Kiss me, Kiss me

When Kate's brother Michael joins a band, Kate gets caught up in the middle of things. Ashton is amazing and Kate can see herself havng a future with him, but what will get in the way of this blossoming relationship? Just a quick word of warning there will be smut somewhere in this story so dont read if you get offended by smut :)


7. Let Me Explain

Ashton's P.O.V

"What do you mean Michael will kill you?" I sit up away from Kate, looking at her shocked. "Doesn't he think I'm good enough?" I shout. She looks confused, almost hurt.

"No Ash that’s no it, he's jus-" I cut her off, the hurt expression on her face growing even more.

"Then what is it! Was this your plan? Fuck me and then throw me away like I'm nothing, like we're nothing?" Now I was the one with hurt leaking from every part of my body.

"Ashton seriously, just let me explain." She was getting annoyed now. I knew I was being childish but here I was ready to tell this girl I loved her and she's telling me no one can know we ever did anything. How did she want me to react? I got up and put on my cloths, and stormed out of the room. She called out after me but I wasn't listening. She hurt me and I needed time. She made me fall for her just to cut me down. This was all a game to her.

I jogged down Kate's driveway to my car to be stopped by Michael.

"What the fuck man?" He yelled as i tried to push past him. "What's wrong? I'm your best mate Ash you can tell me anything." He said, more quietly this time, the tone in his voice serious. I wish I could tell him I really did, but well, Kate wouldn't want that now would she. And despite how much I wanted to hurt her, to show her how she made me feel, I couldn't bring myself to do it and I never will. She means too much to me.

“Thanks Michael but I really have to go…” I say to him as I walk down to my car. Later that night I got a text from Michael:

“Hey man look I don’t know why you’re upset but how about you come over to mine tomorrow with the rest of the boys for a swim. The house is free and maybe we can try cheering you up?” I smiled as I read this, Michael is such an amazing friend and I have to at least let him try cheer me up, even if he doesn’t know why I’m so upset. I reply back “Just us boys, no one else?” I try to see if Kate will be there without making it obvious. He texts back instantly. “Yeah, Mum and Dad are out and Kate’s going out with a friend. Just the band!” Thank god, no having to see Kate, even though she’s all I ever think about anymore…


Kate’s P.O.V

It’s 9:01am and I can’t stop thinking about yesterday. Why wouldn’t Ashton let me explain myself? This is terrible, he thinks I only wanted sex and now he hates me.. A knock on my door pulls me out of my thoughts.

“Hey are you still going out today? I’ve invited the boys over to try cheer Ash up; he’s all upset for some reasons. I told his it would just be the guys…” He says, still standing at the door.

“Yeah about that Mikey I’m feeling kind of shit today so I don’t think I’m going to go out anymore. But I promise I’ll stay in my room until they leave, you won’t even notice I’m here.” I say trying to sound like I’s sick so he won’t be mad about me staying home. This could be my chance to explain myself to Ashton, so I have to stay.

“That’s fine just try to keep upstairs.” He smiles at me then leaves my room, quietly shutting the door behind him. I grab my phone off my dresser and text Meg, my best friend and tell her I have t cancel our plans due to last minute “family issues”. I feel bad about lying to her but I mean if I can’t even tell my brother about Ash it just doesn’t seem right to tell her.

About an hour later I hear Luke and Calum arrive. Where’s Ashton… What if he doesn’t come and I can’t explain? He’ll never know how I truly feel and I won’t be able to live with myself if he doesn’t. About 5 minutes later I heard a faint knock at the front door.

“There he is! What’s up man?” I heard Calum say, Ashton replied in a low mumble. He really did seem upset… I’ll go down to him later, try getting him alone and explain everything to him.

About two and a half hours later I decided to go down.

“Let’s go for a swim!” Luke shouted excitedly, everyone agreed and headed out to the pool. Calum, Luke and Michael were all in the pool already while Ashton was taking his time getting undressed. Because none of them had their swimmers they decided to just wear their boxers. Ashton first took off his pants, then his shirt. I was standing in the kitchen watching before I got the nerves to go out. He lifted his shirt over his head to reveal his broad back and also… fuck! The scratches I left from yesterday! They were still so red and also extremely hot, I must say. The boys are going to see them without a doubt. Not to mention the hickeys that him and me both have. Actually if I think about it this might make things easier for me…

Ashton turned around, his back to the boys to put his clothes on the table next to the pool.

“Dude what the fuck happened to your back! It looks like you got attacked but a cat or something!” Luke was the first to notice the scratches. I walked out from the kitchen to the pool. Ashton looked confused by Luke’s comment and then he realised what they were talking about. “Fuck…” He muttered under his breath.

“Let me explain,” I say, Ashton spun around and had an angry expression on his face. Everyone else seemed confused.

“You said she wasn’t here Michael!” Ash yelled at Michael, he just shrugged his shoulders. “What do you need to explain..?” Luke asked, still confused. I took in a deep breath.

“Ashton and I have been hooking up, like, a lot. It started the first night we met, and yesterday when everyone was gone… we had sex. And Michael before you say anything it was my idea. But Ash,” I say quietly looking up at him. Surprisingly no one had interrupted yet, but their mouths had all fallen open. “It always meant more to me Ash, I didn’t want to use you and then leave you I’m not like that.” My voice cracked at the end. He was still looking at me, waiting to explain further.

“The only reason I said Michael was going to kill me if he found out was because the last relationship I was in were I liked the person as much as I like you, well he beat me, really badly but I wouldn’t let Michael help me. I pushed away everyone and ever since then Michael has been so protective of me. He’s always weary of the boys I talk to and I didn’t want him to know just yet because you guys are best friends and I didn’t want to come in the way of that…”

The silence was killing me. Why wasn’t he saying anything to me? I’d rather him tell me to fuck off than him not say anything at all.

“So you were-“ He was cut off by Michael. “You fucked my sister?” He said almost calmly, but the tinge of anger was still there.

“I love her man…” Michael smiled at this. Ashton walked over to me, pushing a piece of my blonde hair behind my ears. “It’s true Kate, I love you and I’m not afraid to say it. I mean you hurt me sure but you didn’t mean to and I’m sorry if you don’t want to hear this because you don’t feel the same way or don’t want to admit it but holy shit do I love you.”

This was what I had been waiting for my whole life. Someone to tell me they love me and really mean it. Not after they just hit me or because they feel they have to but because they do.

I smiled and took a step closer to Ashton, pulling his head down to mine.

“I love you too.” I whispered just before our lips met. This was the kiss to beat all kisses. It was so passionate and soft and sweet and kind and perfect. Ashton’s arms moved to my waist as he kissed me. Behind us there were claps and cheers coming from the boys who were still in in pool, making me laugh as Ash still held onto me tight. The kiss ended and Michael came back over to us.

“But seriously man,” he said, all serious and stern, his face straight. “If you ever hurt her I will fuck you up.”

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