I Wish ~ One Direction (Competition)

How would you feel, if you got pushed to marry your best friend?
Clarissa feels it, because she have to marry, the most popular guy on the school - whom is also her best friend - Zayn Malik.

She love him - but only as a friend! She is frustrated, because someday a new boy starts at the school - Niall Horan. She fells in love with him, the day he starts talking with her, in a Biology class.

She know that Zayn loves her, with all his heart & she don't want to break his heart - but what will she do with Zayn & Niall?
Find out, if you read this!

Btw. They're not famous, and; there will only be a few chapters, because it's for a competition which ends on Sunday.



2. A perfect life - with a perfect boyfriend? Not really.

Clarissa's P.O.V.

Why me? Why not my beautiful, gorgeous, skinny, twin sister? I mean honestly; it’s pretty obvious, that she’s the prettiest and smartest. And to make it sound better, it’s her that loves him, NOT ME! Of course, I love him - but only as my best friend.

Of course, I was very happy in the start, because he was my best friend - and I thought that it would be easier, because he knew EVERYTHING about me, but it ended out like this; We’re together, hold each other’s hands - but we don’t really talk together anymore, only about material things. However, I can’t tell my dad, that I don’t like Zayn as my boyfriend - that would ruin our family forever. But I can't stand to lie for him, who I really love. From the moment I saw the new boy - I fell in love. Niall James Horan. I never forget how he looked at me and me, when I took some salad, and looked at his plate. There was every kind of food. I didn’t know, if it was because he loved food or because he just didn’t know what was best - until he answered me on my unsaid question;

,, Do you know why every kind of food is on my plate?” he asked, with a laugh.

,, No, why?” I answered, with a big smile on my face.

,, Because every single kind of food has it’s own taste - and I wanna taste all of them,” he said, and I looked at him, to find out, if he had more to say.

,, And I just love food.” He finally said - and I laughed.

However, I didn’t laugh for so long - because then Zayn came and took me to our table.

I still remember his Irish accent. It was so sweet and soft. And I remember the feeling of being pulled away from him. It hurted in my heart, and I wanted to cry - in front of everyone.

I would wish I had someone to talk to. I can’t talk to Camille, - my gorgeous twin sister - my father or Zayn. Then you maybe ask; Why don’t she just to her mom? Now you see, she ran away, after Camille and I was born. She didn’t want anything to do with us. You see, she as a whore. She slept with everyone, at any time. It wouldn’t surprise me if she would do it on the street!

I hear a knocking on my door.

,,Clarissa, can I come in?” I hear my dad ask.

I sigh. I mean; can I not just get a little time for myself in this house? What have I done, to get such a terrible life, God?

I take a deep breath and answers;

,,Yes dad, of course you can.”


He opens the door and walks into my room. He looks around, like he don’t want to look at me. I walk over to the window to look out. The sky is blue and then sun is about to get down. I hate winter! It’s cold and you can’t do ANYTHING, because there’s snow everywhere and it always rain!

I look at my dad. He looks exhausted. Maybe he have been with Billy today, to play poker and maybe they have been out fishing! That would be great, if they had, for my dad.

,,Clarissa, I just wanted to ask you, if you want to go out and eat tonight, with Camille, Zayn and I?” he ask.

I look at him in confusion. Why the hell, do we wanna go out and eat on a Wednesday!? He sighs and says;

,, Zayn asked me - if we had time - that we all could take with him out, to get some - what did he say? - unordinary food? And I said, that I would just ask you two, and then tell him our answer.”

I laugh when I hear ‘unordinary food’. It’s just what Zayn have always called, when we went out with friends. Man, I miss my best friend.

He laugh with me, and we talk while we do it, but we don’t understand anything. I make thumbs up to him, as a sign, that it’s okay with tonight. I hear some footsteps on the stairs on the way to my room. Camille comes to my room, with the phone in her hand. She gives it to me. I take a deep breath and then I start to talk;

,, Heyy! It’s Clarissa.” I say.

,, Hey! It’s Niall, from class. I just wanted to ask you about our homework in Math - if you remember it? I’m lost. I’m sorry, if …,” he says.

I don’t make him finish, ‘cuz he didn’t disturb anything.

,, Oh, hi. It’s ok, you don’t disturb me. We should page 140 and our own Pythagoras assignment. Are there any other lessons, you can’t remember our homework in?” I ask.

He don’t answer, but I can hear he’s writing something down, so I wait for him, to be finished. Niall starts to talk, and I look out the window, so I can hide my face and concentrate, about what he says.

