kiss I've ever had.


She must think I'm a complete moron! What soon to be 20 year old has nightmares and screams out for help? She probably only let me kiss her because she felt sorry for me... I can't go down to her now, it's too shameful.

"Hey man I think Kate is cooking something up for us, you should go downstaires and get something. I'll be down in a second but dig in." Michael says, startling me. He's standing in the hall looking at me, waiting for a response.

"Yeh sure, I'll go down now." I say back, giving him a small smile. He was still standing there though, giving me a strange look as if to ask me why I'm then infact not going down. I sigh and get up and head downstairs, Michael going into the bathroom. As I make my way down the stairs Kate starts talking.

"Hey so Mum and Dad left like an hour ago and are going to be gone for the next 5 days which they did tell you but you probably forgot and they said if we need anything to just call Bren or Adri- oh Ashton hey I thought you were Michael sorry." She says as she turns around to find me comng down the stairs. Here eyes move from mine down to my bare chest -shit i forgot to get my shirt!- and lingers there for a second. She bites her lip and then brings her gaze back to my eyes.

"No it's fine." I smile at her and she smiles back. Maybe she forgot about lastnight? She turns around and walks over to a cupboard which is up quite high. She opens it and stands up on her tip-toes trying to reach a bag of coffee. Her shirt is now being pulled up by her arm reaching for the coffee which to my delite reveals her amazingly toned ass, and those same pink lace panties from the night before. I'd be lying if I say I wasn't staring. I waited a few seconds (for obvious reasons) before walking over to the cupboard and reaching up to get the coffee for her. I brought it down for her and we were now standing face to face. The sexual tension in this room right now was enough to drown me, but I didn't mind one bit. She smiled at me and grabbed the coffee.

"Thanks." She said with a wink and walked around me back to the bacon which was currently on the frying pan. A few seconds laer Michael appears in the kitchen, his hair wet.

"Where's the bacon at I'm starving!" He says to Kate as he grabbes some plats and forks.

"Right here," She says holding a pan full of bacon. Michael walks over and trys to grab a piece but his hand is swatted away by Kate.

"Patience Mikey it's right here gosh." She says jokingly. We all sit down and dig into our food which consisted of a lot more than bacon. The table was full of pancake, toast, eggs and like eight different boxes of cereal. I was in Heaven.

After we finished eating Michael declared we were out of milk and was an essential that needed to be replaced as quickly as possible.

'And I mean I would go," Michael says. "but I have no cash or petrol soo...."

"That's fine, I have money I just need someone to drive me." Kate said as she looked over at me almost hopefully?

"I can drive you!" I practically shouted across Australia. Kate let out a small giggle. "I mean yeah, sure I can drive you." I repeated trying to be casual shrugging my shoulders.

"Great ok Michael stay here and clean and we'll go get the ever so needed milk. We'll be back soon!" Kate said. we both went upstaires and got into some actual clothes and then went back downstaires to find Michael cleaning the kitchen. Kate grabbed my hand causing tingles to shoot up my am and down my spine, and pulled me towards the front door. We hopped into my old pickup truck and got strapped in.

"Ok so, where to now?" I looked over at the most perfect girl I'd ever seen waiting for a response.

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