Kiss me, Kiss me

When Kate's brother Michael joins a band, Kate gets caught up in the middle of things. Ashton is amazing and Kate can see herself havng a future with him, but what will get in the way of this blossoming relationship? Just a quick word of warning there will be smut somewhere in this story so dont read if you get offended by smut :)


12. Suprise

“Ashton, come on please just tell me why we’re here.” I groan as Ashton grabs my hand pulling me through the shopping centre he knows I hate. “I told you babe, we’re buying you a dress and I need a suit!” I gleams excitedly as we enter a tux shop.

“I know, but why?” I say as he pulls out a black tux holding it up against himself before pulling it back on the rack.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out later tonight.” He gives me a cheeky grin before pulling out a few more suits, dropping half of them I then have to pick up as he walks over to the dressing room.

An hour later Ash had finally decided on a nice suit, he was sticking to the traditional black with a matching black bowtie. “Finally, holy shit I thought that was never going to end! Can we please go home now?” I sigh as we leave the shop, Ashton’s hand in mine. “What do you mean can we go? We still have to get your dress and I’m starving. Food is a necessity, Kate. After another good hour and a half of looking in dress shops and eating noodles, we had finally gotten what we needed and it was time to go.

“So are you going to tell me where we’re going tonight or just leave me wondering?” I smiled as we arrived back at my place. Well,” Ash said as he leaned over to me in his seat of the car, going in for a kiss. “I think you can wait a few more hours, can’t you?” His lips were nearly touching mine now, but I wasn’t having this. “Oh sure, I can wait so I mean, you can too right?” I gave him sweet smiles as I moved my lips from practically touching his to just out of reach. He groaned as I hopped out of the car, him not far behind.

-    -

Ashton’s P.O.V

It had been two hours since I had told Kate to get ready for what I had planned for tonight. I had gone home and gotten myself ready and was now back at her house anxiously waiting.

“Dude, why are you so bugged out? Tonight’s going to be really special!” Michael assured me. I wasn’t sure though. “What if she doesn’t like it though, like, what if it isn’t her scene?” I asked him. “Trust me, she’s always going on about how she wants to go too these kinds of things.” I have him a doubtful look. “She’s my sister man, I’d know.” He laughs as I agree with him. I heard Kate’s bedroom door open from upstairs and immediately got nervous, for what reason I had no idea. She slowly walked down the hall to the stairs, her dress ruffling beneath her. As she came into view I was literally speechless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look so beautiful in my entire life. She was wearing a black ball gown type dress, which was strapless and went down to the floor. It puffed out slightly at the waist but didn’t look like she was trying to be a princess or something. She was wearing silver heels to math her earrings and the delicate necklace she had on. Her lips were a dark red and she had a nice black smokey eye look going on. Her hair was loosely pulled up in a bun, pieces falling in all the right places around her face. She looked like an angel.

As she continued down the stairs I suddenly found myself lost in all the things I loved about her. The way she blushed when she knew people were staring, the way her eyes glistened when she talked about things she loved, the way her nose crinkled in her sleep, the way she laughed to herself at the most random times, how she never put people down, how she was never ashamed of doing something she thought was right or something she enjoyed, the way sh- “Ash?” She asked, waving a hand in my face. She was now down from the stairs and looking at me with her perfect eyes like I was a small child not doing something quite right. “Kate, wow, you look… you look amazing, so beautiful. I can’t even describe how gorgeous you look right now. I, just, wow.” Was the only thing I managed to get out. Smooth Ash, real smooth.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a smile. “Thank you Ashton, and you look very handsome, really, really handsome.” I bent down to kiss her. Even though she was wearing heels I was still taller than her. Our lips touched and it felt like the first time all over again. Even though I knew Michael was watching I deepened the kiss which was full of passion and love.

We finally pulled away, making our way to the front door. “So, are you ready for your surprise?” I asked her as she linked her arm in mine. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

A/N omg cliffhanger sorry guys haha. If you guys want me to continue with the story please let me know in the comments because I cant be bothered writing if no one enjoys it. Love you guys!

-Kate xxxxx

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