,, No, thank you, I remember the others. Thank you. “ He says.

,, Okay then. See you …,” I say, but is interrupted by his voice.

,, Ehh … I wanted to ask you, if you have time, to go and see a movie in the cinema some time? It could be great if you would. You can decide time and day and which movie. I always have time, if you have - I hope.”

I stop breathing. Did Niall James Horan, just invite me in the cinema? I … I … I can’t say no, but what will Zayn, my dad and my sister think? OMG! I’m out of my mind!

,, Hello? Clarissa? Are you there?” He ask. I quickly answer;

,, Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, I’m here. Sure I will go with you in the cinema. That sounds cool. I’ll tell you time, day and which movie in the school soon. Okay?” I ask.

,, Sure, see you tomorrow? Shall we eat together? I don’t really …,” he says.

,, Of course. Can we meet with the door, to the cafeteria?” I ask.

,, Thanks! Yes, let’s do that, see you tomorrow!” He says.

,, See ya! Oh and; Thank you.” I say and hang up.

I give the phone to Camille. She takes it and leaves again. My dad is already gone. I lay down in my bed, to calm down.

1 hour later:

,,Clarissa? Clarissa?” I hear my dads voice, and wake up.

,, What’s up dad?” I ask.

He looks confused at me. Why? I don’t know.

,, Don’t you know? There’s an hour till we have to meet Zayn at the restaurant, remember?” he says - still confused.

I open my mouth and swing out of my bed.

,, Dad. Out. Now!” I say.

He goes out, but right before he gets to the door, I say;

,, Thank you for waking me up. It would have been awful to look like this at a restaurant - with you guys!” I giggle. Typical me to fall asleep, when we have plans together. He smiles and then turn away - I guess to his own room, to get dressed too. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that my dad loves Zayn and he will do ANYTHING to impress him. Well you see, it’s always Zayn and dad who talks together, and either I sit alone or talk with Camille, when she doesn’t have something more important to do.

I hear my mobile ring. It’s a private number, so I take it and say;

,, Hi, it’s Clarissa.”

,, Hey Clarissa, it’s Niall …,” he says, and I start to panic.

,, Where have you got my number? I don’t give it to everybody …,” I say.

,, If you would let me finish, maybe I could explain.” He say.

,, Oh, sorry. What were you saying?” I ask.

,, Yeah, you see, uhm … I didn’t have your number - and I thought it would be embarrassing to call your home number two times on a day - so I texted some of the people - who has their phone number on the class list, about your number. Guess what! Mary had! So now I would call you, to hear, if it was okay with you?”

Wow! What a loooong explanation! Zayn has never given me such a long explanation to me, in a situation like this - so now Niall is on the top of that list.

,, Oh, okay. It’s okay with me. But why did you want my number?” I asked.

,, I don’t know - you’re just the only one I really know, so … maybe that’s why.” He says.

,, Okay. I’m a really the only one you know?” I ask.

,, Yeah, kind of.” He says.

,, Okay, I have to go. My dad has invited my sister, Zayn and I out - or Zayn has invited us. So I have to take a shower and get dressed. See you tomorrow a lunch, right?” I say.

,, Oh, okay. Yeah, see ya! Can we write?” He ask.

,, Maybe. I will write when - or if - I get time.” I say.

,, Okay. Bye!” He says.

,, Bye!” I say and hang up.


I find some clothes in the closet and takes a fast shower. I put on my make-up, and walk down.

,, Great! Your’re ready. Lets go!” My dad say.

We walk out of the door and go into the car. I look out of the window. What if Zayn finds out, that I love Niall? What will happen with Niall? Why am I thinking so much? Why do I question everything, instead of just living life? I really don’t want to do anything tonight! I feel my phone vibrate, so I take it up from my purse. Private number?

Hey Clarissa J

It’s me - Niall :D

I just wanted to write you a message, so you had my number - just in case, that you have a problem or something, and you want to talk to someone. Remember, I’m always here xo

Aww! He’s so cute!

Hi Niall xx

It’s me - Clarissa ;)

Okay - I will remember! Talk to you! xo

OMG! He’s so sweet!

Great! Yes, talk to you! xo

,, Clarissa? Are you coming?” My dad ask.

,, Yes dad, I’m coming!” I answer.

I step out of the car and then I see Zayn - talking with my dad. I walk over to them. Zayn looks at me, and for some reason, his eyes light up. Sense when did they start do that?

,, Clarissa! I’m so glad to see you!  How are you? I need to talk to you!” He says, while running over to me. I just look at him. What the hell is going on? When did Zayn start to talk so much? Man, I must have been very out of my mind the last 2 years!

,, Hi Zayn! Okay, lets go over here. Then we can talk.” I say. We go over to a tunnel next to the restaurant.

,, Listen Clarissa. I saw you with the new guy - what was his name? …” Zayn says.

,, Niall.” I say.

,, Yeah. I saw you with Niall and I don’t want you to ever talk to him again.” He says.

,, WHAT!? Why not? You don’t own me! I own myself and I like Niall. He’s sweet and he know how to treat a girl! He doesn’t make me do things, to please him! Even though, I only have spoken with him today - I know I love him more, than I will love you!” I say, with tears streaming down my face. I look him in the brown eyes, so he need to look in my green eyes - with tears in. I walk away, when I realize Zayn don’t want to say anything.


I get to the Madison forest. I don’t know what to do. I take out my music player. I put on my headphones and then I put the music on. I can feel my phone vibrate. 2 messages. 1 from Zayn and 1 from Niall. I look at Zayn’s first;

I’m sorry it went out that way. I guess I just don’t wanna lose you. I love you. I have always loved you - the meaning just came to me today, when I saw you with him today. I will always love you Clarissa. I love you - forever and ever.

Zayn xo

The tears stream down my face again. I ignore Zayn’s message and I read Niall’s message;

Hi girl.

I just missed you, so I wanted to text you. What are you doing? Do you wanna come to my house? I don’t feel well right now - so I hoped it would be better if you could.

Niall! ;D xo

I answer him;

Hi boy!

Aww! I miss you too. Sure I can come over! But - where do you live? Can you come and pick me up, maybe? I’m at the Madison forest.

Love Clarissa xo

I wait, and wait, and wait. *Mobile vibrate*

,, Oh!” I say out loud. I quickly look around. No one.

Uhm… I’m not so good to find things - but I live at Clairstreet 5. Do you know where it is.

Niall :D xo

Of course I know where it is. It’s right beside my own house. 2 minutes from here.

Sure! I’m coming!

Clarissa xox

I run as fast as possible with my high heels - 12 centimeters! I’m proud! - and get to his house at 8:32 pm. I walk to the door and knock on it. He opens the door.

,, Wow Clarissa! What has happened? Come inside. Do you want anything to drink? I can make warm chocolate and we have cookies? We …,” he says.

,, Thanks Niall, but right I would like a hug. Is that impossible to ask for?” I ask.

,, No, not at all. Come here.” He say, with a soft voice. We stand like this for some minutes, before he takes me to his room. He gesture me to sit on his bed. I sit down and then he ask for something, I would never have thought he would ask about;

,, You can sleep here, if you want to? I have a madras, a pillow, etc.?” He ask. I look at him chocked, but thankful.

,, Thanks. I would love to. But what can I use to sleep in?” I ask.

,, I have t-shirts. You can borrow one if you would like - look over in the big closet over in the corner - and for your own good, don’t look in the drawers.” He say, and I laugh.

,, Okay, I’ll do my best.” I say.

,, I’m glad I can make you laugh.” He say.

,, I’m too.” I say. I look at him and see his beautiful body, going around to please me. I walk over to him. I’m about to touch his hand, when my mobile rings. I walk over to it. Dad. Omg! No. I don’t want to talk with him. I press the red button and walk to the closet. I find a white t-shirt with … JUSTIN BIEBER ON! OMG! Is he …? No, he can’t be - or is he?

,, Niall?” He turn around and look at me. I turn the t-shirt around so he can see it. He blush and turn the side.

,, It’s not mine, it’s …,” he start, but I cut him off.

,, Niall, you can’t lie. It’s rude to lie. Now, tell me the truth. What is a Justin Bieber t-shirt, doing in your closet?” I ask. He blush again and sighs.

,, I’m a Belieber.” He says. I don’t believe this. OMG!

,, Really? I’m also a Belieber!” I say - but just to see his reaction. I’m not a Belieber, I can’t stand to look at him. (This is not hate against Justin Bieber. I’m a Belieber - it’s only Clarissa there isn’t!)

,, Seriously?” He ask and I start to laugh.

,, No, sorry. I just wanted to see your reaction.” I say and laugh. He laugh with me.

,, Okay, now it’s payback time!” He says.


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